Everything to know about closures

Everything You Need to Know About Closures!

What Are Closures

There are so many different types of hair extension types and pieces and closures are one of them. Closures allow the ultimate protection for your hair.

They completely cover your scalp making them a great protective style!

When it comes to partial weaves, sew-ins, and even with some types of wigs hair is left out to blend with the weave and cover tracks.

These styles are not always as fully protected as closures as it covers all your hair while still allowing your weave to look like it is coming out of your scalp.

Human Hair Closures are awesome and we want to make sure that you find the one that is right for you and know everything about them!

From the types of closures to the installation, pros, and cons, let's go over everything you need to know about closures.

Closures are a full coverage hair attachment that protects your natural hair. They can be added to your sew-in or a wig.

Unlike tracks, it attaches to a lace base allowing it to have a scalp like a resemblance.

The base mimics a scalp and consists of a piece of lace fabric with numerous single hair strands attached.

They come in various sizes but usually come in a square or rectangular-shaped piece usually about four by four.

They are ideal for anyone who wants a full-coverage weave.


Types Of Closures

Just like there are different types of hair weave extensions and frontals there are different types of closures.

Closures vary from the types of parts, sizes, colors, and even hair types and textures.

(Hairstylists are in love with HD Closures!)

Let's take a more in-depth look at these variations. After this, you'll be able to know all your options when it comes to closures.

Various Parts

Closures come in various parts for your styling needs. Some closures part in one way and others part multiple ways.

The main types of parts are the middle part and the side part. Also for those of you who just cannot decide there are free part closures allowing you to part your closure in multiple ways.

There are also various textures from straight, wavy, kinky to curly allowing you to achieve almost any style you want with a natural-looking part.

Different Sizes

Believe it or not, there are different sizes and dimensions when it comes to closures.

I'm not talking about sizes in terms of length or dimensions in terms of color.

What I am referring to is the literal width of the base of a closure.

While the dimensions can vary, closures usually come in dimensions of 4 x5″, 4″x4″, 4″x3.5″, 5″x5", 6"x6", and 7"x7".

On the other hand, frontals usually come in 13" X 4" or even 13" X 5" or 13" X 6" lace. So we can see that closures have a base that is less wide in comparison.

Funny thing is that with certain installs you may mistake a closure for a frontal.

I know I have done this a few times especially if the styling is very good and the closure is wide.

Sometimes if you can't even tell the difference because you can pluck and tweeze a closure just like you would a frontal as well as create baby hairs.

No wonder why I have seen girls with closures that look like frontals.

Knowing the sizes of closure can actually make a huge difference.

If you are a wig maker this can be a game-changer for you especially when you are making custom wigs.

This is why it is so important for professional wig makers to measure the heads of their clients. 

Some clients might not want to deal with the hassles of lace so we would recommend a 2x6 closure. Want to have a deeper part and more realistic look? That's where the 6x6 closure or 7x7 lace closure come into play.

There are so many options available.

Knowing the sizes of your client's heads and what size closure will allow you to make very specific custom wigs that you can charge an arm and a leg for because they are not only one of a kind but also customized.

Hair Types

What I love about closures is there are so many different types when it comes to textures. Here are some of the types of closures that we have available for purchase:

Malaysian Silky Straight

Have you heard of Malaysian hair?

Well, girl, if you haven't then your wallet, needs to.

Malaysian hair is one of the most affordable types of virgin hair.

If you are looking for quality virgin hair on a budget then this hair type is for you.

Check out our Malaysian Silky Straight closure.

Malaysian Body Wave

Our Malaysian closures don't just come in straight, they come in body wave as well.

So if you're looking for a bit more texture the Malaysian body wave closure is just for you.

You can also get one of the Malaysian closures and pair it with one of our other types of bundles to save money on your next hair look.

Brazilian Silky Straight

If you're looking for a straight hair closure that may be a little pricier but will last a bit longer then the Brazilian Silky 5x5 Straight closure is for you.

