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DIY Bob Life: Our Top 4 Bob Hairstyles You Can Do at Home!

Bob It On Your Own

Now that the snow is gone (for the most part) and we can start pulling the sundresses back out, its time to change up our hair too.

The constant craze for summer will forever be the bob, and they're nothing like the ones our moms use to wear.

Celebrities have made sharp lines, thick bangs, and layers the staples for selfie-worthy hair and I have the how-to on four selfie-worthy bob wig styles.

Rita Ora Bob Cut

Sleek Blunt Cut

The blunt cut bob style made its mark amongst us girls in the last year.

We all thought that only celebrities could achieve this flawlessly horizontally cut style, but the secret is out!

I've got step by step instructions on how to achieve the most even and sleek cut possible as if you had gone to a professional.

Before you begin cutting here are a few things to keep in mind.

Determine how you plan to style your blunt cut bob. Are you creating a bob with your natural hair, bob wig, or wearing virgin hair extensions?

If you only plan to wear it straight go for whatever length you like. If you plan to curl it, leave a little extra length, so your cut doesn’t look super short after styling.

When installing your hair try to put less hair in the nape.

A blunt cut gives the illusion of thickness, so there’s no need to have the weft stacked on top of one another in the back.


  • Shears
  • Clippers (no guard)
  • Comb

Khloe Blonde

Now here are the steps to achieving a flawless cut:

Step #1

Decide the length of your desired cut

Step #2

Grab your clippers and hold them vertically

Step #3

Give yourself some grace room and move the cut down two inches

Step #4

Place your clippers on the back center of your bob

Step #5

When cutting, pivot the clippers between your index finger and thumb to get a crisp horizontal line

Step #6

Work to the left of your center cut using the center as your guide

Step #7

Let the clippers do all the work

Step #8

Don’t add any tension to the hair with your hands

Step #9

Next work to the right of your center cut using the center as a guide

Step #10

Work your comb through your newly formed bob

Step #11

Use your scissors to cut any stray hairs

That’s it! Your blunt cut bob is complete!

Now you can use a flatiron or curling wand to throw in some waves or leave it as is. Do you have a trendy way to style your blunt cut bob?

Let me know down in the comments below!

hair trim

Layered Bob

It's just like a regular bob, only the shape in the back allows you to create a body and a new shape.

If you are layering a closure bob wig, we suggest purchasing a 12" or 14" length to ensure you have enough length to cut for the layers.

Start with wet hair and pull it straight back into a tight ponytail. The higher your ponytail, the more layers you will have.

I prefer to place my ponytail in line with my ears. Pull the ponytail out away from your head to the desired length.

(If you want a very short wedge, and don't pull it out at all, this method will probably not work for you. It will cut too much off.)

Now cut off all the excess hair outside the ponytail with your clippers. Cut straight down so the layers will be even. Pull the holder out and admire your work so far.

At this point, you can cut your hair shorter if you’d like. To test your layers take a curling wand and curl a few sections in the back.

The curls should sit on top of one another and create a smooth transition.

If your curls happen to intertwine and lack a layering effect, go back with the razor comb to add deeper layers.

Victoria Bob

A-Line Bob

The A-Line bob is a funky twist on the classic with its high cut back and long front. Rihanna wore it memorably through her “good girl gone bad” phase.


  • Clips
  • Scissors
  • Comb

Step #1

Determine which side your bang will be on and place your part in the desired position

Step #2

Make a horseshoe-shaped section from behind both ears through the crown (section 1)

Step #3

Clip that section away

Step #4

Then create a second horseshoe-shaped section right above that, from the top of one ear to the other (section 2)

Step #5

Clip that section away

Step #6

Clip the two rectangular sections on either side of the part away (section 3, section 4)

Step #7

Release the lower section and comb it out, also use your comb to keep your guide section in order

Step #8

Begin cutting in the center with a horizontal cut

Step #9

Work to the left first, cutting at a slight angle as you go

Step #10

Comb down the uncut hair as you cut to get a smooth transition

Step #11

Repeat steps 9 and 10

Step #12

Release section 2 and cut it according to section 1. At this point, section 1 is serving as a guide for the rest of the cut

Step #13

The ends will fall alongside section 1 so cut them following the slope of that section

Step #14

Release sections 3 and 4 and comb them out

Step #15

Cut them the same way you cut sections 1 and 2

Step #16

Be careful not to change the angle of your scissors too much as you cut

Step #17

Once you are finished use your scissors to cut away any stray hairs.

a line bob

Heavy Bang Bob

Anthony Cuts makes bobs with a heavy bang look so fabulous, that may be why we are all flocking to this style. It’s a really fun and sexy way to play with a left or right part.

Another plus is the versatility.

No matter your face shape or head size a heavy bang will look great on you.


  • Straight razor
  • Scrunchy
  • Comb


Step #1

Part the hair the way it is normally worn

Step #2

On the side with the bang part of a rectangular section from the part to the top of the ear

Step #3

Take all of the excess hair and put it in a ponytail

Step #4

Comb the bang portion away from the face and between your index and middle fingers

Step #5

Make sure your fingers are pointing down, and your elbow is up

Step #6

Then rotate your hand clockwise so that your fingers point up and your elbow is down

Step #7

To cut place your razor at the midsection and gently glide it down the section behind your fingers

Step #8

Go back in with the blade for a more dramatic cut

Now you can use your flat iron to add wisps to your heavy bang for a sexy side sweeping effect.

Riri Bob

DIY Like A Boss

"Doing it yourself" is almost always fun, but it's even better when you have a little help.

If you found this how-to useful let us know down in the comments. Come check out our bob collection at our Atlanta hair store and online at Private Label.

Also, tag us in your next DIY bob so we can see how they turned out. We love seeing your work!

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