No Heat November

No Heat November: Let Your Hair Breathe For A Month

Everyone has heard of the famous "No Shave November," where beards everywhere have been flourishing for an unbothered and unshaven thirty days out of the year. However, we can't say that the ladies of the world have been encouraged to participate. Brazillian waxes, Veet, and our eyebrows would kill us if we took a break. But one mound of curls on our body looks forward to November, and that is the luscious locks on our heads.

No HEAT November is upon us. We are not speaking of the No Heat November challenge where you keep your furnaces shut off, to see if you can brave the cold. We are referring to the No Heat November Hair Edition! While there are many things to be thankful about during the holidays, here is another, less time spent styling your hair, no waiting for your flat irons to get hot, and your strands being able to take a break. No Heat November means that we will be laying down the hot combs, flat irons, blow dryers, wand curls, and any other styling tools that require plugging in and heating.

No Heat November can be beneficial to your hair because it can allow a break from heated styles that can cause breakage, give freedom to try new methods, restore moisture to your locks, cut down on style time, and help one get more familiar with products, styling and the needs of their hair.

Instead of running to heat to fix our problems with our edges, our hair kinking in all the wrong places, and getting the smoothest style possible, ladies everywhere will be forced to listen to what their hair is trying to say.

No Heat November is a time for creativity and restoration. It is a period meant to be thankful for twist-outs, braid outs, Bantu knots, the wash and go, and the life-saving entity that is the bun. Switch up your style. Try out those looks that you usually would stray away. When in doubt about styling without heat throw on a scarf, or a thick chic headband or a new hat to enhance your new look.

Headwrap with natural hair

How To Survive

Here are some quick tips To Survive No Heat November:

1. Be Patient

If you regularly to flat-ironing your hair, it can be hard when you are left to make do with what you have. Although, as mentioned earlier, this does not have to be the end of the road for your journey. What is worth doing or having does not come easy. You may become frustrated with your hair being harder to manage or dealing with a texture that is not as silky as you would like, but that is ok. Be patient with yourself and your hair.

2. Make The Challenge Work For You

Hop on youtube and look at some tutorials for lovely curly styles that do not require heat. Or if you prefer your hair a little straighter, or have a naturally straighter texture, opt for things like "stretchers" such as the SSS Hair Stretching Tool from, it helps to straighten out and stretch hair without heat and is easy to navigate. Dive into the world of ponytails and buns, try a low bun or a sleek topknot.

Grab your edge control and go to town on your edges, pairing it with two french braids. Halo braids are also a great, low maintenance style. Ask friends for new techniques to try! Take advantage of the internet; there's always a guru not too far away!

Tuck your hair away. No one said that No Heat November required your hair out. Although, still try not to use heat on your extensions, that way you are participating. Check out some other articles on if you need ideas for wigs, styles, or hair care tips.

3. Get Familiar With Your Products

Figure out what works for your hair. You should always be striving to use the best things possible to keep you having looking great and feeling healthy. What products keep your frizz low? Which ones smell great and have even better ingredients? Which ones are water-based and fry your hair when you flat iron, but are perfect for wash and goes and retaining moisture and shape for your Bantu knots? It is all about knowing your hair and knowing your products.

Bantu knots

4. Accessorize

There are a million ways to rock a hairstyle when you aren't sure about the turnout. Use a scarf; it can create a cute updo, or cover your whole head. Add a headband in the front of your head or the middle. Grab some clip-ins to give your hair the extra oomph it needs.

5. Enjoy Yourself!

No Heat November is supposed to be fun and exciting. Don't let it become stressful and more of a chore than a fun challenge. Do whatever makes you comfortable.

6. Give Yourself A Little Reward

Begin with the end in mind. Think of what will be your prize for completing this challenge. Whether it be the fun you had while experimenting, being able to exercise willpower or a physical gift of a brand new ceramic straightener, give yourself something to look forward to for a job well done!

Do Not Get Discouraged

Some things to remember before embarking on this thirty-day journey are:

1. Your Hair Will Not Be Magically Healthy

Although refraining from heat will prevent further damage to your hair, it will not magically solve all of your hair problems. The only solution to heat damage is a good trim and letting your hair grow out.

2. Heat Is Not The Only Thing That Can Hurt Your Hair

Heat is not the enemy! Several things can damage hair, excessive styling, improper use of heat, mishandling hair, too much product and the list goes on. Heat plays only a small part in the deterioration of your hair. Heat is okay to use, just make sure you are using it correctly and on healthy, untangled hair.

Never brush, or style hair while wet. Allow hair to blow-dry, apply oil, and gently detangle your strands.

Damaged hair

3. Healthy Hair Is Most Important

Healthy hair starts with what you eat, and your hair care practices. Clarifying your hair, deep conditioning, being mindful of products, avoiding styles with tension, and getting regular trims are all key components of hair health. Whether you are permed, natural, have never straightened your hair, or go to town with a hooded dryer every two weeks, your hair will be healthy if you take good care of your hair.

When Returning To Heat...

If you happen to straighten your hair before the month is out be sure to use the right temperature, a heat protectant, and never flat iron wet hair.

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