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Pom-Pom Ponytail Trend: The Perfect Style for Summer Days

Let's Talk About this Popping Pom Pom Ponytail for the Summer

We all love a convenient ponytail, right?

What if this pony offered more than convenience, but some major style points and a few simple tools?

It would be a winner and a hit when you step out into the streets!

The pom-pom ponytail trend may even give you some slight nostalgia as it is a very 1990’s hairstyle with a 2000’s twist.

If you are like a lot of us girls and style and convenience is for you, get into the pom-pom ponytail trend!

This hairstyle is perfect for those summer days where you want to add a little extra something without doing too much.

There are so many ways to recreate your version of the pom-pom ponytail trend, and it works for various hair types. Even if you do not have the length, that is where the use of hair extensions comes to the rescue.

You can quickly add length and volume with a ponytail extension.

Are you going to try it this summer?

The Pom Pom Pony, What Is That, Sis?

If you are a little confused, I am here to help you!

The pom-pom ponytail is when you take different sections of your current ponytail and bind each portion with a hair tie of your choice.

Quick Tip: We also have tips on how to grow a thicker ponytail. Of course it's easy with ponytail extensions!

putting hair in ponytail

Starting from the base of your hair and traveling down about 2 inches (depending on the length of your hair) until you reach the end. You then go back to each section and gently fluff them out to get that “pom pom” effect.

But before you go in to do this, you are going to need some simple tools! Check them out below:

  • Hair safe rubber bands
  • Hair extensions
  • Smoothing brush
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Edge control/hair gel
  • Hair accessories of your choice

So why do you need all of this, to get a super slayed look of course!

This style for the summer is not only a breeze to do but is perfect for every occasion this summer from brunch with the girls to that vacation that you have been craving. In so many words, this style works everywhere your summer is destined to take you.

When creating this style, the most prominent tool of all is to use your creativity. It is one thing to emulate a popular trend, but it is another thing to remix it and make it your own entirely.

Try adding fun accessories like hair jewelry, copper wire, ribbon and even ombre hair. There are no limitations when it comes to this summer style.

You may also inspire someone to try it and make it their own too.

Pigtails Pom Pom

I know you are probably like, pigtails?

But listen to me for a second because this is not your second grade picture day hairstyle.

Do you remember Beyonce in her lemonade phase?

Specifically in the video for “Sorry” she went through a plethora of hair trends, but the one that caught our eyes the most was her pom-pom ponytails. Is it possible that two years later, her visuals are still influencing many of our style decisions?

Yes, it is entirely possible because we are recreating them today.

Even though Queen Bey is not the first to give us this look she is one of the first to style it in a way that is appealing to us who love to experiment without hair.

Creating the pom-pom pigtails is a style that does not require much risk but is a way to switch up your everyday puff or braided look.

So How Do You Get This Style?

Step #1

First you start by splitting your hair into two sections starting from your forehead to the nape of your neck.

Step #2

Next you take your edge control or gel of choice that has maximum hold and spread it evenly from your edges to the base of your pigtails all around your head.

Step #3

After that you will take your brush and smooth out the product in your hair, this would also be the time to “lay” your edges girls!

Step #4

Once you have brushed your hair to perfection, you will secure your pigtails with a hair tie either near the crown of your head or lower down, either is okay because it is a preference.

Step #5

After you have positioned your pigtails, you will then secure each section of your pigtail with a hair-safe rubber band that is secured tight but not too tight because you do not want to break off your hair.

Step #6

When you have created the sections on each pigtail, fluff them out for the “pom pom” look!

At the last stage, you are free to continue your creativity. Add hair jewels for shine or add copper wire to the base of each section that you created for your pom poms.

There is not a right or wrong way to do this, remember, creativity is essential!

straight hair ponytail

Straight hair Pom Pom Pony

So for all of our traditional girls, this one's for you.

If you are a lover of the sleek ponytail, maybe you should give this look a go. Trade in your bone straight pony for the pom poms trend. By using the same steps from our pigtail pom-pom instructions you achieve the same look but in half the time.

However, even though the steps are similar, there are a few modifications that need to happen during execution.

Step #1

Place your ponytail Placing your ponytail is entirely up to you, but this could be at the crown of your head giving us "Coming To America" vibes, or it can be a low pony showing us a more smooth side.

