humidity ruins my hair tips and tricks to overcome damp weather

Humidity Ruins My Hair! Tips and Tricks To Overcome Damp Weather

How to Keep Your Hair Fresh in Humid Weather

Humidity may be one of the most frustrating things about hair.

You do your hair, and it looks fantastic, but after 30 minutes outside, your hairstyle ruined. It seems all frizzy and awkward or limp, not the style you had when you left home.

For many people, the weather dictates how they style their hair which shouldn't be the case. You should be able to rock any style in any weather.

Understanding humidity will help you learn to tame your mane and walk out of your home on a humid day with confidence.


How Humidity Affects Your Hair

Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air.

When it is humid outside, there is a lot of moisture in the air making it seem even hotter when it is summertime. Human hair is susceptible when it comes to humidity. Hairs chemical structure makes it vulnerable to changes in the amount of hydrogen present in the air, which directly links itself to humidity.

The hygroscopic nature of hair during its exposure to humidity will prompt absorption of airborne moisture, which will cause swelling of the hair, as much as 16 percent of the diameter in high humidity. This density change can account for many unsavory or unexpected styling issues. The density can quickly ruin your hairstyle. Once humidity takes its toll on hair, individual responses to this process begin to become apparent.

While each hair type responds differently to moisture vapor's effects, even various strands on the same head can react unpredictably.

Proteins in the hair aren't the same, with two types, the ortho cortex, and the paracortex, responding differently to water molecules.

The response is what causes your hair to look disheveled as different strands react in different ways across your scalp.


How to Stop the Effects of Humidity

Maybe getting rid of the impact humidity has on your hair entirely is very hard to achieve, but you can help tame your hair and make it less noticeable.

It doesn't hurt to try a few new products and methods to keep your hair looking fresh. Here are some ways to stop frizz and a bad hair day for different hair types.


Keeping Kinky Coily and Curly Hair Flawless in Humid Weather

For all of my natural curly-headed queens out there humidity has powerful effects on our natural hair.

Whether you have 4c or 3b hair humidity has the same awful impact on this range of hair types. It leaves our hair feeling frizzy and poofy and may even cause shrinkage. The perfect way to ruin your day. But worry no more.

Ways to Reduce the Effects Humidity

Add oils and moisturizers while styling

This can help hold your hair together in the humidity. When undoing styles such as twists for twist outs or braids for braid outs, be sure to coat hands lightly with hair butter or oil to minimize frizz. Also just apply it to your hair even if you are not doing a specific style.

Use a Smoothing or Glossing Serum

Dimethicone and dimethiconol are among a group of silicones that are not soluble in water. These substances coat the hair strand creating a barrier against humidity. If your hair fairs okay with silicones, then use a serum containing dimethicone or dimethiconol to reduce shrinkage and frizz. Apply the serum to your freshly done hair before going outside. However, using products with these ingredients may not be suitable for your hair. Make sure this is what works for you.

Don't Use Styling Products that Contain Humectants

Humectants (glycerin, propylene glycol, and sorbitol) draw moisture from the surrounding environment. When applied to the hair these substances can lead to shrinkage, and frizz once exposed to humidity. To help reduce these effects, avoid moisturizers, gels, and leave-in conditioners that contain humectants. However, if your hair will suffer from a lack of these products, then do not change your routine. It is better to have healthy hair care than worry about a little frizz.

Protective Style

Protective styling is a number one weapon against humidity (in addition to the use of a smoothing serum). Some go-to styles are twists or braids. A protective style is excellent because frizz and shrinkage no longer is a problem. Other protective options include buns, updos, cornrows, flat twists, and braid extensions.

Work Close to Your Texture

Some ladies enjoy wearing their hair out more than relying on protective styling. However, this can be an invitation to the unwanted effects of humidity. One way to minimize these effects is to work close to your texture by doing braid outs, twist outs, straw sets, or rod sets. These styles are less likely to be ruined by the humidity than straighter styles that are further from your actual texture.

Embrace Your Texture

Another way to manage your hair in humid weather is to embrace your texture simply. To embrace your texture means wearing your hair in its natural state. Frizz and shrinkage are no longer problematic but fully accepted when you wear your natural coils, kinks, or curls. Humidity is no longer feared but welcomed in this state.

Wear a Scarf or Headband

Scarves and headbands are very trendy, and they can be useful for disguising hair that has suffered the effects of humidity. You can do several cute wrapping techniques that work with any look.

The great thing about natural hair is that even if it is affected by humidity, you can go with the flow and rock the outcome. Everyone's hair and curl patterns are different. It is essential to understand your hair and know what works best for you to avoid the effects of humidity.



How to Keep Natural Hair Straight in Humidity

I know some of you know this outcome all too well.