A closure like this will work well for a bob wig or a simple middle part hairstyle.

Brazilian Body Wave

Like the Malaysian hair texture, we also carry a 6x6 Body Wave closure as well.

If you need a bit more of a light wave and light curl texture then this is perfect for you.

Brazilian Kinky Straight

Kinky straight closures can be hard to find. Luckily we've got Brazilian Kinky Straight closures in stock for you.

These closures blend perfectly without Kinky Straight bundles.

Brazilian Kinky Curly

Not only do we have Kinky Straight but we also have Kinky Curly closures available.

This texture is more of a braid out texture similar to what you would get if your braided and then unbraided your hair.

Brazilian Loose Wave

When it comes to Brazilian closures we have so many various textures available for almost every single hair look.

Our Brazilian Loose Wave closure is perfect for those that want to go with a loose wave texture for their hair look.

Brazilian Deep Wave

While the Brazilian Loose Wave is looser in texture the 7x7 Deep Wave closure has more of a tighter wave/curl to it.

No to mention, this hair texture looks so good when wet.

Brazilian Afro Kinky

As you can see there are so many Brazilian hair closures to try in so many different textures and luckily even afro kinky.

So for all of those who love the natural hair look and want to achieve it with a weave go with the Brazilian Afro Kinky closure.

It will have your sew-in looking like it's coming from your scalp.

Brazilian Gray Body Wave

If you're going for a gray hair don't care look. Don't worry about coloring your hair gray, we've got you covered.

Get the Brazilian Gray Body Wave closure from Private Label Extensions.

Vietnamese Straight

Often times when hair is long it can feel very thin, well that is far from the case when it comes to Vietnamese hair.

If you are looking for thick and long hair then Vietnamese hair is the way to go.

Our Vietnamese straight closure blends perfectly with our Vietnamese Straight bundles.

What makes Vietnamese hair so great is that it has never been processed and the bundles that can be paired along with this closure come in extremely long lengths.

Vietnamese Natural Wave

The Vietnamese Natural Wave closure will give you a nice natural wave without you having to apply any heat or curl to it.

This texture is great for those who want texture in between straight and body waves as this texture is somewhere right in the middle.

For a seamless install pair this closure along with our Vietnamese Natural Wave bundles.

Russian Blonde Body Wave

Maybe you're looking to go blonde but you don't want to go through all the bleaching and lifting the color of your hair.

We all know the damage that it can do, so that's why a for those looking to go blonde the Russian Blonde Body Wave closure is perfect for you.

Spanish Wave

The Spanish Wave closure resembles the texture of Spanish hair. This closure makes it possible for you to have that Spanish hair look that looks like it's growing from your scalp.

One of the cons of having a leave out with your sew-in is that it can be hard to blend your natural hair with certain hair textures especially textures that are so specific like the Spanish Wave.

Raw Indian

Who wants raw hair?

I promise you it's way better than raw food. Raw Indian hair is hair that has never been processed so it is chemical-free.

Finding raw hair can be very difficult and finding good Indian hair can be very tough as well so to get both in one is a treasure.

Our Raw Indian hair closure gives you the best of both worlds.


Different Types of Bases

There are two types of bases when it comes to closure. One is a silk base closure and the other is a lace base closure.

The benefit of a silk base is that it is usually more durable so it can stand the test of time.

This closure tends to be a little bit thicker causing it to lay a bit less flat than lace closure.

You will most likely have to tint the base to achieve a more scalp like appearance.

The other type of base is a lace base closure. Lace closures have a more scalp like appearance.

To maximize your results, you will have to do a lot of adjusting and tweaking when it comes to customization similar to what you would do with a lace frontal.

Like a lace frontal, you can bleach the knots of lace closure.

You want to make sure that you do this carefully and correctly so that you do not mess up your closure.

Keep in mind that if the base is transparent the part will be the color of whatever is underneath.

If your scalp is underneath your part will be the color of your scalp, the same goes for if your cap or hair is underneath.

