how to keep your wigs organized and make room for more

How to Keep Your Wigs Organized & Make Room for More!

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Storage Tips For Wigs!

Do you have multiple wigs? Do you have anywhere to store them?

Having your wigs organized helps keeps them all in the same area for easy access. Purchasing a wig is a great investment. Keeping them stored correctly and with the proper maintenance goes a long way towards preserving and guaranteeing that it continues to look its best in the long run.

Whether you are looking to store a synthetic wig or a human hair wig, here are a few ways for storage: to efficiently organize, keep the packaging for each wig or invest in wig heads. Organizing your wigs is a clever idea to find a wig quickly, arrange them by style, and for longevity.

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Keep Stored Away

Wigs are durable, but try and keep them away and protected. If possible, keep your wigs (or extensions) away from direct sun exposure, heat, and dust. These elements dull the color and vibrancy of your wigs and degrade it, making it more likely to lose structure. In addition to sun exposure, heat, and dust, playful pets, and young children should not have access to your wigs or extensions.

Utilize Your Closet Space

If you have the space for it, storing your wigs in your bedroom closet space is a nifty choice. Keeping your wigs in your bedroom closet space ensures that your wigs are easily within arm’s reach to you while keeping them safe from pets and younger children.

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Use a Mannequin Head or Wig Stands

To help keep the wigs shape, place them on a wig stand or a mannequin head. Even if you do not have the space to keep all your wigs on stands, have at least one mannequin head or wig stand to store the wig you use the most.

Keeping your wig on a mannequin head or a stand will help the wig maintain its structure and style, and cut back on time in your morning hair routine! If you want to keep the structure of the wig (the way it fits on your head), then a mannequin head is a better option for you. You can purchase a set of stands and mannequin heads on Amazon or your local beauty supply store.

You can use a wig head made of styrofoam to store your wig for small periods of time. Keeping your wig on one helps maintain the shape of your wig. Wig heads, commonly referred to as wig stands, are the most effective way to store your wigs because these stands are made exactly for that reason. Styrofoam wig stands are lightweight, practical, and not expensive.

Make sure to keep the wig stand clean because it becomes dirty after excessive use.


Traveling with Your Wig

While you are taking your wig on a trip with you, store it in a thin box (the box that comes with your wig is usually small enough for travel or a sturdy container.

Don’t have either of these?

Store your wig in a jumbo ziploc bag. Doing this will help make sure that your wig does not accidentally get smashed or too tangled in your suitcase. If you find yourself requiring to frequently travel with your wigs, make sure to travel with a foldable wig stand so that your wig remains properly maintained throughout your trip.

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Long-Term Storage

If you want to put your wigs in storage for an extended period, take care to prep it properly first. Take the time to cleanse and detangle your wig before you store it; storing a wig with product build up in it could cause permanent damage.

Once your wig is clean and detangled, fold it in half from ear to ear, and place it back in its original package or a custom wig box.

Organize By Style, Length, & Shade

Organizing by the style, you can organize both from the look of the wig (wavy, straight, brazilian) or the name of the wig. The name of the unit is usually a women’s title (i.e., Jasmine). Also, arranging them in their original boxes or packaging with the label facing outward. If you have wigs that you use for certain occasions, such as an event, then you can group them.

Organizing your wigs by lengths, allows you to group all your short, medium, and long. It cuts back on time if you have a rather ample collection and need to pinpoint a wig quickly. This method also applies to hair extensions. Keep all of your short and long extensions grouped in a tightly sealed bag or box.

Organizing numerous shades or tones are a good way to keep your wigs organized as well. Keep all of your blonde, black, brown, and other colors in their group. If you have seasonal wigs, group them according to which season you wear them most in (Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring).

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Final Wig Storage Tips!

We hope the storage and organization tips above help you with wig storage.

Wigs are a significant investment, so we want to preserve them for as long as we can. Using proper care and organizational techniques will help keep your fabulous wigs looking its best for many years to come. Although a synthetic wig and human hair lace wig require different methods of maintaining and styling, they are still stored the same.

In any case, don’t just toss your wig around when you are not wearing it. Also, remember to keep it out of direct sun exposure and keep away from heat and dust; keep wigs away from windows that receive sunlight throughout most of the day. Keeping your wigs together based on style, color, and the length keeps it easy to locate them.

Your bedroom closet space is the perfect place to keep your wig since they are safer; not around pets or young children.

Besides, your bedroom is also suitable as this is where you get ready for the day (or night), a ritual that involves putting on or taking off your wig!

What tips do you have for organizing and storing your wigs? Drop them in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Wigs Organized & Make Room for More!

  1. Tamela Bell says:

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    I store my wigs in what they came in. Save the paper that comes with the wig. This is a must. It keeps the shape to the wig. When you pull your wig out for the next wear it will be like brand new.

  2. Shayla says:

    0/50 ratings

    I try to keep my wigs in what they came in. Before I got a mannequin head I would keep them in the sun and it messed my color up. I try now to store them in the closet. Thanks for the article

  3. Melissa Smith says:

    0/50 ratings

    I keep my wigs in the bags they came with or xxl storage bags because I have so many, the boxes took up too much space! I have those storage drawers that you can purchase at Walmart. I keep the info card that comes with the wig and make sure it’s visible in the bag or I make my own. I store them by 1) classic wig cap, lace front, 360 lace, or full lace, 2)Human, Synthetic or mix, 2) straight, wavy, curly, etc., 3) color (but I don’t have many colors). My drawers are labeled. I wash and air dry after wearing and before storing.

  4. Malena says:

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    I have an organizer shelf (the one you can put the bins in) and I place the mannequin head with the wig in its own cubbies. This by far has been the most effective way for me to easily access and store my wigs.

  5. Dominique Dykes says:

    0/50 ratings

    This article right here is the bomb!! It’s so helpful in detail and points me in the right direction. It’s always been my dream to start a wig collection, (And most of my wigs come from PLE) so it was only right that this article saved my life. I couldn’t make a wig to save my life, but thanks to PLE article on How to Make A Wig, I’ve enhanced my skills and became the Wig Slayer (for beginners lol). So, it was only a matter of time before I needed to create space for my belongings. Now, of course, everyone has their own method of storing their babies. This is the number reason why I love PLE and this article because they understand that everyone has their own preference and suggest more than one way to do things, which is why everyone when’s! They include everybody and honestly, the game is to be sold not to be told. Their articles are life, a lot more detailed than what you’ll find just searching on Google (And trust me I’ve tried). So I hope this helps, my wigs and I are going to start a new brand since I now have the means to do so. Thank you once again PLE, you slay like always.

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