Benefits of 7x7 HD Lace Closures

The Benefits of Choosing 7x7 Lace Closures for Your Hairstyles

Private Label recently released its line of (absolutely stunning) 7x7 lace closures.

And while you likely have one of these beauties sitting in your virtual shopping cart, you might not be ready to take the plunge just yet.

Well, let me tell you, girl - after learning about the benefits of choosing a seven by seven lace closure for hairstyles, you’ll be running, not walking, to get your hands on all of our new closures!

Keep reading to discover the top benefits of buying and wearing a 7x7 lace closure.

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Top Six Benefits of Choosing a 7x7 Lace Closure For Your Hairstyles

I’m not saying that 7*7 lace closures are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it’s pretty darn close.

And if you don’t believe me, I highly encourage you to check out these top six benefits of a 7x7 lace closure for your hairstyles.

Let’s dive in, ladies!

1. Natural Lace Appearance

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a 7x7 lace closure is that it offers an impeccably natural appearance—especially when you buy from Private Label.

For one, our 7x7 lace closures are designed with HD, or undetectable lace. This type of lace is virtually transparent when worn, meaning less fussing with blending, bleaching, and concealing, leaving you with a natural aesthetic.

Secondly, our 7x7 lace closures are crafted using high-quality human hair.

Not only does the hair look natural, but it feels real, too. This ensures you can wear your lace closure with confidence. Lastly, 7*7 lace closures have much more room to work with, allowing for more styling and parting capabilities.

This results in a more all-natural appearance overall.

2. Larger Closures Offer More Coverage

There are a lot of different lace closure sizes.

They start at smaller options, like 2x6, and go all the way up to 7x7.

Now, some women may prefer the smaller strip of hair that a 4x4 lace closures or 2x6 lace closure provides. However, for many women, it’s simply not enough coverage. Enter the 7x7. Being seven inches wide and seven inches long, they provide a lot of coverage.

This is essential for opening up the opportunity for more styles and parting options and for easily concealing bald or thinning spots.

3. More Styling and Parting Options

As we just discussed, more coverage is a big perk of 7 by 7 lace closures.

But it’s not just great for the gals who need to keep their bald spots in check. It’s also fantastic for styling and parting options. Because there is a lot more coverage, especially paired with the itsy-bitsy 2x6, you have a lot more hair to work with.

That said, you can finally throw your tresses into a deep side part or pull back into an updo - without worrying about your hairpieces playing a game of peek-a-boo.

(Does anyone else think this may be the number one reason to go the 7x7 route?

Yup! Me too, girl.)

4. Comfortable and Breathable

Now, for this particular benefit, I’ll tell you this much: not all 7x7 lace closures are created equal.

Some 7x7 lace closures are constructed with thick, lacy material. However, Private Label seven by seven lace closures are designed with ultra thin lace used in HD lace Closures, which is highly advantageous.

But why?

HD lace is impossibly thin, ensuring it’s lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. While you might want to tear off other hair closures the second you put them on, with our HD 7x7 lace closures, you won’t mind wearing them for hours on end.

With Private Label's larger sized HD lace closures, you can enjoy your Red Carpet-worthy mane in absolute comfort and style.

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5. Long-Lasting

Like many other hairpieces, a 7 by 7 HD lace closure isn’t the cheapest thing on the planet.

This may make you hesitate to ultimately pull the plug and purchase. But let me tell you something, babe - 7x7 HD lace closures last a surprisingly long time, making them an excellent investment for your appearance. How long it lasts depends solely on how you care for and maintain it.

Don’t worry—an HD lace closures are ridiculously simple to care for. Here are my top five tips for maintaining 7x7 lace closure:

  1. Brush/comb regularly. Knots and tangles will swiftly destroy your beautiful lace closure - trust me!

  2. Shampoo and condition as needed. Make sure you’re using products that are specifically designed for hairpieces.

  3. A leave-in moisturizer is an excellent option, as closures do not produce natural oils like your scalp. Wear a silk or satin bonnet if you’re wearing your closure to bed. You can also swap your pillowcases for silk or satin, reducing tugging and pulling on your piece.

  4. Store it in a safe, cool, and dry place when you're not wearing your closure. Improper storage can quickly ruin your unit!

  5. Finally, always be gentle! Rough handling is bad news for the hair on your closure and for the lace itself.

And if you don’t already know, damaged lace is a hassle to work with—if not impossible.

6. Easy to Maintain

If you stumbled across this article, you might decide between a lace frontal and an XL-lace closure like the 7x7 option.

Which one should you pick?

While it comes down to personal preference, I will share the top three reasons why consumers are shying away from lace frontals and opting for 7x7 closures instead:

  • They are generally easier to maintain compared to their lace frontal counterparts.
  • They are less prone to notorious lifting and necessary adjustments, which is valid for frontals.
  • Installation is much more straightforward and less time-consuming than lace frontals.
  • If you’re looking for a hairpiece that’s easier to install and manage yet still offers plenty of coverage and room for styling, a lace closure is likely the better choice for you and your hairstyles.
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7x7 Lace Closure FAQs

What size closure should I purchase?

Which size closure is right for you depends on your personal wants and needs. Consider your hairstyle and skill level.

Also, consider how much coverage you desire and your willingness to spend.

Larger closures, like a 7x7 or 6x6 lace, will cost more than a 4x4 or 5x5 lace.

What textures does Private Label offer?

Currently we offer three of the most popular textures that perfectly match our virgin hair bundles.

Feel confident by purchasing one of our straight, body wave, or deep wave options.

They are available with 16" and 18" lengths.

What type of lace do closures use?

Three popular styles of lace are used for closures.

The most durable are the standard and transparent lace. The standard lace has a darker appearance, while the transparent is just that, more transparent.

The most popular is the HD Lace, which is undetectable when properly installed.

Do lace closures damage hair?

Lace closures do not typically damage natural hair. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as they provide a protective barrier between your natural tresses and the outside world.

Private Label goes the extra mile to ensure protection by using HD lace, which is thin, lightweight, and breathable.

Brazilian Deep Wave 7 by 7 HD Lace Closure Lace Side

Reap the Benefits with a Private Label 7x7 Lace Closure Today!

Let’s face it, gal pals - 7 by 7 lace closures come with all the perks you’ll ever need, from plenty of styling options to a stunningly natural appearance.

Not only that, but they’re long-lasting and easy to maintain.

What more could you ask for!?

Private Label has a lovely collection of HD lace closures that are calling your name, queen!

Get your hands on a 7x7 HD lace closure and enjoy all of the styling and parting options you’d get from a lace frontal—without all the hassling installation and maintenance.

Shop now and enjoy your new look!

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The benefits of these 7×7 HD lace closures are incredible! They offer such natural-looking results and versatility in styling. Plus, they seem really comfortable and easy to maintain. I’m definitely considering getting one now!


This article really highlights the advantages of opting for a 7×7 lace closure! The detailed benefits make it clear why it’s such a popular choice for achieving a natural look and versatile hairstyles.
ìHow does the maintenance of a 7×7 HD lace closure compare to other types of lace closures, especially in terms of longevity and ease of care?


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