How to blend clip-in hair extensions

How to Blend Clip-In Hair Extensions For The Best Hairstyle!

The Ease and Commitment-free Life of Clip-in Extensions

If you want to add volume, length, or just ready to switch up your hairstyle but don’t want to commit to the likes of a sew-in or a quick weave, clip-in extensions are the most suitable option.

With clip-ins, you’re able the name suggests, clip the extensions in and take them out as you please without the hassle of cutting threads or taking clumps of glue out of your hair.

The options are endless when it comes to the styles you can choose, switch it up and rock curly clip ins and when you want to have a sleek look, you can wear straight clip-in extensions the next day.

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You’ve Got Your Clip-ins, Now What?

The ease of clip ins is what makes them desirable for women, no matter their hair texture, clip-ins add volume.

The best way to rock extensions is to make sure that they blend effortlessly no matter the style you choose to wear.

There’s a method to making sure your extensions blend effortlessly with your hair. Here a few ways to ensure that your clip in extensions is as natural looking as possible.

Make Sure That Your Base Is Solid

Having a solid foundation for your extensions is critical. If your braiding foundation isn’t secure, your hair won’t be able to lay correctly and ensure that you have a natural and flawless look.

Similar to sew in extensions, your clip-in extensions can’t correctly lay if the foundation isn’t stable or firm enough for the weft to balance on.

Making sure you that have a secure base will not only help the hair to lay as flat as possible for blending, but it will also make sure that your hair isn’t being pulled and tugged from the clips.

You don’t want to deal with hair damage or breakage from these extensions.

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Keep Your Clips Hidden

Create what is known as a “safe zone” in your head when determining where your clip ins will go.

The safe zone will be a place in your hair, either towards the center or the end, where you will secure the clips so that they’re hidden, and no one else can see them.

Having a safe zone in your hair will help the clips blend underneath the extensions as well as any hair that you decide to leave out.

Know What Matches Your Hair Type

Experimenting with extensions is so fun, you love the thrill of going from one style to the next in a matter of days.

However, to blend and ensuring that your hair looks as natural as possible, be sure to choose clip-in extensions that match your hair type. If you have fine hair, make sure to get silky straight extensions.

If your hair is kinky or curly, be sure to get the pattern that matches your curls. This is so that once styling is complete, the extensions look as though they’re growing right from your scalp.

Choose The Right Pieces to Clip-in

There are so many hair clips that come with clip-in extensions, and while it may be enticing to use every single weft, you won’t need them all.

The pieces you choose will depend on the exact look you’re going for as well as the size of your head.

For those with smaller heads, you’ll use fewer clip-ins, and for those with larger heads, you’ll need more clip ins to ensure that there are no spaces in between the extensions.

Also, if you try to fit too many clip ins on your head at one time, you’ll run the risk of having the tracks stick up and be visible to everyone, we don’t want that.

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Layers Are Key

Once you’ve chosen your textures and the hair pieces you’ll be using, it’s time to clip in the hair!

The most exciting part of the process because this is where you’ll see your hair come to life.

Once you secure the hair extensions and they are placed to your liking, to help with blending the hair, a great tip is to layer the extensions.

By layering your clip-ins, you’ll be able to provide a more realistic look as offer volume in different areas of your hair.

You must have an intact clip-in installation.

Layering can also make a big difference especially if your actual hair is already layered. This effect will help make your extensions pop a lot more! It's Time to Style Your Clip-In Extensions.

Once you’ve layered and trimmed your extensions to your liking, it’s time to style your extensions.

Styling will helpfully blend your hair, no matter the style or texture that you have, the way you design it will help you maneuver your hair for leave out and blending.

If you’re wearing curly extensions, be sure to add moisture and tease the hair out to ensure fullness and to hide the wefts.

When styling your curly hair, you can do a simple wash and go routine to define your curls, or you can manipulate the curls by stretching them or using rods.

If you’re wearing straight or wavy extensions, be sure that the wefts are laying flat and that there are no visible humps in your hair as well as making sure that the wefts are not showing through.

When styling, be sure to use a heat protectant spray if you want to use additional heat on your extensions. Be sure to use the same method on your actual hair that you use on the clip ins so that they blend flawlessly.

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Rock Your Clip-in Extensions With Ease

Wearing extensions has never been more comfortable and more convenient.

Once you style your clip-ins to perfection, and you’ve managed to blend your hair along with them, you’ll be ready to rock your style until you find another hair inspiration.

Be sure to take care of your clip-ins as you would with sew-in extensions or even a human hair wig. The more responsibility you put into them, the longer they’ll last, and you’ll be able to reuse them multiple times.

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