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Quick Weave: Everything You Need to Know!

Getting Started with a Quick Weave

A beautifully installed sew-in can steal anybody’s heart in a second and a quick weave is no exception.

It’s generally the faster and more affordable option when it comes to installing a weave. Installing a quick weave could be done at home with the right materials.

Although, a professional could easily perform this task for you as well!

Before getting all excited about how a quick weave is faster and costs less than a regular sew-in we should ask ourselves a few questions.

But, what exactly is a quick weave? How is a quick weave different from a regular sew-in and is it even worth it? How is it installed? What are the pros and cons? What hair extensions should I use?

What is a Quick Weave?

A quick weave is a full weave involving bonding hair extensions to a thick weave cap. A stylist will place the weave cap on your head before the bonding. The process is quick and easy, and your hair will be out of the way. You won’t need to deal with daily manipulation and styling.

Basically, it’s a great alternative to the traditional sew-in and is used as an efficient protective style. Now that you know what a quick weave is, let’s go into more detail about it.

Quick Weave Tutorial

The proper technique will be crucial for a great look.

Check out Mad About Meechie as she gives tips on how to properly install the extensions.

There are plenty of quick weave tutorials on YouTube if you want to do further research.

Installing a Quick Weave

With steady hands and patience, anyone can apply a quick weave. Make sure your hair is clean and dry before placing the cap on your hair.

Putting the cap on wet or damp hair can cause mold to develop on your scalp.

Are you planning on wearing the style for a few weeks? Take the proper precautions with retaining moisture in your hair. If a deep condition and or protein treatment is overdue, take care of it before you install your quick weave.

Quick Weave Specifics

The Braiding Pattern

Your braiding pattern must reflect the amount of leave-out you plan to have.

If you plan on leaving out no hair at all, braid your braiding pattern in a way where your weave won’t bother your real hair. When doing this at home, just know your braiding pattern doesn’t need to be perfect.

Just make sure it’s laid flat, so your weave cap doesn’t fold over your scalp.

Cutting the Wefts

When cutting your wefts, make sure you measure the back of your head first from ear to ear. This way when you cut your tracks, it will be the proper length to glue to your weave cap.

Some people prefer to let their tracks air dry as the place one after the other. Others prefer to use a blow dryer with the settings on low heat.

Cutting weft quick weave

The Pros and Cons

The idea of a quick weave seems like the perfect solution for people with busy schedules who still want the finished look of a traditional sew-in.

This sew-in technique can be a very efficient, but there are still some things that need to you should consider so that you can get the best out of your look.

Pros of Quick Weaves

  • The cost to get a quick weave installed is cheap, but it’s even cheaper to search up a few YouTube videos and install it yourself. Just make sure you know what you’re doing!
  • It’s quicker to install than the traditional sew-in, so it’s perfect for those who don’t feel like sitting in the chair for too long.
  • If taken care of properly it can last for a long time so that you will get your money’s worth.
  • This style can be a great protective style but don’t neglect your real hair in the process!

Cons of Quick Weaves

  • Sometimes, if you don’t use a protective seal over your scalp, the glue from the hair extensions can pull your hair out. Use a quality protective seal!
  • It’s possible that the adhesive can mess up your hair extensions. Most glue seems and probably is, harmless, but once it dries, your extensions could have some dried clumps of glue.
  • Even though the process is quicker than most other types of sew-ins, it still takes time for each track of the weft to dry before applying the next one. This process requires patience.
  • Cutting the wefts will increase the amount of shedding compared to a traditional sew-in.

Quick Weave Hairstyles

When installing a quick weave, you’ll have little to no leave-out. Therefore, you can pretty much have any style you want!

Check out 2017 Trending Hairstyles for ideas of what to do with your next quick weave!

It’s popular for people to go for shorter looks with quick weaves.

This goes for bobs, blunt cuts, and even pixie cuts. Most of the time, there won’t be any leave-out. Mix it up by trying different colors!

Longer hair quick weaves don’t take more time to install, but they can take more effort to maintain. Try a deep side part with these styles. It’s different from the regular middle part.

This technique goes for any curly or straight styles.

Here are Some More Hairstyles to Look At

We love these fabulous hairstyles from stylists across the USA.

Find a great hairstylist that has the vision for the look you want to achieve.

1. Weave with Block Colors

It’s great to opt for the ombre’ and or highlight look when installing a weave, but try something bolder by getting block colors that alternate, but compliment each other.

Make sure to use quality hair color products to get the real hair color you desire.

Color Weave

2. Bob

A quick weave bob is also super easy to maintain with much efficiency. You can go from having super short hair to a fast switch with this hairstyle. When you do not want the pressure of cutting your own hair, the quick weave bob is your go to! Here are few different types of quick weave bobs you can try!