The choice is up to you.

Step #2

Let's get that hair sleek!

Take your gel, edge control of choice and that upper arm strength and get to work.

Be careful not to pull your hair too tight to relieve the chance of tension headaches but brush it to where you get a clean finish.

Step #3

If you want more length, add it to your hair! Adding that extra "umph" is the step where you will take your natural hair, braid it into a tight bun and pin it securely.

When you have done that, add your favorite Private Label bundles and wrap the weft of the hair neatly around the base of the bun.

At this stage, your extensions conceal your bun, and you don’t have to worry if there is a bump at the base because that will help you for your pom-pom look.

Step #4

Take your fine tooth comb and gently comb out the ponytail to ensure that all tangles are gone.

Step #5

Take your hair safe rubber bands and begin to create your pom poms.

Depending on how long your extensions are you want to go about 2 inches apart from the last rubber band.

Make sure that your rubber bands are tight enough so that when you begin fluffing, you get some fantastic results.

Step #6

Fluff out each section of the pom-pom look, which is probably the best part because you can make them as big or as small as you would like.

Now that you have your pom poms all set using a light hairspray to keep those edges in place, you might want to consider using a satin scarf for extra reinforcement!

Effortlessly slaying is not always so effortless, but the results are worth the minor hassle. When you remove your satin scarf, follow up with some hairspray and head out!

Whether your pony is long or short, you are sure to turn heads at all of the day parties that we are sure you will be attending.

Add Some Color to Your Pom-Pom

Another fantastic way to add some personality to your pom-pom ponytail is to play around with some color.

The use of color not only adds depth and dimension to your selfies but can complement your style and look depending on the mood that you are in or even what outfit you decide to wear.

With ponytail extensions you can easily add a honey blonde, bleach blonde, or get fierce with an auburn.

The best part is that this color cannot damage your real hair if used correctly.

Try to go for extensions that come colored fully or with streaks or ombre. If you still have trouble getting that beautiful color down, go for the hairspray. Yes, that is hairspray in a can. Sometimes it can be challenging to find that right shade of red, pink, purple or green.

Or maybe, you want all of the colors, and that hair does not exist the way that you would like it. Personalizing your pom-pom ponytail with spray hair dye not only gives you that real pop of color but is relatively easy to rinse out when you are ready to switch it up again.

How will you be customizing your pom-pom ponytail this summer?

woman wearing ponytail

The Pom-Pom Ponytail on Blown Out Hair

There are so many styles to do on blown out hair beyond our coveted puff balls and fros.

The pom-pom ponytail is for everybody with every hair texture. Similar to the way we formed our pom-pom ponytails on sleek straight hair, you will follow the same process. If you are using extensions, the best hair to go for in kanekalon braiding or Marley hair.

Braiding hair is best for blown-out natural textures for apparent reasons, it matches almost flawlessly!

The best part about it is that braiding hair comes in a vast variety of colors at your local beauty supply store or online from hair suppliers for a very inexpensive price. It is also a plus that you may only need one package of the hair depending on how full and voluminous you want your pom-pom ponytail to be.

To add even more flair to your hairstyle, you should try doing a few flat twists or cornrows in the front of your head leading up to the pom-pom ponytail. Adding that extra texture gives you more room to add hair accessories or a unique braided pattern. It is also a plus because you will be using a lot less product to lay your hair down.

If you are feeling that is still not enough, let's try something different with your blown out tresses.

Bantu Knots, Top Knot or Space Buns, Take Your Pick!

For this added twist, you will have your bun style of choice at the front of your head and your pom-pom ponytail in the back.

Trust me, it is not as complicated as it sounds, but it does require a little more time to execute.

Step #1

Split your blown out hair from ear to ear, so that you have a top section and a back section.

Step #2

We will be working with the top section first! Clip your back section out of the way and begin to sleek your hair in the front.

If you are in a rush, let’s go for the top knot bun.

Step #3

Create your top knot bun so that it is sitting at the crown of your head. Ensure that you are securing with a hair-safe hair tie and that all loose hairs are intact with bobby pins.

Sleek your edges down, and the first step is complete!

