Bob Wigs 101: A Beginner's Guide to Your First Wig Purchase!

Bob Wigs 101: A Beginner's Guide to Your First Wig Purchase!

In the contemporary world of both fashion and medicine, the application of wigs has evolved extraordinarily.

The entertainment industry, nowadays,  flourishes with the use of wigs as it enables individuals to unlock unique personas that help set them apart from the ordinary.

In medicine, the latest technological strides in the manufacturing of wigs help people preserve their confidence in the face of cancer and alopecia.

Committing to buying your first Bob Wig can become arduous, especially if you are oblivious to the ongoing wig trends, your sense of style, your desired length, and other preferred specifications. 

The following comprehensive and meticulously researched guide aims to prepare you for your first official wig purchase. As you scroll down, you’ll be enlightened about the general uses and types of wigs and their pros and cons.

Furthermore, this beginner’s guide will cover a complete walkthrough on how to wear wigs, how to find the right fit for a wig, how to take care of wigs, and the must-have accessories for a wig so that you can make an informed and long-term benefitting choice. 

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General Uses Of Wearing Wigs

The uses of human hair wigs are a blend of both practicality and aesthetic. As mentioned, these uses come into light from many cultures and professions. If we delve into them, here are the profoundly recognized uses of wigs in our everyday lives: 

1- Fashion and Hairstyling

Instead of changing one’s hairdo from scratch and waiting for it to grow and shape into a specific style, wigs act as a catalyst in the fashion industry.

They offer versatility in terms of length, width, style, and color to equip an individual with different looks. Usually intended for photoshoots, runways, and so on. 

2- Medical Purposes

People with conditions like alopecia, which causes hair loss, or those who have had chemotherapy find solace in wearing medical wigs.

When the battle gets tough, medical wigs offer a natural-looking solution to what was lost, thereby refortifying one’s self-confidence and giving one a salon-quality look.  

3- Entertainment Industry

In the film industry, actors and actresses transform into realistic appearances of characters, as depicted in the script, via carefully manufactured wigs that aid them in achieving this.

For fictitious characters that require high-end VFX makeup, an equally high-quality wig helps bring the extraterrestrial lifeform to, well… life.  Music, especially K-pop artists, frequently use wigs to experiment with newer styles and colors to enthrall their audiences.

Lastly, people who cosplay out of sheer passion spend hours researching to locate an identical copy of hair that’d boost the level of their cosplay to the highest degree. 

4- Scalp and Hair Protection

Wigs can shield natural hair from heat damage, environmental factors, and regular styling.

People can preserve the integrity and health of their hair by giving it a pause from direct exposure. 

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Types of Wigs: Human Hair Wigs Vs Synthetic Wigs

So, for starters, you need to know what type of wig you will purchase. In today’s market, two kinds of wigs are voted best in terms of both value and quality. In the end, it all comes down to personal interests and budget.

Human Hair Wigs

As the name suggests, these wigs have the most realistic appearance and feel since they are made with natural human hair.

They provide a wide range of styling options—you can dye, curl, or straighten them to match your natural hair.

Nevertheless, they are typically more costly and need continuous caring to maintain their best appearance. 


1- Natural feel and appearance

2- Various styling options

3- Sturdy and long-lasting


1- Weigh heavy on the wallet

2- Thorough maintenance required

3- Can be affected by weather (frizz, humidity)

Synthetic Wigs

Conversely, man-made fibers that create synthetic wigs are intended to resemble natural hair.

Beginners will find these wigs ideal because they are typically less expensive and require less care.

On the other hand, when it comes to styling, synthetic wigs are less flexible than human hair wigs, and their lifespan might be shortened. 


1- Cheaper

2- Less care needed

3- Sustainable in harsh weather


1- In terms of naturalness, they cannot compete with human hair wigs

2- Less styling choices

3- Do not last for long in contrast to human hair 

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Wig Colors: Choose What Resonates With You

Finding the ideal bob wig requires taking careful consideration when choosing the color.

You could use a new dye or stick to your natural hair color. Whatever you decide, first, take into account the following elements:

1- Skin Tone

Select a color that reflects your natural skin tone. Cool skin tones resonate with cool colors, while warm skin tones generally look best with warm colors. 

2- Natural Hair Color

Choosing a bob wig color that closely resembles your natural hair color can help ease the transition for those new to wearing them. 

3- Personal Style

Be bold and play around with hues that suit your disposition. With bob wigs, you can experiment with daring and bold colors without committing. Like our Tasty Bob Wigs Collection.