You start off with sleek straight hair, but once the weather does its damage, your hair has changed completely. You start to see your hair start to curl up a bit and get a little poofy. What a waste of time straightening it.

But there is no need to worry, here are some tips to help keep your hair straight even in the most humid weather.

Tip #1 Start your process in the shower

Straightening your curls require a lot of heat, which can be damaging, so it is essential to treat your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Using these products is just a great way to prep your hair for the heat.

Tip #2 Buy a good straightening balm

If this is not something you are used to you should invest in some.

Straightening balms help to leave your hair smoother and resistant to humidity, frizz, and flyaways. It is a great way to help ease frizz. It works wonders for your hair.

Tip #3 Remove as much moisture as possible

The key to keeping your hair straight is to get it completely dry before you start the straightening process.

It helps to keep your hair from frizzing and curling and makes it easier to straighten. Not only that, but your hair is also more susceptible to damage when the heat is applied to damp or wet hair. You don't want to make that mistake.

Tip #4 Use a heat protectant

Although the goal is to keep away frizz and curling, it is also essential to keep your hair healthy and safe while you are straightening as it requires a lot of heat. Always add heat protectant to avoid damage.

Tip #5 Take your time straightening your hair

You want to make sure your style is beautiful and sleek!

Taking your time and sectioning your hair to get it bone straight is a great way to help keep the effects of humidity away. Forgetting to straighten bits and pieces can make it look poofy and frizzy in some areas more than others.

Tip #6 Brush your style after you straighten

This step can just help to keep your hair intact in a general sense.

Also brushing helps to detangle your hair and give you a smooth finish.

Tip #7 Finish with an anti-frizz lotion or spray

Using a product that prevents frizz and curling can help your hair in humid weather. Although it may not completely stop frizzing, it does make a significant difference.

If you follow these steps, they can help to keep your curls and coils from ruining your straight look. Just be patient and work with your hair to get it the way you want it.



How to keep straight hair curly in humid weather

Humidity doesn't play nice with straight hair either.

If you decided to go for a curly look that day, it may have backfired on you a few times and caused your curls to become limp. Humidity should not stop you from deciding to rock curls for a few days.

Here are some tips to help you keep your curls amazing and keep them from completely falling. Don't worry; there is hope!

Tip #1 Do not wash your hair right before

To help get curls to look better on straight hair it is best that your hair is a little dirty.

Having freshly washed hair will make it harder for the curls to come out well as it will be slippery and not have the hair's natural oils.

Tip #2 Add mousse or leave-in conditioner

Adding a little extra product can help get the curls to hold in general.

Tip #3 Go tighter with your curls than usual

Although your curls may fall a bit, it is best to curl your hair tighter than you usually would so that when your curls fall, they will fall to the curl pattern you desire.

If they do not fall, you can always carry a brush and brush out your hair to your desired look.

Tip #4 Use a spray that has humidity resistant ingredients

This final touch will help keep your hair together and stop any frizz or falling of the curls. A spray may be the simplest product to buy that directly combats humidity.

Tip #5 Embrace the waves

You can always just go out and brave the humidity and embrace the waves that form in your hair if the curls decide to loosen up.

Although keeping straight hair curly in humid weather may be challenging, you can always embrace the weather and let your curls fall. That way the weather will still give you a nice wavy look which is just as lovely as curls.



How to Keep Natural Straight Hair Sleek in Humid Weather

Even the people with bone straight hair suffer from a bad hair day due to humidity. Nobody is safe. Here are some ways to help keep your hair sleek and shiny on a humid day.

Use a hair smoothing product

This will help to keep your hair sleek and soft throughout the weather.

Use an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner

You can start the anti-frizz process in the shower. Using an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner that have key ingredients to fight frizz can help your hair from going limp in the humid weather.

Completely dry your hair before stepping out

Having damp hair can even worsen the effects of humidity. It is essential to straighten your hair before you step out completely.

Seal your look with a serum

Using an anti-frizz serum or spray that can also help fight humidity is an excellent way to lock in your style.

Style your hair in an updo

Doing an updo such as a bun or ponytails or maybe even some cornrows will leave you frizz-free completely. You do not have to worry about the effects of humidity on your hair at all because it is a different style than just laying out.

The benefit of having straight hair in humid weather is that even though it gets affected, the effects may be less noticeable because the hair strands are naturally straight. You can just add an anti-frizz serum, and you are good to go!



What Are Your Tricks During Humid Weather?

We all love summer and those rainy days that come with springtime.

But the weather should not stop you from slaying your hair. Make sure you do all that you can to ease frizz and all the other annoying things your hair does in humid weather.

Invest in some frizz ease and other products that help fight humidity and frizz. What is your life hacks to fight humidity?

Feel free to share your tips down below!

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