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Making A Wig Vs. Having One Made: The Pros And Cons

The Pros and Cons Of Each Aspect

Wigs are the hottest thing on the block right now!

Lace Front and Glueless Wigs have become the most popular protective style out there.

They are versatile, fun, and long-lasting.

Wigs are also super easy to take care of, and with the right products, you can have a unit that replicates the look of your real hair.

You have the choice of making a wig or having one made for you.

Wigs come in all types of textures, colors, lengths and styles, and it’s essential that you know what you want when thinking about acquiring one.

In the past, people didn’t know how to make their own wigs, but that has changed as we’ve progressed in the hair world.

Now everyone is crazy about wigs and many hair stylists are learning how to make them.

curly hair model posing for the camera

Salons are offering new services that specifically cater to wig wearers to keep their clients wigs looking as realistic as possible.

These days, people also have no issue with making a wig for themselves.

Making a wig has become easy due to the number of detailed tutorials out there or you can peep our countless articles with information about wigs.

However, having a wig made is still a popular option for most people.

So, what makes either option better?

It all depends on individual ability, budget, and the style you want to achieve.

Like with any choice, it’s vital to take everything into account when choosing between making a wig or having one made for you.

There are pros and cons for each aspect, and we’ll go through each one.

Let’s touch on making a wig and all the advantages and disadvantages.

Do You Want To Make A Wig?

There are pros and cons for doing just about anything in life and the same goes for the world of making wigs.

Making a wig can be a lengthy trial and error process but it’s also entertaining!

At first, it seems intimidating, stressful and exhausting but after a few tries, you should be able to get the hang of it.

In the world of wig making practice truly does make perfect.

Before you decide on making a wig for yourself, you’ll need to think about whether it’s really what you want to do. Then you need to follow our advice for wearing wigs.

For me, I know that I don’t have the time to sit down and make a wig from beginning to end.

However, for others, it’s much easier to make time for making a wig.

If you know that you have time, then making a wig may be the best option for you.

The good things about wigs is that if you get quality hair and the wig is made well it should last long even years so the time that you invest won't go to waste after all.

Let’s get into all the advantages of making your wig!

Types of Wigs

There are so many different options for making wigs!

Not getting into lace front wigs? Try making a wig using a 6x6 closure or 7x7 closure. This will give you maximum parting space with minimal effort. 

A lace closure wig will also be easier to maintain! 

Don't feel like dealing with lace? Grab a 2x6 lace closure which will still allow you to have a deep part but you don't have to worry about the maintenance of the lace.

do it yourself tools to make a wig

Advantage Of Making A Wig

The most significant advantage that I notice when it comes to making a wig is that it saves people money.

You can grabe some body wave bundles, closure, and get to sewing.

Most of the time, when people want to have wigs made, it costs a lot of money.

There are a ton of reasons why it requires a lot of money to build a wig, but the most prominent reason is the labor.

Wig stylists need to be paid for their job, and if they have beautiful work, they will charge a hefty fee.

Some wig makers are highly sought after and have celebrity clients so they are able to charge high prices and make a full time living off of wig making.

The main advantage of making your own wig is that it will save you the money you would’ve paid the stylist.

Another advantage is that you have full creative control when it comes to making a wig for yourself.

You will also be able to learn a new skill and if you perfect it you can even start making wigs for others and start a profitable business of your own.

More Advantages of Making A Wig

If you're a perfectionist you don’t have to worry about anyone potentially messing up the vision you have.

Also, because you’ll be making your wig, you’ll be able to choose precisely what bundles, colors, and style you want.

Through the process you will learn so much! Making a wig is a great way to learn how to do hair.

Want to have a more natural wig hairstyle? Try making a U-Part wig that allows you to leave out your natural hair on top.

You can even play around with different colors and learn how to color hair like the pros.

Since you’ll be making the wig on your own, you’ll be able to determine what techniques work for you, and how to utilize them best.

Don't be afraid of error, think of it as an opportunity to learn and grow and most conveniently, save money.

Making a wig can be effortless if you’re willing to put in the work.