So if your hair underneath your closure is green and your closure is black, you may want to wear a wig cap and color the part with concealer and foundation to create a more scalp colored part.


How To Install A Closure

Closures are not very hard to install at all. By following a few simple steps, you can achieve a closure that looks realistic. Here are the standard steps to installing a closure.

Braid your hair down so that the closure can lay flat. You want your closure to lay down as flat as possible to create a natural look.

The next step is probably the most important.

You want to make sure your closure is secure. If your closure is on a wig, you can secure it down with straps or even glue it down with some got2b glue gel. If you are doing a sew-in you, want to sew down your closure.

Keep in mind that you can also tape down or glue down your closure.

You can use a closure in both a sew-in and a wig. When installing I highly recommend that you sew the closure tightly down to ensure security.

Before applying any other hair to your sew-in first sew in the closure.

The same goes for when you are creating a wig with a closure. This will allow you an accurate amount of space to work with.

This is very important because if done the other way around you may end up not having enough space to sew down your closure. This will also ensure that the closure lays down flat.


The next step is adding the remaining tracks to your wig or sew-in. You can do this before or after customizing your sew-in.

Once you have sewn in your closure to your braids or your wig head, it is now time for customization.

The first step in customizing your closure is cutting the lace. You can cut the lace straight off or cut it to fit your hairline.

Now, this step is optional, but you can pluck the closure along the hairline or even along the part.

Lastly, you may want to use a concealer or foundation to tint the lace to match your skin tone.

*If you are using a lace closure make sure to bleach the knots before doing any of these steps to achieve the best results.

Maintaining & Adjusting Your Closure


If you get closure with a versatile part, it can be challenging to get the hair to sit down once you have readjusted the part. To conquer this, you can wet the hair, readjust the part and then dry it with a blow dryer. Making the hair wet will make it easier to adjust.

You can also part the hair, hairspray it, and use a flat iron to hold the hair down into place.

Although merely combing the hair into the part you want may seem like the easier option these techniques make it easier to adjust.

When it comes to versatile closures, there are also three-part closures that already come with various parts.

The hair is pre-trained, so the parts are already parted within the closure.

This makes it a bit easier to adjust, but you can also still create the same effect with a regular versatile closure by using the previously mentioned methods.



While frontals can be very versatile in the way they are worn, they require a lot of maintenance.

Closures require less maintenance can be ideal for athletes and those who are into sports.

You can wash and condition your closure yet we recommend allowing it to air dry.

When taking care of your closure, you want to make sure that you are not rough with it.

Stay away from excessive brushing and pulling the hair to avoid balding. This will help ensure that your closure can be re-used in the future for other styles.

Different Hairstyles With Closures

There are so many different hairstyles that you can do with closures. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Bob Life

If you are about that bob life then closure will do the job. Many times when you are wearing a bob wig you are not playing around with the part but keeping the part in a permanent place.

Whether it be a side part bob or a middle part bob a closure is definitely the way to go when it comes to bobs.

Middle Part

Closures are the best when it comes to middle parts. Using a closure will keep your middle part looking sleek and well blended especially if you are doing for a straight hair look.

Middle Part Closure Type

Curly Textured Hair

Want curly textured hair? Get closure!

For hairstyles like this leave out can be a problem since your hair texture may not blend well or match the texture and color of the bundles you're using.

Overall closures are great for protective styling!


Making Wigs with Closures

Everyone loves wigs! the great thing is that you can make wigs even with a closure. Here are some tips for making a wig with a closure.

Tip #1

When making a wig with a closure you want to start off by sewing the closure down first before you sew down your bundles. Doing this will allow you to create your wig with the most accuracy.

Tip #2

Get pins to help you hold down your closure while you are sewing it onto your wig cap.

Tip #3

If you are creating a wig by gluing down the bundles do not use glue on the closure. While this is okay for the bundles you will need to sew down the closure.

Doing this will help you keep the closure in place and secure. It will also prevent you from damaging the closure which you definitely don't want to do.

