why you shouldn't towel dry your hair and what to do instead

Why You Shouldn’t Towel Dry Your Hair & What To Do Instead!

How You Can Damage Your Hair With Towels

I've used a towel every time I've dried my hair after washing it. After a nice wash day, I would wrap my hair in a towel while doing many other things before blow drying my hair. Until recently, I never knew how damaging regular towels could be to hair. Using a regular towel to dry hair is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. There are a lot of different aspects that make a towel bad for the health of your hair. I was devastated when I learned towels weren't great for my hair. What was I going to use to dry my hair? My hair has a habit of retaining water after washing, so I was stumped on how to dry my hair without using a towel. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to dry your hair. Did you know that some companies have created towels specifically to dry hair? Let's talk about it!

Why Is Towel Drying Bad?

To some of us, hair is essential in everyday life. To keep hair shiny and healthy, we must be
diligent about how we care for our hair. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is drying hair with a towel. Vigorously using cloth on your wet hair can lead to extreme breakage. This is because wet hair is more prone to breakage than dry hair. Also, hair becomes frizzy as the towel you use messes up your hair cuticles. If you're like me, you love putting a towel on your head while you walk around or do other things. Surprisingly, this is one of the worst ways to use a towel because the weight of the towel pulls down on hair causing vulnerable strands to break. Most towels are made of cotton or Terry cloth. These textures are coarse and dry, which ends up damaging the hair. Knowing these different facts about towel drying is essential, especially if you have natural hair, as natural hair is much more prone to damage. Be mindful of using a cotton towel when you dry your hair. The next time you want to use a cotton towel, think about about how horrible it can be for your hair.

Can I Towel Dry Without Causing Damage?

The short answer is yes. However, you'll need to have a method down before using a towel to dry your hair. The central part of towel drying that is damaging is the excessive rubbing of cotton on the hair. Cotton pulls on hair, especially when it becomes entangled. If you don't have any other option but to dry your hair with a towel, try patting your hair dry rather than using the wrap method. Pat each section down until it's dry. This method takes much longer, but it's worth it.

What Are The Best Ways To Dry Hair?

As mentioned before, wet hair can become damaged quickly. Drying is the process that can make or break the health of your hair. Adding extreme heat to dry your hair can be as damaging as towel drying. So, how do you dry your hair? There are plenty of other tools available so that you can dry your hair. Make sure you read each method to save your hair from potential damage. Don't be afraid to let go of old ways! You may find other efficient ways to dry your hair without damaging it. 

Air-Drying Your Hair

Air drying hair has been said to be the best option when it comes to drying hair. This method is easy, simple, and self-explanatory. However, air drying your hair is only good as you allow it to be. Most people make a few mistakes when it comes to air drying. When you air dry your hair, you don't want to make the mistake of not using a product to soften your curls. The purpose of the product is to soften your hair and protect it from frizz. Ensure you don't play with your hair while waiting for it to dry. The drying process is essential to the health of your hair, and you want it to go as smoothly as possible.

BlowDry With Cold Air

As most of us know, blowdrying hair can be damaging to hair. However, there are ways to dry your hair with a blowdryer without actually damaging your hair. When you use a blow dryer, use it on the coldest setting, and don't use a brush or comb while drying it out. Only use hot tools when you're trying to straighten your hair. If you're not trying to straighten your hair, use a product, and dry it on the coldest setting. Your hair should be soft and dry after about 30 minutes of drying.

Plopping With A Shirt

Plopping is a method that involves a T-shirt. T-shirts are usually made of fabric that won't pull at hair. To do this method, get a soft t-shirt, one that you don't wear often. When you use the t-shirt, wrap it around your hair as you see fit. Make sure it's not too tight around your edges. You'll wrap it around your hair and wait about 40 minutes for it to dry. This method is beneficial to your hair because it doesn't pull or weigh down. Drying with a t-shirt is better than drying with a towel and will benefit you in the long run.

Remember This

Drying your hair is essential to the health of your hair. Using a cotton towel to dry your hair is one of the worst ways to dry your hair. The cotton will pull at your wet strands and weigh your hair down. It's better to use a different method to dry your hair. Try one of the methods above and let us know how it works for you. The health of your hair is most important to us!

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