Things That Ruin Your Edge Control Application

Things That Ruin Your Edge Control Application

Let's discuss edge control - the secret ingredient to keeping our hair sleek, flawless edges, and picture-perfect hairstyle.

But let's also be honest: this jar of hairstyling goodness can be a frenemy.

All it takes is one wrong move, and you can end up with a flaky, even sticky mess that is more 'bad hair day' than 'wow, your hair looks amazing!' The good thing is that these wrong moves are avoidable.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the common mistakes you may make with your edge control and how to avoid them like a pro. So grab your favorite edge control product, take a seat, and let's get to business!

Private Label Model Applying Clear Edge Control

Understanding Edge Control

Before getting into the main topic, we must briefly break down the basics of edge control.

First, edge control is a hairstyling product that keeps baby hairs and flyaways in place, creating a blended hairline and a clean, polished look.

But the thing is, not all edge controls are the same, so you need to know the types that exist and the key ingredients to look for.

Types of Edge Control

Gel-Based Edge Control

Characteristics: Typically jelly-like, often transparent or black

Hold: Keeps your hair firmly in place for as long as 12 to 24 hours

Pros: Dries quickly, long-lasting

Cons: Can get flaky easily

Cream-Based Edge Control

Characteristics: Creamy with lotion-like texture

Hold: Provides a softer hold, especially for finer hair texture

Pros: Usually hydrating, non-flaky, and easy to use

Cons: It doesn't offer a stronghold

Spray-Based Edge Control

Characteristics: Usually misty and light

Hold: Provides moderate or sometimes minimal hold

Pros: Straightforward to use, excellent for quick styling on the go, doesn't get flaky

Cons: May not offer a long-lasting hold

Key Ingredients To Look Out For

Glycerin: Acts as a humectant and keeps your edges moisturized

Natural oils: These include Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, and the like. They reduce breakage, strengthen your hair, and keep it nourished.

Keratin: Hair protein like Keratin also keeps your hair strengthened, shiny, and healthy.

Polymer: This ingredient ensures your edge control and gives a firm, long-lasting hold.

Private Label Model Holding Clear Edge Control

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Edge Control

Now, the main reason you are reading this is that what blunders can you make when applying edge control that can be avoided?

Well, let's dive into these mistakes and how avoiding them goes to keeping your edges slayed and snatched.

Skipping the Preparation Process

Diving straight into applying edge control while skipping the prepping process is a recipe for disaster. Your edge control won't hold, and your baby hairs could get messy.

How to Avoid:

Start by washing your hair extensions or cleaning your edges with a gentle cleanser. Apply a moisturizer or light-weight leave-in conditioner to keep your edges hydrated ahead of the edge control application process.

Applying too Much Product

The more product you use, the more effective your edge control is. Sadly, that is not true.

Applying too much edge control to your hair is counterproductive. It can lead to product buildup, greasiness, and flakiness, which could be a better look.

How to Avoid:

Use your edge control sparingly. With the Private Label range of edge control products, a little goes a long way in achieving a sleek look.

You can apply your edge control layer by layer if you need more clarification on the amount.

Applying to Wet Hair

Another common mistake people make when using edge control is applying it to wet hair.

While damp edges sometimes work with edge control, other times, they dilute the product, which reduces its hold.

How to Avoid:

Ensure your hair is dehydrated before applying edge control If you don't have the time to air dry, you can use a blow dryer on low settings.

Private Label Edge Control Brush

Not Using the Right Tools

Most of the time, using your fingertips or random household items to apply your edge control is tempting, and most of us are guilty of that.

However, this could be better as you end up using the product unevenly, and in severe cases, you can cause breakage to your hair.

How to Avoid:

Invest in a quality brush like the Private Label Edge Control Brush for optimal application You can use a rat-tail comb or a boar bristle brush.

Excessive Manipulation

The need to constantly touch and restyle your edges is understandable since you want to look your best all day.

Unfortunately, continually manipulating your edges can cause the edge-control product to lose its hold; half the time, you also cause unnecessary stress and breakage to your edges. 

How to Avoid:

Style your hair once, and then let it be. If you invest in a reasonable edge control like the Private Label Clear Edge Control or Black Edge Control, you can be assured that your baby hairs will remain in place until your kingdom comes!

If you must restyle, use the product sparingly and with the right tool.

Private Label Edge Control Black Unbranded Closeup

Not Allowing the Product to Set

Sometimes, not allowing your product to set correctly before heading out may prevent it from sitting properly, reducing its effectiveness. 

How to Avoid:

Grab a scarf or headband before you apply your edge control Tie the scarf or band around your hair after applying the product You can blow dry your hair at the lowest setting for a quick set!

Allowing Product Buildup

Continuously applying edge control to your baby's hair for a long time can lead to product buildup, which could be better.

What this does is that it leads to flakiness, itching, and scalp-related issues and generally reduces the hold of your edge control.

How to Avoid:

Clean your edges regularly with a gentle cleanser or shampoo, mainly when you apply a large amount of edge control for an extended period.

Not Choosing the Right Product

This is often overlooked because most users believe edge controls are always one-size-fits-all.

However, this is different. Before using any edge control, consider your hair types and needs.

Using the wrong edge control can lead to flaking, an unnatural appearance, or poor hold.

How to Avoid:

You must know your hair type, whether coarse, fine, straight, or curly. Always review the ingredients and instructions attached to your edge control jar.

Private Label Edge Control Black Showroom Closeup

Flawless Use of Edge Control

No one would enjoy spending money on an edge control that does nothing but worsen our hair, which already needs help.

By avoiding common mistakes like overapplying the edge control, excessive manipulation, choosing the wrong product, and even using the wrong tools, you can ensure your edges stay sleek, fabulous, and shiny every day. So what are you waiting for?

You can grab any of our edge control products, the Private Label Black or Clear Edge Control.

If you're still skeptical about using one, you can get our Clear Mini Edge Control and witness its wonderful goodness! Remember to visit a Private Label Hair Store for additional advice. Now go forth and slay those edges!

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Great tips! I’ve definitely been guilty of applying too much product and not letting it set properly. I didn’t realize how much these small mistakes could affect the look of my edges. The advice on choosing the right product and tools is super helpful. I’ll be sure to follow these steps for a flawless finish next time!


Great tips on using edge control! Quick question: What’s your go-to edge control product for long-lasting hold without flaking?


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