Tip #4

Sizing your head does matter! It is so important to know your head size and measure your head when creating a wig with a closure. This will make ensure that your wig fits perfectly.

You especially want to do this when you are working with clients in order to make sure that their wig fits properly.

Tip #5

For a finished look pluck and customize your frontal. You can also create baby hairs as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Closures

There are always so many questions when it comes to hair and even when it comes to closures.

In this next section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about closures.

Should I get closure?

If you want to protect your hair and don't want to deal with having to maintain your leave out then closure is for you!

If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative to a frontal then closure is definitely for you.

How long do closures last?

How long closure will last really depends on how well you maintain it plus the quality.

A quality closure should be able to last pretty long especially with proper maintenance.

Make sure to follow our maintenance tips listed earlier in the article.

What are the dimensions of a closure?

While the dimensions can vary, closures usually come in dimensions of 4″ x 5″ or 4″ x 4″ or 4″ x 3.5″ or 5″ x 5".

Can you create baby hairs with closures?

Just like you can create baby hairs with frontals you can do the same with closures.

Just pluck and cut the hairline to create baby hairs and then lay them down with some bomb edge control.

Do I need to pluck my closure?

Yes, you will need to pluck your closure unless if it comes pre-plucked. Plucking your closure will give it a natural look.

You can do a bit of plucking at the hairline but if anything you need to pluck the part. Plucking the part will have your part looking like your scalp.

What are some ways that I can customize my closure?

Plucking your closure is not the only way you can customize it you can also use concealer and foundation to make the lace match your scalp.

When doing a sew-in should I sew down my bundles or closure first?

When doing a sew-in with a closure or even when you are making a wig with the one you should sew down the closure first.

Doing this will give you the most accuracy for your install. You will be able to sew in the bundles around your closure.

Can you bleach or dye a closure?

Yes, of course, you can dye and bleach a closure. You would dye and bleach a closure the same way you would frontals or bundles.

How many bundles do you need with a closure?

The amount of bundles you will need all depends on how long the bundles are.

For bundles from 8-14 inches, you need 2 bundles, 16-20 or 22 inches, you'll need 3 bundle deals and anything past that, you need 4 bundles with a closure.

Grab a hair bundle deal and get to sewing!

Can you use a closure to replace a frontal?

Although you won't be able to get the full hairline of a frontal with a closure you can definitely customize your closure just like you would a frontal.

Doing this will allow you to have baby hairs and slight ponytails just like you would with a frontal.

You may not be able to put your hair into an upward ponytail but you can still do a lot with it.

What should I do to prevent bald spots in my closure?

No one wants bald spots in their closure or anywhere. You can prevent bald spots by not over-plucking your frontal, using color correctly, and giving your closure some TLC and maintenance.

Don't be too hard on your frontal and realize that the better you take care of it the better and longer it will last.

Tip: For minor bald spots use eyeliner that matches the color of the hair to cover it up, works like a charm.

Can you reuse a closure?

With proper care, you can reuse a closure over and over again for different hair looks and styles. This is one of many things that makes closures so great!

Lace Closure Vs. Lace Frontal

One of the big questions here is the difference between lace closure and a lace frontal.

A lace closure once applied to the hair will have a set part that will mimic a scalp while a lace frontal part will usually have more versatility and mimics a natural hairline.

Both come with their pros and cons for different people depending on your hair needs.

Closures are used for sew-ins.

Sometimes the lace on closure can be a bit heavier than the lace base of a frontal.


Because the goal of a lace frontal is to mimic a natural line 13x6 frontals cover a larger area of the scalp usually from ear to ear.

Closures cover a smaller area because the is to create a natural-looking part. They are meant to sew in while frontals are usually glued down.

Now when it comes to travel lets be honest closures are more durable for warm weather.

They don't require as much gluing and customizing as frontals do.

In warm weather, frontals may slide off while a closure will remain more sturdy against the hairline.

It all depends on the look that you are going for and your lifestyle. It is really up to you. Like with all hairstyles it is essential to find out what works best for you.

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