Caring for Your Glueless Wig: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Caring for Your Glueless Wig: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Glueless wigs offer wig versatility minus the adhesives. But keeping them looking fresh requires some care.

Since launching our glueless wig product category, our Private Label team has loved interacting with our clients and showing them the new professional colors, deeper parts, and beautifully bleached knots.

There is nothing like buying a wig that is truly “ready to go” and put on now.  We all love our hairstylists, but sometimes, it’s lovely to grab a wig you can put on yourself at home. 

Enough about how fabulous glueless wigs are; let’s learn to take great care of your “Wigvestment!”

Tiffany Glueless 5 by 5 HD Closure Wig

How to Wash Your Glueless Wig

Just like your natural hair, glueless wigs with HD lace closures need a good wash now and then. The good thing is, if your glueless wig is made of 100% real human hair, you can use the same hair products you already have at home to wash it.

But you must be gentle. Wigs are delicate, so you have to be careful not to rough them up too much.

That can cause nasty tangles and damage the hair fibers. Here are the steps for properly washing your glueless wig:

Step 1: Soak and Cleanse

First, get a bowl or use your sink as a container for washing the wig. Fill it with cool water. Then, put a small amount of shampoo, about the size of a large pearl, into the water.

Using just your fingers, gently rub and massage the soapy water into the wig hair, making sure to get the shampoo all over—on the top, the sides, and underneath, too.

Be careful not to scrub too roughly, as you could tangle or damage the wig hair.

Take your time to work the shampoo through the whole wig slowly and gently.

Getting the hair completely saturated will help make it nice and clean.

Step 2: Tame the Tangles

After you’ve shampooed the wig, you’ll want to untangle the hair carefully. Grab a wide-tooth comb with teeth that are spaced far apart.

This helps to detangle without ripping or breaking the wig hair. Start detangling from the bottom and work your way up slowly.

Don’t try to comb from the top down, as this can make the tangles worse. Starting at the ends and gently combing upwards, you avoid pulling too hard on the tangled hair.

Take your time detangling section by section, and remember that forcefully ripping through knots can damage the wig hair.

Ruby Glueless 5 by 5 HD Closure Wig

Step 3: Deep Conditioning

Let your wig soak in the shampoo and conditioner for an hour or overnight.

This helps the conditioner work all the way through the wig, not just the surface, and it’ll leave your wig nice and soft.

It also helps revive the wig’s natural curl pattern hair, if it has one, so the curls look fresh and bouncy again.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

After soaking, thoroughly rinse the wig with clean water. Go slowly and be gentle as you rinse and gently squeeze the wig hair to help get all the soapy water out, but don’t twist, wring, or pull too hard.

Step 5: Air It Out

Skip the heat styling and let your wig air dry by placing it on a towel or wig stand.

Put another towel underneath to catch any water that drips off as it dries. How often you wash your wig depends on how much you wear it.

If you only put it on occasionally, washing once a month is enough to keep it clean and moisturized.

But if you wear the wig every day, you’ll need to wash it more frequently—about every 1 to 2 weeks. Washing it often helps keep the wig looking fresh and prevents too much product buildup.

Victoria Glueless 5 by 5 HD Closure Wig

Quick Fixes for Daily Dazzle

If you’re traveling with your wig or need to freshen it up when you’re busy, here are some quick touch-ups you can incorporate into your wig maintenance routine:

Lace Love

To keep the lace part looking fresh, you should regularly remove any old hairspray or product buildup.

Dampen a small towel with shampoo and gently wipe the lace to clean it. Go slowly and be soft so you don’t damage the delicate lace material.

Blow Dry and Blend

After cleaning the lace, dry it thoroughly with a blow dryer on the relaxed setting.

Once dry, take a makeup concealer or powder that matches your skin tone.

Carefully apply some along the lace hairline. This helps camouflage the lace so it blends seamlessly with your scalp and looks more natural.

Style Up

Use a volumizing mousse to add volume at the roots, and carefully lift and style the hair with a hot comb or brush.

This creates a subtle bump or curve at the front that looks more natural and realistic.

Curly Style Care

If you want waves or curls, section off the hair and use a curling wand to curl the pieces individually.

The wand gives you long-lasting curls. Let the curls cool completely before brushing them out for soft, bouncy waves.

Taylor Glueless 5 by 5 HD Closure Wig

Lay Your Edges

The great thing about glueless wigs is you can style them to perfection using gentle hair products instead of lace glues or adhesives.

Once you’ve positioned the wig on your head, give it a light spray of hairspray like the Glow Shine Spray.

The hairspray will help lay down the wig hairs along your hairline so they stay smooth and secure.

Pick products that give a flexible hold when using hairspray or mousse on the wig hairline.

Avoid anything that dries stiff or crunchy. Look for hairsprays and mousses labeled “flexible hold” or “soft hold,” as they’ll give you enough hold to keep wig hairs in place without that helmet-head feeling.

A soft, natural finish at the hairline is the goal for making your glueless wig look seamless and natural.

Wig Cap Cleanliness

While keeping your wig hair pristine is essential, please don’t overlook the wig cap.

The cap fabric can also accumulate oil, sweat, and product buildup over time. To prevent irritation and extend your wig’s lifespan, gently handwash the wig cap every few weeks.

Use a mild shampoo and lukewarm water to carefully clean the cap without oversaturating it.

Allow it to fully air dry before wearing it again. A clean wig cap helps the wig fit more comfortably and prevents bacteria buildup on the area closest to your scalp.

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Fresh With Every Wear

Cleaning, concealing, and strategic styling make your lace wig look seamless and natural.

Just take it slow and gentle with the lace and styling products to keep your glueless wig looking fabulous like this Aurora Glueless 5x5 Closure Wig, wash after wash, wear after wear.

And remember, a little consistent upkeep goes a long way. Check this glueless wigs overview to learn more.

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Washing gently, conditioning deeply, and using clever styling tricks keep your wig looking fresh and fabulous every day. Who knew maintaining a stunning look could be this easy?


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