DIY Hair Repair: Onion Deep Conditioner

Do you struggle with excessive shedding?

The Onion Deep Conditioner is the at-home cure. Even if you leave your hair extensions in for the recommended four to six weeks are you still noticing more hair loss than expected?

Is that leading to bald spots around your temples and crown? What about moisture, is your hair dry and brittle?

Before you go out and spend your money on another product promising you amazing results keep reading; you’ll discover that your kitchen contains everything you need to get your hair back to the healthy, voluminous state it once was.

Shedding after a protective style

Hair shedding is a fact of life. However, shedding can be a bigger issue when you take into account that many women face a significant amount of shedding when taking their hair down from protective styles. Sew-ins, braids, crochet styles, and similar styles like these all require your natural hair to go without combing and manipulation for weeks and sometimes months.

While it is true that you naturally shed about 100 strands of hair per day, when you go without combing your hair, and it has gone through tension and pulling from your protective style you can lose a lot more than the typical 100 strands.

This tension can lead to balding and thinning of your edges. It can also sacrifice the hair growth that you were able to gain while your natural hair was underneath your style of choice. You could even get bumps or open sores that may cause an infection later on down the line if not handled properly.

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The Infamous Onion Deep Conditioner

The Onion Deep Conditioner detailed below will help you to nurture your hair when you are between protective styles by enabling you to strengthen and protect and your edges, retain and moisture your new growth, and stimulate your scalp.

The entire process takes about 45 minutes from start to finish and will leave your hair looking shinier and healthier immediately.

Here's What You Need


The key to this conditioner is the onion. Yes, while onions are used to spice your dinner it also contains sulfur, a mineral that is key to stimulating the scalp and promoting hair growth; while onion has a very high concentration of sulfur it is also very acidic.

The acidity in the onion gives it an antibacterial property that enables it to help fight an infection that you may have in your scalp contributing to hair loss as well.


Organic Coconut Oil

You may have heard of a coconut oil deep conditioner, but you may not know the reason why it is so beneficial.

Coconut oil has the ability to penetrate the hair, unlike other oils that just sit on the surface.

The coconut oil can then aid in strengthening the hair and adding flexibility and elasticity. These two properties are critical components in the fight against breakage and shedding, and this is what you want to help strengthen your new growth.

Organic cold-pressed coconut oil is the best way to go here because a lot of its original nutrients will still be present. However, cold-pressed products are not a necessity.

coconut oil

Raw Honey or Agave

These sweet syrups are hair humectants. Not only do they cover the smell of the onion, but they are also hydrophilic, so they attract water.

It is also a natural serum to aid with shine. When added to your hair it will help your hair to retain moisture and shine.

Be sure to use raw honey or agave because it is unprocessed.

raw honey

How to Make the DIY Onion Deep Conditioner (15 minutes)

1. Peel one to two onions depending upon the amount of hair that you have.

2. Chop onions into small chunks or fine slivers and put them all into a blender, food processor, or Nutri bullet. *It does not matter what type of onion you use.

3. Drop-in ½ cup of coconut oil into the blender or food process you are using.

4. Mix in ½ cup of honey or agave. Blend the ingredients until the onion is liquefied. THERE SHOULD BE NO SOLID PIECES IN YOUR CONDITIONER.

Apply and Sit for 15-20 minutes

Apply the DIY onion deep conditioner to your hair section by section and cover with a plastic bag or cap. For an added dose of moisture, you can administer this to your air and then coat your strands with mayonnaise or olive oil to seal your strands and further lock in the moisture.

Once you have applied the paste, massage your scalp for two to five minutes through the plastic bag to promote scalp stimulation and blood flow. Be sure to concentrate on your areas of concern where you may see thinning, baldness, or be experiencing soreness.

Sit with this mixture for fifteen to twenty minutes before washing out the deep conditioner and shampooing as normal.

Be sure to wash all ingredients out of your hair thoroughly.

Section by section separates your hair and using lukewarm water rinse the deep conditioner out of your hair to ensure that you get out all of the onion. Cool to warm water is a necessity as this temperature will lock in the moisture you have obtained through using this follicle-stimulating treatment. If the water is too hot, you may find residue or flakes of the onion in your hair after you have completed your washing process.


How Often Should You Use This Conditioner

The frequency in which you use this DIY onion deep conditioner is dependent upon how many times you wash your hair. However, results have been seen after using once a week for four weeks and should not exceed three times a week due to the concentration of the sulfur in the onion.

I hope this paste works well for you if you have been experiencing breakage or thinning everywhere. It is the perfect deep conditioner to use when you want to treat your scalp before a bald spot occurs. Remember, depending upon the density and porosity of your hair you can alter the number of ingredients mentioned above.

Comment below after you have tried the conditioner and let us know your results!

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