  • Asymmetrical Bob
    If you’re more into the slick, neat and basic styles, give it some character by getting a quick weave bob an angled cut. It’s different and still, gives the conservative feel.
  • Blunt Bob
    A blunt bob is super edgy and it’s even better as a quick weave bob. The great thing about a blunt quick weave bob is you can continue the alternate the bluntness of the bob without manipulating your real hair.
  • Side-part Bob
    There is nothing more classy than the side part quick weave bob. It’s sexy and gives your bob a natural look.
Asymmetrical Bob Weave

3. Wavy Quick Weave

Some curls can make all the difference. It’s easy to pull off for any facial types, and it keeps your look youthful.

wavy quick weave

4. Side Part Weave

Use a fine textured and straight weave, with a deep side part to use for this style. Longer bangs compliment the look better, but any length will do.

Side Part Quick Weave

Quick Weave Wigs

We’ve pretty much covered the fundamentals of a quick weave and what they are. But did you know you can create a quick weave wig?

Quick weave wigs are no longer limited to your local beauty supply store. You now have the power and capability to create your own quick weave in a matter of minutes. The great things about constructing your own quick weave wigs are the flexibility to use your preferred grade and type of hair, you can choose if you prefer a u-part or v-part, and you have the options to change up the style.

Materials To Create Quick Weave Wigs

  • Synthetic or human hair extensions
  • Hair bonding glue
  • Scissors
  • Wig cap
  • Wig clips
  • Needle
  • Nylon thread

How To Create Quick Weave Wigs

Step 1

Using a wig cap, take your wefts of hair and measure your first track at the base of the cap. Once you have measured it, you want to cut according to how it lines up from one end to the next of the cap.

Note: Always start with your longest length, even if you are cutting it for styling

Step 2

Once you have cut the track of hair that you’ve measured you’re going to apply weave bonding glue to the hair weft. Leave it for about five to 7 seconds to dry and reach a level of tackiness.

Step 3

Take the track of hair and place it on the cap. Apply pressure when pressing the weft on the cap.

Step 4

Repeat steps one through three.

Step 5

Once you’ve reached the top of the cap, for your desired part, you will cut out the excess cap material. This will permit your natural hair to be styled for a natural look.

Step 6

Add the wig clips, using a needle and thread or super glue, to secure the placement of the quick weave wig.

Use fine-textured and straight hair extensions, with a deep side part to use for this style. Longer bangs compliment the look better, but any length will do.

Best Hair for a Quick Weave

As we discussed earlier, the quick weave sew-in technique involves cutting the wefts of the bundle of hair extensions.

Cutting the wefts will severely limit the longevity of the hair.

I would suggest using a lower-cost bundle as you will probably not have the hairstyle as long as if you decided on a traditional sew-in technique. Our Malaysian Body Wave or Malaysian Straight hair would be an excellent choice.

If you are going to spend top dollar on hair extensions such as the Indian or Vietnamese hair, you might also want to invest in a longer-lasting install.

Quick Weave Tips!

Quick weaves can be your favorite go-to style when installing and taken care of appropriately!

One thing to remember to look out for is the type of glue you use and also the protective coating. Other than that, enjoy your beautiful hair and make sure to take it out when it’s ready.

Leaving it in longer than it’s supposed to can cause breakage and damage to your real hair.

A quick weave is the quicker solution to getting the look of the traditional sew-in without spending all your money and time on the resources to install it.

Find a professional who knows what they are doing or if you believe you’re savvy enough with your hands, make sure you have all the right materials.

Beauty takes time, but it doesn’t have to take all your money!

What is your “Quick Weave” Experience?

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand what is a quick weave. Want to share your quick weave info with our readers?

We would love to hear your tips, pros, cons, experiences or anything else related to it.

Drop a comment below!

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  1. Amber Smith says:

    The way I do my quick weave is to put a plastic shower cap on my head then the stocking cap that I’m going to glue the weave on to. This helps to protect my head and allows me to see how my weave is looking on my head as I glue it. Once you are done gluing your weave, peel the plastic cap off and style your weave as desired.

  2. Fennella Miller says:

    I’ve been so addicted to the wig life lately but quick weaves used to be my thing back in high school! They were so much faster than sew ins and for a girl like me who loved to change her hair up all the time they were perfect. Then I was introduced to wigs which took the frequency of my hair transformations to a whole other level ? On the flip side sew ins are great for people who like to have a lasting hairstyle.

  3. Justified Luxury Extensions / shonnie hudson says:

    When the natural hair is protected and the hair extensions are installed properly a quick weave can be a beautiful thing!

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    I loved doing quick weaves in a bob hairstyle. Back in the days, we used the black hair glue for Quick Weaves.

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    The information provided is very helpful. I did not know about the cap for hair protection, I am going to try weave for the first time.

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