5 great reasons why you should wholesale with us
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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Wholesale With Us!

1. We’re located in Atlanta.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily stop by the showroom of your wholesale hair extension supplier? You can! Come to visit us at our showroom located in downtown Atlanta. Atlanta is the weave capital of the world and we are right in the middle of it. And what about fast shipping? If orders are placed before 3 p.m. we will ship your order the same day and delivery generally takes 1-3 days. We hold a large hair inventory here in Atlanta, while other companies actually have to wait to get there product and then ship to you.

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2. Competitive Wholesale Pricing

Our wholesale pricing for extensions starts at just $21.99! It is hard to beat that for quality 100% human hair extensions. When calculating pricing makes sure you compare “delivered cost” which is the cost to your door. Many other suppliers will charge you for paying with PayPal, overseas shipping, and large minimum orders.

3. Great Quality

We pride ourselves in having the best quality products so that our clients know that they are selling their customers great products. We provide 8a hair as well as raw hair straight from the countrysides of Vietnam.

4. We offer custom packaging

We offer custom silk packaging to our clients. Additionally, we offer a variety of colors to choose from. It’s important to brand your hairline. We actually offer a lot of custom branding opportunities like hair tags and you can even start your own Edge Control line with our Private Label Edge Control.

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Serial Entrepreneur focused on great products, service and building an amazing hair team.

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3 thoughts on “5 Great Reasons Why You Should Wholesale With Us!

  1. Taveena Wyley says:

    After All the Reseach and Homework, I have decided to go with the best and become an ambassador 😁😁…..I’ve wanted this since I was Exactly 12 years old…..Thru life I’ve had some minor setbacks but I am definitely on the come up now and can’t wait to see how successful PLE and Chocolate Kandii will be…Thank you guys so much for your helpful, supportive tools and just giving me everything I needed 2 points me in the correct direction. Super excited.

  2. Ariel says:

    Joining forces with PLE has been a dream come true! I’ve started the hair company I always dreamed of owning. I no longer stress about ordering hair at the appropriate time from overseas, shipping fees, and poor customer service. Atlanta is 5 hours away from me and PLE has an open door policy. I can now order hair and have it shipped to me in 24 hours. The prices are manageable and helps my company with staying within the budget. I like having the ability to use while labeling in addition to custom packaging with this company. PLE also offers excellent customer service.

  3. Erika Davies says:

    After my experience with PLE, I’ll definitely be considering them as one of my vendors. I’ve been impressed with the customer service and the quick responses to customer concerns. They listen to their customers and are always giving out information about your hair business to become successful. There are very few businesses out there that have constant giveaways…and have sales frequently so that their customers can try the new product. Since I’ve joined the PLE FB group I’ve learned so much and I’m almost ALWAYS on their page searching for new information. I can truly say I love the group and the positivity that it brings. We are like family…a HUGE one lol. It’ll be hard to fail if you make PLE vendor!!!

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