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The New Green Hair Trend And The Celebrities That Pull It Off

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The New Green Hair Trend And The Celebrities That Pull It Off

The Green Hair Trend

Green hair has been sweeping Instagram; everywhere we scroll highlighter heads are popping up.

This hair color may have become super popular because of its ability to help the wearer stand out, and how underdone it was over the past few years. Green hair has taken root because of it being fresh and looking great on a bunch of skin tones.


Keys To Getting Green Hair

1. Use Extensions

It is not required that you use extensions to get this hair color.

However, it is more comfortable and more healthy for your hair to use extensions instead. If you choose to use your real hair, you will have to undergo several lightening sessions using bleach, and then after several weeks, you will be able to get your hair dyed the light green.

Furthermore, if you opt not to use extensions, you will have to get color retouches and adopt a new hair care regimen that allows your hair to flourish while chemically altered by the coloring.

Some companies like Private Label Extensions offer customized Bundles as unique order items or exclusives. Customized bundles are extensions that are already custom colored with exotic hair colors like green, pink, or purple essentially colors that are not natural hair colors or blonde.

Using blonde hair is one of the most straightforward options without fighting for the right blend, or paying per bundle for coloring.

2. Use Dyes

Repeatedly recommended products via trusted Youtubers are Kiss Express semi-permanent hair dye, and Manic Panic.

They both have the ability to last for long periods of time and their vibrant color selection. Always purchase at least 3-5 bottles to get full coverage and the brightest color combination possible. Stretch your freshly wet bundles out one by one onto the table.

Cover the bundles in dye using the applicator brush, applying two to three coats for each bundle or side. Allow hair to sit for 25 minutes before rinsing. Add foil for quicker processing.

But if foil is added let hair sit for less time and frequently check because stripping or thinning can take place due to over-processing. Repeat if necessary.


Let's Get Into The Celebrity Looks!

Whether you call it neon green, #slimetime, or just plain green hair the internet as well as celebrities have become attached to this trend of wearing bright green hair.

It's a lot of debate circulating on the internet about whom started the green hair trend. However, no matter who started it, here are a few ladies that wore it well!

Lil' Kim

She is #QueenOfColors! She has worn every color in the rainbow and popping out in a green wig is no different.

Lil Kim has rocked this color before any of the other ladies on the list, and by Instagram's standards, it is debatable if she rocked it best. However, the first time she wore the color, she rocked it with big curls in a Marilyn Monroe kind of style.

And this time at this year's New York Fashion Week, she took the runway with a long, drenched lime green wig.



She quickly corned the market on green hair and became a fan favorite. She wore her hair in a cute bob with a side part. K. Michelle's neon style came with darker roots.


Kim Kardashian

Although she is the second Kim on the list, she's one of the first we think of when we think of the style.

And as she stepped out in her neon green, almost yellow hair, this look was no exception! Kim rocked her green tresses in approximately 30 inches with a straight part and a black latex dress. Kim gets my voice for looking flawless in this color especially with the contrasting dress.


Kylie Jenner

Her wig was the opposite of her big sister Kim.

The Jenner sister wore her slime green hair in a bob style with a side part; however, it wouldn't be Kylie criticized! While she looked gorgeous in color many were opposed to her wearing the highlighter hair.

They argued that she stole her look from Cassie, who wore a yellowish rendition of the same style with the same cut.



She jumped in the gang recently with a darker shade of green hair pulled back into a bun.

Monica has been known to wear red, blonde and black hair more often than any other color but recently tried her hand at the green and she didn't disappoint! I enjoyed the songstress' hair because of the darker hue.

Which made it stand out more in the crowd of neon heads we've seen circulating the internet lately.

Nicki Minaj

She's no newbie to color, nor green. She has worn this color in a bang wrap wig, a blunt cut, puffy curls, and straightened. The rap star never fails to nail crazy colors and has receipts to prove it.


Asian Doll

The young rapper that has coined herself QueenofTeens and has recently signed with Gucci Mane has alone found herself getting in on the green hair action.

Asian Doll's style is all about color and outrageous hairstyles, every couple of days debuting a new color from yellow, to red, to grey and over to green! The rapper wore her hair with two buns in the front and waves down the back.

She added even more flair to the style by having the ends dipped in a navy blue. The star also wore the green as an undercut color with navy blue on the top and bangs to match. She also wore a pale green wavy wig with a straight part closure.


Miss Mulatto

Also, the winner of the Rap Game traditionally wore her lime-green hair. Mulatto brought her to look together with twenty-inch hair and a matching frontal in the front with a middle part.

Blac Chyna

She rocked this color in a variety of ways: she wore it with a side part, bangs, and a middle part. Each time the look was obtained by dying a wig.

Blac chyna green hair

The Recently Proclaimed Queen Of Green!

While all of these beauties pulled off the green, one celebrity got extra attention for her green extensions, and her name is Sza!

She paired her green straight part lace front with a nude-colored dress, thigh-high strappy heels, and matching lime green toes! Her skin, her outfit, her jewelry, and even her nail polish complimented the hair color perfectly.

All About The Green

Usually, people are green with envy, but these women are green in their hair and their pockets!

All of these celebrities rocked the green hair in their way, and it's hard to tell who exactly started the trend. First, it's safe to say that it was Lil Kim! And while she might've been the first, she sure wasn't the last to look amazing in this bright, stylish color.

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