The Ultimate Bob Wig Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know!

The Ultimate Bob Wig Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know!

Bob Wigs are the ultimate classic wigs every woman needs in their wig collection.

With them, you can effortlessly achieve a casual, laid-back, strict, professional, or even chic glam.

There are several types of bob wigs that you can use to achieve these looks; it all depends on your sense of style and the occasion.

So, if you want to buy your bob wig, here is everything you need to know before making that purchase.

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What Is a Bob Wig?

Bob wigs are cut short around the chin or slightly longer.

They often measure between eight and sixteen inches and are regarded as the ultimate classic wigs because they are easy to wear and style. 

Types of Bob Wigs

There are different types of bob wigs, and they include:

A-line Bob

This bob wig is shorter at the back and gradually gets longer towards the front.

The hairs at the back of the wig often only reach the nape, while the front of the wig is much longer.

The front of the wig frames the face, such that when viewed from the side, it creates an A-shape. They come in varying lengths and are popular because they enhance facial features perfectly.

Messy Bob

A messy bob wig features short or shoulder-length hair with layers, giving it a dirty or slightly messy look.

It is often styled with deep waves or kinky curls to provide a casual or laid-back look. So, try a messy bob if you're looking for a wig to wear on a quick errand or a simple gathering with friends.

Chin Bob

As the name implies, a chin bob is a type of Bob wig with hair cut up to chin length. It is often cut straight at the bottom or given a slightly curved look, framing the face just at the chin level.

This style is quite common among corporate professionals as it provides an effortless, professional, and serious look without excessive styling.

Classic Bob

A classic bob wig like this Straight Black Bob Wig measures no longer than shoulder length, with hairs equal in length throughout. It is often styled with bangs.

This simple style is for those who prefer a bob as their go-to style. It requires little to no style. All you need to do is brush out your wig, and it is ready to wear!


You are right if you guessed that a Lob is an extended variant of a bob wig! Lobs are wigs that often reach shoulder length or a few inches longer.

This style gained popularity in the 1920s as it was refreshingly easy to style daily and required little maintenance. So, try out a lob if you want a brush and wear a simple style.

Honeycomb Bob Wig Length

Benefits of Bob Wigs

Owning a bob wig comes with a wide range of benefits, some of which include:


When it comes to wigs, most women complain about how difficult it is to install and style them, but bob wigs have changed the game.

They are sleek and straightforward and do not need a degree in mechanics to style bob wigs. Everything is straightforward and effortless.

Easy to Maintain

If you detest entirely having to constantly style your wig every time you have to wear it, then you would be glad to know that bob wigs are the most low-maintenance type of wigs you could ever own.

They require very little product and minimal heat to shine. 

Cost Effective

Since bob wigs come short, They are more cost-effective than longer wigs. When you shop at Private Label, you can get a high-quality, human-hair classic bob wig for as low as $52.

This cost-effectiveness also applies to long-term use, as bob wigs only require installation, styling, and maintenance. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying

There are many factors to consider before buying a bob wig, and they include:

Hair type: Bob wigs come in a wide range of hair types and textures, such as straight, wavy, or Kinky Curly Bob Wig. Therefore, choosing the right bob wig for you depends on the hair type that you like or one that looks more natural on you.

Wig cap construction: Another thing to consider when getting a bob wig is the wig cap construction, that is, the style of lace used in the construction of the wig. Is it a 13x4 lace wig or a 4x4 Lace Bob Wig?

A 13x4 lace will give you a more customizable and natural-looking hairline and more styling options. A 4x4 lace will give a natural hairline look but may limit your styling options.

Wig color options: The fantastic thing about bob wigs is that you can get them in a wide range of colors besides the common black or brown tone. You can even get them in pink if that's your style. Simply check Private Label for options.

Wig length and styling options: As highlighted above, different bob wigs have unique features. You can choose the right one for you by considering the length you are comfortable with and the styling options each bob type offers.

Straight Natural Black Bob Wig Cap

Choosing The Right Bob Wig

There are many things to consider before choosing the perfect bob wig for you, and they include:

Face Shape and Hair Texture

According to professional stylists and wig enthusiasts across the globe, choosing the right bob wig for you may depend on the shape of your face.

For instance, rounder faces are advised to avoid very short bobs as they only emphasize the roundness of the face, while a Lob would suit perfectly a round face as it may help to give the chin a more elongated look.

Those with a square face may also avoid blunt-cut bob wigs as they may emphasize the jawline. It is also essential to consider the texture of the hair alongside the face shape.

You can research or experiment with a couple until you find the right fit.


As affordable as bob wigs are, it is still essential to consider your bob wigs budget before choosing. This is because prices of bob wigs still vary by the wig structure, density, and type of hair.

For instance, a 13x4 Transparent Lace Bob Wig will cost more than a 4 by 4 transparent lace wig in the same length. So, it all depends on your budget and what you can afford.

Find a Reputable Vendor

To get the best quality bob wig, you must choose a reputable vendor who sells premium quality human hair and uses excellent quality laces that will give you the most natural hairline when worn.

Human hair vendors like Private Label sell only the best, offering the most amazing prices you can find for their quality. They also have a complete catalog of wig types that you can choose from. 

Blonde Straight 4x4 Closure Bob Wig Cuffs

How to Care For Your Bob Wig

Caring for your bob wigs is quite simple and stress-free. Here's what you should know:

Washing and Conditioning

You should wash your bob wigs like any other human hair wig.

Avoid harsh products when choosing shampoos and conditioners, and always rinse with lukewarm water to help strip the hair of dirt and sweat that may have locked into the strands.

Then air dry the hair, and only comb it when it is scorched to avoid creating tangles. 

Styling Tips

Bob wigs do not need much in terms of styling. To style your bob wig, you only need tools that re-emphasize the natural pattern or texture of the hair.

For example, if you have a straight bob wig, you will need a straightener to keep it straight occasionally. For instance, you may also need a curler or thong if you have a messy bob.

These tools only make it easy to keep the bob in its unique style. It is also essential that you remember to use a heat protectant whenever you use heat tools on your wig; they help protect and maintain the texture of the hair.

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Storage Your Bob Wigs Correctly

Storing your bob wig is accessible. You can keep it in the box it came in after every use or simply find a silk draw-string bag to keep it in. Make sure to brush the wig well before keeping or storing it.

And voila! Now you have all the information you need to get your first Bob wig, and if you already have one, you may have learned a thing or two to make it easy to choose on your next purchase.

Always make sure you prioritize quality above all else. That will ensure you not only get your money's worth but will guarantee that you enjoy your wig for as long as possible.

Shop at Private Label Showroom for quality wigs that transcend time.

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