The Easy Way to Wear Wigs

Wearing a bob wig can be challenging, but it becomes second nature with some practice. For a snug and comfortable fit, adhere to these instructions: 

1- Prepping

Consider braiding or pinning your hair flat against your head if it is long. Practice wearing a wig cap to keep your hair held in one place.  

2- Adjustment of Wig

To adjust the wig, hold it by its nape and gently shake it to release the fibers.

Then, place the wig front to back to align with your natural hairline. 

3- Securing the Wig

Use the adjustable straps or combs inside to keep the wig in place. Some wigs also include adhesive strips for added security.

Once the wig is in place, style it as needed with your fingers or a wig brush.

Refrain from using regular hairbrushes on wigs, as they can harm the fibers.

Finding the Right Fitting

For comfort and confidence, a well-fitting bob wig is crucial. Here's how to measure your head for the ideal fit: 

1- Head Measurements

Use a simple and flexible measuring tape to measure your head’s circumference.

Begin from your hairline and eventually wrap it around the nape of your neck. 

2- Revise Size Charts

Most wig brands provide size charts based on your measurements to assist you in finding the perfect fit. 

3- Adjustable Features

Look for wigs with Velcro tabs or adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit. These features allow for a more seamless fit and enable users to make regular, desired changes. 

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Wig Caps Constructions

Speaking of the proper wig fitting, choosing the ideal wig cap gives you and your scalp a satisfied and joyous experience of  bob wig-wearing.

Here are the recommended wig caps, among which you’d find at least one that speaks to your comfort.    

Wefted Cap

These capless wig caps allow for more excellent air ventilation, giving your scalp the breathable space it needs.

As the name suggests, these wig caps use synthetic or human hair wefts. They are also easily affordable and productive in fulfilling their role. 

Lace Front Cap

The biggest pro of purchasing a lace front cap is it comes with adjustable tabs that assist in flawless fitting.

Lace front caps are easy to style to your liking and are extremely natural-looking due to their meticulously constructed design. In a nutshell, lace front caps offer adjustment, realistic outlook, and styling range.  

Hand-tied Cap

This is a highly recommended wig cap for people fighting cancer and alopecia due to its comfort, longevity, and realistic outlook.

The core secret behind achieving this level of quality is that every single strand of hair is manually “hand-tied wefts.” As you can imagine, it also gives vast styling options. 

Monofilament Cap

A popular option for wig wearers, a monofilament cap offers a realistic look by simulating the natural scalp with fine, sheer nylon or polyester mesh, giving the impression that hair is growing straight from the head.

Because of its lightweight design, this cap provides breathability and comfort, allowing air circulation for a calm scalp—perfect for those with sensitive scalps or living in warmer climates.

The cap also allows natural hair to move, giving it flexibility and a realistic look that mimics the behavior of natural hair.

Maintenance of Wigs

To make your wig last longer, proper maintenance is essential. Practice and adhere to the following tips for both human hair and synthetic wigs: 

1- Shampooing the Wig

Use wig shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for bob wigs. Avoid using hot water and scrub too much. 

2- Drying the Wig

Wipe any extra moisture gently with a towel, then let the bob wig stand air dry. Don't use a hair dryer. 

3-Storing the Wig

Store your wig in a box or on a wig stand to prevent it from tangling and to preserve its shape.

Learn how to care for bob wigs.

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Must-Have Wig Accessories

Private Label has all the necessary wig accessories in its inventory that are imperative to preserving the longevity of a wig.

However, if you are new and aren’t familiar with what these products are, here are the needed-to-know wig accessories: 

Wig Stand

Give your wigs the appropriate and safe resting place. 

Wig Caps

As discussed in detail, wig caps assist overall fitting and give you a more realistic/natural outlook. 

Wig Brush

Regular hair brushes are detrimental to wigs. Invest in a wig brush to prevent damaging the fibers of your wig. 

Adhesive Tapes

In other words, a double-sided wig tape for more excellent hold, security, and peace of mind. They are also waterproof to prevent water damage. 

Wig Spray

Ensures your wig remains tangle-free and fresh-looking, shielded from harmful elements, and retains the wig’s original color. 

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A Successful Bob Wig Order

Entering the world of wigs can be exhilarating and intimidating at the same time. You can have a seamless and fashionable bob wig-wearing experience by learning about the various wig types, getting the correct fit, and taking good care of your bob wig.

When you're prepared to take the leap of faith, browse our selection of premium bob wigs and begin your metamorphosis. After all, our Bob Wigs are more than just a hairstyle; they are a statement of sophistication and versatility.

Get yourself a premium Blonde Straight Bob Wig now!

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