How to Stop Chlorine from Ruining Your Hair Color

Enjoy your Swim in The Pool, and Your New Hair Color

One past time that takes up most of our life during the summer is swimming. This activity is one of the greatest joys of the warmer seasons, and if you can't manage to make it to the beach, that means your next big choice is the pools. Whether you plan to go to an indoor or outdoor facility, every pool has one chemical that can be just as harmful as it is helpful, and that compound is chlorine. You may not notice the toxic effects of chlorine if you are someone who likes to wear protective hairstyles during the summertime, but if you have a rich hair coloring in, then you know the harsh side effects far too well. Anything with a bleach base in it will cause chemical changes in our tresses, from sucking out the moisture to leaving our strands dry and in a brittle mess and the result can be very damaging. So, how can we protect our hair color without sacrificing going for a beautiful swim this summer? Well, we are here to fill you in on all the information and tips it takes to have you feeling comfortable with paying for new hair color and it not going to waste in a couple of days. Read on if you are in desperate need to figure out how to stop chlorine from ruining your hair color. It's time to start enjoying our summer days worry-free.

Shampoo Hair ASAP After Swimming

I know that swimming can be so therapeutic and right after we finish, we want to hop in the shower, rinse, off and then go to sleep. But forgetting to shampoo your tresses right after leaving chlorinated waters could cause severe damage to your hair color. Colorists recommend that everyone take the time to wash out any chemicals that can remain in your locks after a long day at the pool. With research, you will discover that different colors require a specific conditioner or shampoo for just the right amount of protection. If you have brown or black hair the products to use are chocolate shampoos and mud hairs masks. What these two do is restore the shades and add shine that chlorine water may take away from you. If you have blonde curls then you need to opt for a hydrating duo formula in your shampoo and conditioner, this helps adds extreme moisture to your hair that already has bleach in it, so this is a big plus for my platinum blond-haired people out there. You know we can't forget about our redheads. You all need to opt for a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. This color, unfortunately, fades the fastest, so investing on sulfate free products will continue to add shine and luster to your tresses.

Purchase Hair Sunscreen

Just like our skin needs a protective shield from the sun, or hair requires that same love. If you are someone who loves to take a dip in outdoor swimming pools, you will more than likely need to invest in sunscreen for your tresses. Look for specific hair care products that contain UVB or UVA filters these active ingredients protect your locks from chlorine and the sun's harsh rays. When we dye our tresses, it weakens the strands making the hair more susceptible for split ends and fading of color to occur. There are leave-in conditioners that you can purchase that help fight off chemical damage and, in the process, helps repair split ends and frizz. Sun Bum products seem to be the most popular among customers when it comes down putting a protective layer over your natural hair. One thing you want to know is that these protective products go deeper than just putting it on our locks, we want to make sure that our scalp is out of harm's way. Our scalps are very sensitive, so when the sun burns us, it can be just painful as if it was on our skin. For anyone with extra sensitive skin on their head I would say purchase Q-Science Q-Sunshade Leave-In Conditioner & Scalp Protectant SPF 30, this product is especially helpful for color-treated hair. This conditioner has a mixture of beautiful ingredients like vitamin E and green tea extract that helps to smooth and soften your while still delivering UV protection to the scalp. You never want to turn down the opportunity to add moisture and shine to your strands. So, if you plan to take a dip in the pool outdoors, please take the time to invest in these fantastic sunscreens for your hair.

Wear A Swim Cap or Put Your Hair Up

It may come as a surprise, but the way you wear your curls to the beach or the pool will have a dramatic effect on your hair color and texture. If you are going for a swim to relax and look cute with a couple of friends, try to keep your head out of the water as much as possible. Putting your locks in a flirty top knot bun, ponytail, or braid can prevent your hair from soaking up too much of the chlorine waters. But if you are someone who loves the act of swimming for an excellent workout, then we would say you should invest in a durable swim cap that can cover the whole circumference of your head. This method will also prevent flyaway from occurring and having you accidentally pull out strands of wet hair when it's laying on your forehead. I think that this an excellent method to try when you are several weeks into your dye job, but if you recently color your hair, I would still opt for buying a leave-in conditioner and then placing the hair in either a bun or swim cap. I am a lifeguard all throughout the summer, and my go-to style is cornrows straight to the back and adding a hat for extra protection, this routine is helpful and continues to work for the past three summers. So, trust this advice is coming straight from experience. If you have extra hair ties lying around there is no need to look no further, start enjoying the pool without suffering from color loss and damage.

