What is Lace Glue and How Does It Work?

What is Lace Glue and How Does It Work?

Has your wig ever fallen off while doing groceries or other duties?

Or while dancing?

Or even detached while walking?

And you feel the giggles, astonishments, or even the amusements while one notices they are walking around with a half-headed slid wig or even plain wig lines.

Don’t be worried since our lace glue will do the right and required job for you. If you have problems getting long-lasting glue, you will appreciate the strength and security you will get from our lace glue.

Lace glue is specially formulated to provide robust and long-lasting bonding that helps keep the wig in place while maintaining a natural appearance.

Designed to work on all skin types (oily, dry, normal, sensitive, or combined), it is waterproof and sweat-resistant, making it perfect for everyday activities and wear.

Private Label Extra Lace Paste Glue

Reasons to Choose Our Lace Glue

Invisible Bonding: Our strong hold lace glue is designed to blend seamlessly with your skin, creating an invisible bond for a natural look. Our transparent formula ensures a discreet finish to bid goodbye to unsightly residue or telltale signs of adhesive.

Safe to Use: Our lace glue has left out harsh chemicals and latex from our formula and is crafted with skin-friendly ingredients, making it safe to use on your skin since your safety is our priority.

Strong Adhesive: Our lace glue provides a strong bond for lace front wigs, which can secure your wig for weeks with proper lace glue application and care. Your installations are an investment.

Waterproof Formula: The waterproof adhesive allows you to apply lace wigs without worrying about water damage, sweat, or most activities. Whether during a sudden downpour or enduring most workouts, our glue holds it down.

Fast Drying: The quick-drying formula allows you to apply lace wigs quickly and easily, knowing that our glue sets rapidly for a seamless hold.

Easy Application and Removal: Our lace glue allows you to apply lace wigs precisely and efficiently. It is easily removable with a gentle lace glue remover, leaving no residue behind.

Fits All Hair Types: The adhesive works well on all hair types and textures.

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How to Use Lace Glue

Wigs are fun, but wig applications can be difficult and tricky. Improper technique can cause flaky and irritated skin, blocked pores, itchy scalp, and even breakage of your edges.

The lace front wig or full lace wig is a great way to protect your edges when your lace glue is just right.

Here are some easy steps to follow to make your wig installation easy and keep your edges safe; always remember to perform a patch test on an inconspicuous skin area before applying it across your forehead.

Pro tip: Always use a skin prep to coat the scalp with a protective waterproof barrier to help prevent irritation from adhesive tapes and liquid adhesives for that little extra protection.

  • Always moisturize your edges first to avoid dry, brittle hair and breakage.

  • Prepare your skin by wiping the skin around your hairline with a cotton pad dipped in an alcohol solution or lace cleaner to remove any excess oils and impurities, which will help the glue stick better to your skin.

  • Be sure to smooth your edges down to avoid stray hair pieces caught in the glue.

  • Use your wig cap to protect your edges by covering your natural hairline fully.

  • Apply the lace glue by dipping a small makeup brush into the glue and applying a thin layer of it around your hairline. Let it dry; this may take a few minutes. You will know it’s done when the glue is no longer thin and wet and is instead sticky and tacky.

  • Remember, do not put it directly on your edges when applying wig glue.

  • Allow adhesive to dry clear between layers.

  • Apply lace to hold adhesive and dry with a cool dryer and style.
Private Label Paste Glue Remover

Lace Glue Removal

Removing wig glue from your hair can be a bit tricky, but when removing your lace wig, do it carefully to avoid tugging at your real hair. There are several methods you can try. Here are some suggestions:

1-Rub With an Alcohol-Based Solution to Melt The Glue

Dispense a healthy amount of rubbing alcohol into a clean towel and wipe your hair, going deep around your lace part.

This will make the glue more soluble, and after a while, you will be able to lift the lace off your head.

2-Pull Your Lace Frontal Up

After rubbing the alcohol and waiting for a while, you can pull the lace off your wig cap.

Gradually pulling the lace off will reveal glue patches on your head. Kindly rub this off until it’s clear of any glue remnants.

3-Remove Your Wig Cap

Since the wig cap is in direct contact with your hair and skin, gently pull it up from your hair. Be careful; we don’t want anything to be hurt or plucked in this process.

4-Remove Glue From Your Hair

Remove any remaining glue that may linger underneath by entirely removing your wig cap.

While there can be many ways to achieve this, we recommend using lace glue removal to ease the process and prevent hair loss in future installations.

5-Lock in Moisture With a Hair Conditioner

Since rubbing alcohol will dry your hair, the final step is moisturizing it. Restoring moisture will help your hair shine and become soft again.

Short afro hair model smiling with yellow eyeshadow makeup

Lace Glue Supremacy

We hope that this article was helpful to you; with clean skin and the perfect glue-down method at your disposal, sealing your wig will never be an issue.

 A little preparation, the right tools, and following the proper procedure will have you on the go with your natural-looking, freshly installed unit in no time.

Please look at our unbeatable selection of lace glue that will turn your unit installation around.

Order a safe lace glue now to elevate your wig installation experience and step into a world full of confidence. And learn how to avoid lace glue mistakes.

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Great guide on lace glue! The step-by-step instructions make it easy to understand how to apply and remove it properly. Definitely going to try Private Label lace glue for a secure and natural look!


Interesting read! I’ve been curious about lace glue for a while now. Does it work well with sensitive skin types too?


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