There are so many video tutorials to help you make almost any type, style and color of wig.

So go ahead and live your wildest hair dreams and create the wig of your dreams.

The Cons Of Wig Making

Initially, I couldn’t think of many cons to making your wig, but I tried it out myself, I quickly learned my lesson.

Not everyone will be fantastic at making wigs.

It’s not the most straightforward process, and it requires a great deal of time and progressive skill.

If you are someone that doesn’t have time or effort, making a wig isn’t the best option.

Also, even though making a wig is cheaper than buying one, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose out on the money.

Quality hair bundles can be very expensive (Okay, not at Private Label though!). If you ruin the wig, you may ruin the bundles and have to start over, and you don’t want that.

Before buying the more expensive Raw Indian Hair, we suggest starting with something more affordable and less stressful if you mess something up.

On top of that, if you mess up the first time, you’ll need to buy new supplies.

Wig making supplies, such as wig combs, hair, and wig caps, can be expensive.

The extensions that you use will be the most costly part.

It’s vital that you’re careful about how you make the wig to avoid making mistakes.

hairdressers with her gadgets and tools

The Pros Of Having A Wig Made

Having a wig made is the option I go for when I’m not feeling adventurous.

There are plenty of pros to getting a wig made.

One of them is that, depending on who you choose, you can expect it to look amazing!

A wig stylist is a professional, and in most cases, the work doesn’t disappoint.

When you get a wig made, you can look forward to not having to do any labor while also getting a great wig to wear for some time to come.

Another advantage is that you can work closely with the person making your wig to ensure that it’s precisely what you want.

When making your own wigs it may be hard to achieve the exact look you want if you don't already have the skill.

A professional wig maker may be able to do a few more tricks with your wig when it comes to color and cutting techniques.

Your wig stylist should be someone that you trust to take care of you.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the stylist that you choose won’t charge a lot to get your wig made if it is a simple style.

Also, if you want color, it is better to get your wig made so that the color is done correctly.

Hair coloring techniques such as ombre, unicorn, baylage, highlights, lightening may turn out best if done by a professional.

Be sure to look into this before choosing someone to make a wig for you!

Every wig maker has their different specialties when it comes to styling and you want to make sure the person can get the job done right.

The Disadvantages Of Buying A Wig

When you get your wig, you’ll have to pay.

Depending on who it is, you’ll have a hefty price.

In my opinion, the cost of getting a wig made is the most expensive part and the most significant disadvantage.

Another disadvantage is that not every wig stylist makes high-quality wigs.

Due to this fact, it’s essential that you don’t get caught in a situation where you don’t love the unit after it’s complete.

If you don’t use someone that you trust, then you risk not having creative control over the look of your unit. And not every stylist can pull of the color like Private Label's Colored HD Wigs.

hd glueless wig

When getting your wig made, you risk not loving the final product after paying a high price to get it complete.

Be careful of who you choose to take care of the visual you have in mind.

Also make sure to ask if they are able to do revisions if you are not completely satisfied with the unit.

Check and see if you can pay a down payment on the wig and the remaining balance once the wig is finished.

One sign that a wig make is not a pro is if they don't ask for your head measurements when making you a custom wig.

This is something that every pro knows to do as everyone's head measurements can very and a slight miscount or neglect of a wig measurement can result in a wig not fitting properly.

Who wants to go through all of that hard work and investment of money if their unit doesn't even fit in the end?

Remember This!

Making a wig and having one made are two completely different journeys when it comes to having the perfect unit.

You want to be mindful of the advantages and disadvantages of each one and carefully decide what you want to do in order to achieve a wig that is just right for you.

Making a wig isn’t as difficult as it seems, and it can be less expensive than having one made.

Having a wig made for you will be costly, but it’ll save you the labor of having to do it yourself.

It’s all about choosing what works best for you!

Need help making a decision? For over 10 years Private Label's Atlanta Hair Store has been a destination for clients looking for the best wigs

Let us know in the comments which option you will go with when it comes to getting your own wig made.

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