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DIY Ombre Hair: How to Do Ombre Hair At Home!

Ombre hair has been a trend for a while now, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

What is Ombre Hair?

Ombre, which means shaded in French, is the gradual blending of one color to another, usually moving shades from light to dark.

Many hairstylists and salons are now offering ombre hair coloring as a service to their clients because it is a high request. Brands are even pre-dying everything from bundles, braiding hair, clip-ins, and other types of extensions ahead of time so their customers can buy their hair already colored ombre style.

I remember back in my college days there was a go-to girl to color your bundles for you on campus before getting your sew-in. She specialized solely in ombre hair coloring to help the ladies on campus get their hair color right.

Ultimately, the service of ombre hair coloring is in high demand and the coloring options are endless. Ombre hair has made it possible to have multiple colors in your hair.

I mean why choose one color when you can have, two or even three, four. The looks can range from black to brown, brown to blonde, and even bolder looks such as black to red or black to blue.

Let's give this Ombre look a try!

Mermaid Hair

In the hair world, mermaid's hair is currently trending. Mermaid hair is a unique type of ombre hair look where multiple bright or pastel colors are used to achieve a very fantasy look. You can always see this on social media.

Although the ombre hair coloring technique may seem a bit complicated, you can do it from the convenience of your own home.

On Youtube, there are hundreds of videos showing how to do this technique yourself. I binged watched a bunch, did my research, and learned a lot while doing so.

In this post, I’ll be showing you a simple and easy way to achieve the ombre hair look on a budget.

Ombre Hair Supplies

Let us start off with what you will need. The following items are necessary to achieve this hair look:

  • Gloves
  • Comb
  • Dye Brush
  • Coloring bowl
  • Cream Peroxide Developer
  • Hair Bleach Powder
  • Hair color (optional for those who want to color ombre their hair)
  • Foil


    All the products I used came up to about twenty-dollars! That is far more affordable than going to the salon and paying for a high priced color service.

    Raw Hair Extensions by Private Label Extensions

    I used two 14 inch bundles of Vietnamese hair and Indian Wavy hair from Private Label Hair Extensions.

    They both are top-notch raw hair quality and the top hair extensions recommended for dying because you can dye them with ease.

    Although I did not use foil when dying my bundles, I recommend using foil rather than plastic to create a “greenhouse effect” while dying your hair.

    The foil will cook the color which will help achieve the best results.


    Step 1: Mix

    Put on your gloves and thoroughly mix bleaching powder with the developer until you achieve an even paste suitable for spreading on hair. This mixture will help lift the color from the hair revealing a lighter shade of hair once the hair processes.


    I used 50 volume developer, yet I highly recommend using 30. There are different volumes of hair developer starting from 10 being the weakest. The higher the number, the more hydrogen peroxide it contains. Hydrogen peroxide will help open up the hair cuticles more and allow the color to lift and lighten. I recommend that you are very careful to not over-process the hair when using a developer that is of 40 volume or more so that you do not damage the hair.

    Step 2: Apply

    Keep gloves on and apply the mixture made in step one to lightly dampened bundles. Use a comb to help with even distribution of the bleach on the hair.


    Make sure to apply it evenly throughout the hair to help you get an even thorough tone.

    Step 3: Wrap

    Wrap the hair in foil and let it sit for anywhere from 20-35 minutes depending on how light you want the hair to be.


    Do not go over 35 minutes so that you do not damage or over-process the hair.

    Step 4: Wash

    Wash the bleach out thoroughly from the hair. I used soap to make sure the hair was washed well.


    You will know all the bleach is out once the water is clear of any color.

    Step 5: Dry

    Air-dry the hair overnight or blow-dry the hair, and you’re all done!


    If you want the hair to be even lighter you can bleach it again using the same process, and it will lighten the hair even more.


    If you want to do a colored ombre look, there are two ways you can do it.

    One way is by following the steps above and then after the process adding hair color to the hair and letting it sit as recommended.

    Another way is you can start off with blonde bundles and apply the colors you would like to the hair.


    Ombre Hair Coloring Processing

    Although bleaching hair and adding color to hair, both change hair colors the processing times are not the same. When adding color to hair the color may need to sit for some hours while bleaching maybe 35 minutes or less.

    Make sure to read the instructions on the products you are using to help you gauge the processing time.

    My First Ombre Hair Coloring Was a Success!

    It was my first time, and I will be doing this again!

    I learned so much, one of the greatest things I learned is that with all hair coloring research is key. Coloring hair helps you to achieve the exact type of hair color you want.

    I purchased some sapphire blue and emerald green dye that I would like to try out later for more fun and colorful look.

    Hair coloring can be so intimidating because no one wants to mess up their hair but having knowledge about each product and the process you can build up the confidence to start becoming a hair coloring expert.

    After achieving such great results on my first try, I encourage you to try as well. Let us know if you try it and if you have any tips for hair coloring leave them below.

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