Try Out All-Natural Remedies

It would be cost-effective to invest in more natural remedies when it comes down to treating your hair after leaving chlorine waters. Apple cider vinegar is natural clarifier that can remove any residual chlorine in the curls. But it can also highlight and bring life to any product buildup that could be dulling your hair. What swimmers love so much about the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse is that it can remove any dead cells and unclog your hair follicles, leaving you with richer, smoother, longer, and healthier curls. But be sure to wash out the ACV because it is a natural lightener and you don't want your color to bleach and become brighter than what it is already. Another natural remedy is dissolving the aspirin in water and rinsing hair with the solution will help correct the green hue in your curls. The benefits of using natural remedies can be positively substantial on the shades of your locks.

Rinse Out Your Hair Before Going to The Pool

I know this may seem counterproductive, but it could make a whole lot of difference on your curls vibrant colors. Something you may already know is that our hair is very porous so once we already saturate our hair with water and moisture it makes it harder for chlorine to enter the shafts. The cuticles of your hair act as a sponge, so if it is full of clean water, it'll be hard for the pool water to work its way into the scalp and cause further damage. This method is an excellent line of defense for saving the hair color and keeping its richness throughout your daily swimming activities, and one of the most natural free steps that you can take.

Oil Up Your Hair

If you coat your hair in a coconut or olive oil before hopping in the pool, it could add extra life to your hair color. This hack is great because it creates a slippery barrier between your strands and the harmful chlorine. You may realize that if you have any specific hair color that will wash away once you get out of the pool rinse through your curls. But with the olive oil as a base, anything that comes in to contact with your strands will not penetrate the scalp. When it comes down to the dye that we put on our hair, we need all the moisture that we can get. That's also the major plus when investing in products such as coconut oil. If you are still on the fence about buying these oils, it's also great that they lock in healthy vitamins and antioxidants into our follicles. One big issue if you want to give this method a try is that it works best when taking a swim at indoor pools. Oil tends to cook your hair in the hot sun and trust me that feeling is painful, and no one wants that issue on their hands. So, mix the oil treatment with a pretty swimming cap, and we promise that color on your curls will remain to shine brightly all throughout the summer. But of course with all great things they come with some consequences if you misuse it. Just make sure not over to apply oil on your curls, because it could clog the cuticles and follicles creating further damage.

Don't Let Chlorine Ruin Your Hair Color

We can't all be perfect, so let's face it sometimes we can't avoid all the harmful things that our hair may encounter, but we must try. Some of us spend all of the spring banking on our perfect summer color; we don't want the anticipation to go to waste. Chlorine can be very damaging to our skin as well as our tresses if we don't take the time to rinse and clean ourselves properly afterward. If there is anything that you should take away from this blog, then that is always to follow up any clarifying treatment with a deep conditioner to replace any lost moisture. One major tip to remember is if you happen to have a salon appointment set up for before or on a swimming day then you will have to make sure you take the extra time to wash your hair out thoroughly before you meet with your hairstylist. The reason being is that most salons use a variety of products and any use of them with the mixture of chlorine could cause a chemical reaction. I hear stories from a stylist who say clients hair will fall out if they do not use the correct steps to rinse away all the toxins in their hair. All these different tricks will not only help to protect your color job but your natural hair in general. So, keep in mind of our advice the next time you go to the pool or out for a swim. If you have any pointers on how you stop chlorine from ruining your hair color, then let us know in the comments down below.
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