Traveling with Raw Indian Bundles

Traveling with Raw Indian Bundles: Tips for Keeping Your Hair Fabulous on the Go

It is not a secret that traveling is life's greatest pleasure because it makes us relax and have fun.

At the same time, it can be challenging for our hair.

I, as an expert in the Raw Indian Hair industry, always advise my clients to plan a proper hair care routine to look elegant before planning your trip to your favorite destination.

When planning your skincare, cosmetics, and clothing, consider hair care. We all believe that raw Indian hair is of exceptional quality, but it always requires proper maintenance to stay fabulous.

Continuous exposure to air, sunlight, dirt, and humidity can diminish your beauty. 

Don’t worry!

To avoid such problems, Private Label offers expert tips on keeping your Raw Indian bundles beautiful throughout your journey. 

All are mentioned below! 

Raw Indian Curly Hair Bundle Texture

Raw Indian Hair Care Pre-Traveling Tips!

Before you begin packing for your travel, I’ll discuss a few popular recommendations that will help you feel more confident and gorgeous.

Wash and Condition Your Bundle

First, wash your Wavy Indian Hair Bundle with a high-quality shampoo and hydrate it with a gentle conditioner.

There is no need to use any harsh or local products that can make your hair appear dull or lifeless. 

We are constantly exposed to air while traveling, which can cause our hair to dry out or become damaged.

So, I frequently advise my clients to add oil to the bundle before washing.

Note: Please keep in mind that always wash your Curly Raw Indian Bundle with sulfate-free shampoo. 

Detangle with Care

Most people detangle their bundles improperly, and it has become a big issue.

You must learn how to detangle your hair properly and care for your Indian hair.

Otherwise, you could lose your bundles after some time. We always suggest using a wide-tooth comb for this purpose.

You should start combing from the end of your hair to the roots. Yes, it will help you prevent tangles and knots while you are traveling.

Adopt Protective Styling

Please take note that I'm not preventing you from using any styling here. I suggest utilizing a protective style.

Carrying and maintaining a stylish hairstyle while traveling might be frustrating.

So, a neat and protective hairdo, such as a sleek bun or ponytail, will always keep your hair looking good.

These styles also lessen the likelihood of tangling bundles. Now, you must focus on choosing the stuff you need to keep your hair fabulous.

You can pack the required hair care products, according to your preference, to maintain raw Indian bundles. 

For example, you can consider safely storing travel-sized bottles of your favorite oil, shampoo, conditioner, or serum in a storage bag with hair ties, clips, a detangling brush, and a wide-tooth comb. 

Raw Indian Curly Frontal

On-the-Go Raw Indian Hair Care Tips!

 Are you traveling with raw Indian hair? Here are the practical tips to care for it:

Moisturize Regularly by Applying Serum

Car air conditioning and airplane cabins are very dry. They also make your hair rough and dry.

When you comb dry hair, it breaks easily. But when you apply moisturizers to them, there is no chance of hair breakage. It also protects your Wavy Indian Hair Bundle from excessive dryness.

Please Note: Excessive use of hair serum can also make your hair bundle heavy.

So, use the proper amount according to your bundle volume. 

Avoid Touching Your Hair Too Much

It’s a common habit to touch our hair when we are free or doing something.

However, constantly touching and playing with your hair makes it frizzy and tangling.

That is why you should keep your hands away from your Curly Indian Hair Bundle as much as possible.

Cover Your Hair

Your hair burns just like skin when exposed to UV rays of the sunlight. Also, the dust particles can get stuck in your hair if traveling on a bike or any other open vehicle.

At this point, covering your Raw Indian Bundle is the perfect step. It would help to use a satin scarf or Silk Bonnet during long journeys.

Indian Curly Natural Black Clip-In Extensions

Any Tips to Keep Bundles Stunning When at Destination?

Yes, we won’t leave you alone here!  When you reach your destination, it is time to see whether your raw Indian bundle is in good condition.

If you follow the above steps while traveling, your bundle is 100% in the best condition.

To maintain its beauty during your stay at that spot, you can apply these tips:

  • You should not disrupt your hair care routine even when taking a vacation. It includes washing, conditioning, combing, or braiding your hair and applying conditioner as your hair bundle requires.

  • Before bed, we advise using a bonnet or wrapping your bundle in a scarf. It will maintain your hairstyle and keep your bundle safe from friction while you sleep.

  • If you are traveling to a place with a swimming plan, you must wash your hair with pure and clean water before and after swimming. It will reduce damaging your bundle from saltwater or chlorine.

    If your destination is sunny, you can use UV protection sprays instead of scarves.

  • Please avoid using any styling product unless essential. Such products are greasy and can attract dust when you are out.

    Greasy and dirty products on your hair and scalp cause damage and dandruff. So, you should mostly keep your hair dry and clean.
Raw Indian Curly Closure 5 by 5

Post Travel Raw Indian Hair Care Tips!

After returning from your traveling, it is essential to give raw Indian bundles extra care to restore their beauty. Here are some tips to do so: 

Deep Cleanse Your Extension

If you want a stunning look again, start by washing your hair extensions with a deep-cleansing shampoo to eliminate product residue, dirt, and other impurities.

Then, follow mild conditioning with a treatment that properly hydrates and nourishes your hair.

Note: Always use sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-containing shampoos can dry out your bundle and cause it to break! 

Trim Split Ends

If any part of your bundle has loose ends or appears worn out at the tips, you should cut it down.

This will keep your hair healthy and fresh so you can use it again on formal occasions or interviews.

Air Dry, Your Bundle

As raw Indian bundles are highly sensitive to heat, you should not use a blow dryer to dry them.

For this purpose, you prefer to naturally air dry your extensions to prevent them from heat damage.

Black straight hair female model in a traditional Indian outfit

Raw Indian Hair on the Go

Hair is the central part of your personality, so maintaining it means solidifying your personality.

When you travel with raw Indian bundles, plan for them like other things. It would help if you kept them beautiful and healthy throughout the journey. 

Considering this necessity, Private Label has provided you with all the required tips to apply from the initial to the final stage while traveling.

So, next time you plan a trip, follow our industry experts' recommendations to make it hair-friendly.

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These tips for traveling with Raw Indian Bundles are so practical! I’m curious, do you have any specific advice for maintaining these bundles in humid climates, such as tropical destinations?


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