Step #4

Take your edge control and gel of choice and begin to repeat steps 1 through 3.

After your ponytail is secure take your hair safe rubber bands and begin the process to create your pom-pom ponytail.

That wasn’t so bad girls! It will have you standing out this summer at the pool, at a party or on date night.

summer ponytail style

Be your Cheerleader When You Try The Pom-Pom Ponytail

We do not always feel 100 percent confident when trying a new style if anything we get a little anxious waiting for the result.

However, the pom-pom ponytail is the perfect summer style for many reasons:

  • Reason 1: Anyone can rock this

No matter how old or how young you are, this look is a beautiful trend that everyone should try at least once.

If you are the creative type, adorn your hair in accessories, jewelry, and color to give it a little bit of character and uniqueness.

  • Reason 2: History always repeats itself

The first time I saw this hair trend, I thought that someone put me back into the late 1990s.

We live in an age where old trends become new again when you style them in a way that suits you best.

  • Reason 3: There is no wrong way to execute the pom-pom ponytail

Even if you think that you are doing it wrong, you aren’t!

As long as you have your brush, edge control, hair ties, and personality, no one can tell you different. Find your swag when executing it and you can never go wrong.

  • Reason 4: It is a super fun look for everyone

Whether your hair is blown out or silky straight, this is one of the cutest looks for every hair type.

Any person looking to switch up their style can try their hand at altering the look for themselves as the key once again is adding your personality!

When you step out into the summer air, people will, of course, notice your hair, but they will see the individuality that you put into your entire look first. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box.

Are you convinced yet?

We hope so because the pom-pom ponytail is the perfect summer style and it is here to stay.

Even if you do not know how to create your perfect “pom-pom ponytail formula” there are so many YouTube tutorials that will not only tell you how but make sure that you are doing what is best for your hair type.

woman ponytail summer

Try the Pom-Pom ponytail This Summer Yourself

There are tutorials for curly girls, short hair girls, bone straight hair girls and everyone in-between!

Or maybe you are wondering how I can wear this as an everyday style.

Your style might be sleeker so, a low pom-pom ponytail is a perfect look for you, or perhaps it is festival and concert season, and you want a style that will last through those 5-hour sets and selfies.

You never know until you try!

Stepping outside of the box when it comes to hair is not only a life-changing moment but ignites the individuality in all of us and starting with the pom-pom ponytail trend to compliment your summer style is a great place to start.

Get ready for the heat with your summer ponytail styles!

It is fun, eclectic, easy to execute and makes for the best photo ops when you are ready to slay.

So in short, don’t sleep on this style or miss the train for this trend.

BONUS: Top 5 Reasons Why Woman Love Ponytails!


We didn't convince you that a Pom-Pom ponytail or another pony style is not trending?

Here are some reasons why woman love ponytails and you should too!


Ponytails are incredibly easy and quick to style, making them a go-to option for busy mornings.

They require minimal tools and products, allowing women to look polished in no time.


From high and sleek to low and messy, ponytails offer a world of possibilities.

They can be dressed up with accessories like ribbons and scrunchies for a fun twist or left simple for a chic, casual look.

You can even wear a ponytail on the runway!

The versatility of ponytails is truly inspiring, allowing you to create a style that suits any occasion, from gym workouts to formal events.


In hot weather or during physical activities, ponytails keep hair off the neck and face, providing relief and helping to keep cool.

They are particularly favored during workouts, as they prevent hair from becoming a distraction or sticking to the skin.

wearing a ponytail when exercising


For those with long or thick hair, ponytails are a practical solution.

They keep your hair contained and tangle-free, reducing the hassle of dealing with it throughout the day. This not only saves you time but also helps maintain your hair's health by preventing knots and breakage, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Fashion and Trends

Ponytails often feature in fashion trends and can be easily adapted to fit current styles.

Celebrities and influencers frequently showcase innovative ponytail looks, inspiring women to experiment with their own hair.

And if this is not enough make sure you check out our Ultimate Guide to Ponytails for more inspiration!

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This would work great with textured pony tail. Waiting for that “DROP”…. wooo hooo!!!

Anna Barnes

This would work great with textured pony tail. Waiting for that “DROP”…. wooo hooo!!!

Anna Barnes

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