Step-by-Step Guide to Installing 7x7 HD Lace Closures

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing 7x7 HD Lace Closures

If you’re toying with the idea of purchasing a 7x7 HD lace closure, there might be one major hurdle standing in your way - you don’t know how to install it.

You should see the faces of woman that walk into a Private Label showroom and get this monster sized closure in their hands.

It’s HUGE!

This seven inch wide by seven inch length of lace gives you so much versatility.

You might almost be intimidated by how to install it. If that’s your problem, you’re definitely not alone. After all, nobody wakes up simply knowing how to install one of these units. It’s a process that has to be learned, and it might take a little bit of time and effort before you master it.

However, don’t let that sway you, girl. Installing a 7*7 lace closure isn’t too tricky, and you can use two different methods to get the job done.

Brazilian Deep Wave 7-by-7 HD Lace Closure Lace Side

How to Install a 7x7 HD Lace Closure With Glue

Using glue is one of the quickest and easiest ways to install a seven-by-seven HD lace closure.

Now, you’ll need to use adhesive specifically designed for lace closures. Not every glue will work (we’re looking at you, white Elmer’s glue!).

We highly recommend one of Private Label's professional lace glue options.

Here’s how to get it done:

  1. Start with clean hair: Because you won’t see your natural locks for some time, it’s best to start with a clean slate—literally.
  2. Dry and braid (if possible): Once you’re done washing your tresses, it’s time to dry them entirely and braid your hair - if possible. If your hair isn’t long enough, don’t worry about it!
  3. Apply a wig cap (optional): Many women prefer to wear wig caps to protect their natural hair.
  4. Put the closure on: We’re not gluing anything down at this point! We will check the fit and align the closure to your liking. Make sure it runs along the area of your natural hairline.
  5. Glue: Now it’s time for the fun part - gluing! Add a small amount of glue along your hairline. Wait for it to dry some and get tacky. You can speed the process up by using a blow dryer on low.
  6. Add a second layer of glue: Once the first layer is tacky, apply a second layer for added support. Do the same thing - wait for it to become tacky or use a blow dryer to quicken the process.
  7. Position your lace closure: Once the second layer is tacky, press down the closure onto the glue. Double-check that your hairpiece is aligned and appears as it should.
  8. Trim and blend: Now that your closure is secure to your head, trim any excess lace and blend, if necessary. Most women will not need to blend with our 7*7 closures, as the high-definition lace is transparent.
  9. Style and flaunt: That’s it, baby girl! You can finish by styling your closure exactly how you want it. Add wefts, if desired.
Brazilian Body Wave 7-by-7 HD Lace Closure Hair Side

How to Sew In a 7x7 Lace Closure

Sewing is a bit trickier than gluing, especially if you’re new to sewing a lace closure.

However, many women say that once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze. There are two big perks to sewing over gluing. For one, you won’t be dealing with any pesky adhesives.

Secondly, you’ll have a much more secure fit, which many women find absolutely imperative - especially for certain occasions!

Note: If you find this far too complicated for your skill level or don’t want to do it yourself, you can always have an HD 7x7 closure professionally sewn in by your hairstylist!

Here’s how to sew your 7x7 closure:

  1. Prep your hair: As described earlier, you’ll want to wash, dry, and braid your tresses (if applicable). For this method, you can sew directly into your braids or use a wig cap—it’s entirely up to you!
  2. Put the closure on: At this point, you know the drill, girl: put the closure on your head and adjust until you’re absolutely obsessed with how amazing it looks.
  3. Get your curved needle and thread ready: Thread the needle with a strong thread designed for hairpieces. Knot the end to avoid losing it while securing your lace closure.
  4. Start sewing: Now it’s time to start sewing! Always start from the front and go around the perimeter of your head. The needle and thread should go through the lace of your closure, wig cap, and/or braids. Ensure it’s tight, but not so tight that it causes pain.
  5. Finish sewing: Once you’ve reached the other side of your head, secure the knot by threading it multiple times. Then, cut the thread to seal the deal, girly.
  6. Trim, blend, and style: Now that your closure is nice and secure to your head, you can trim the excess lace, blend (if necessary - it shouldn’t be!), and style to your liking!
    Brazilian Body Wave 7-by-7 HD Lace Closure Lace Side

Top Tips Lace Closure for Success

Ladies, I hope my step-by-step guides are easy to understand and help you through the process of installing your 7x7 lace closures!

To help make sure you’re madly in love with the results, here are a few insider tips I wanted to share before you take off:

  • Make sure you’re happy with the positioning of your closure before you secure it! Otherwise, you’ll either be unhappy with your appearance or have to reinstall it entirely - and nobody wants to do that.
  • Don’t rush the process. I know you want to get out there and show off your new ‘do, but rushing can easily make your closure stick out like a sore thumb - and that’s precisely what we’re trying to avoid with hair units!
  • Double-check that all of your natural hair is concealed. Natural locks playing peekaboo is another surefire way to tell that someone’s wearing a unit. Please make sure they’re hidden, babe!
  • If your closure starts to lift, use freeze spray. This is the quickest and simplest way to add more security without reinstalling.
  • Always be gentle. Because you’re dealing with lace and hair strands, it’s super-duper important to always be gentle! Otherwise, you can end up with torn or ripped lace, hair that’s broken off, or other mishaps you definitely do not want.
Brazilian Deep Wave 7-by-7 HD Lace Closure Hair Close Up

7x7 Closure FAQs

Now that you have learned how to install a lace closure why not test your knowledge with additional details.

What not become an expert?

What is a 7*7 closure?

A 7x7 closure is one of the largest closures on the market.

Because of their larger size, they allow for more parting and styling opportunities, including deep side parts.

They’re quickly becoming the go-to over lace frontals as they’re easier to install and manage but have the same perks.

What is a lace closure install?

Lace closure installation simply refers to the process of installing a closure.

You can’t just plop one of these units on top of your head and call it a day.

They need to be installed to remain secured to your head throughout daily activities.

Do closures have to be glued down?

Closures do not have to be glued down.

In fact, many women prefer to sew their closures instead, as it provides more security and less mess.

If you’re unsure how to install your closure, glue, or otherwise, you can do it with a professional hairstylist.

Install Your Private Label 7x7 HD Lace Closure and Enjoy Your New Look Today!

Whether you use the glue or sew-in method, we can guarantee you’ll love your new style - and it all starts with a Private Label 7x7 HD lace closure whether it's a Body Wave 7-by-7 HD Closure or Deep Wave 7 by 7 HD Closure, you're going to be satisfied.

Our closures are designed to be the epitome of style, comfort, and class, with indictable high-definition lace that’s easy to work with and gorgeous, 100% human hair.

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Installing a 7×7 HD lace closure can be intimidating at first, but these step-by-step guides make it so clear and easy to follow! Whether you choose the glue or sew-in method, it’s all about getting that perfect fit and flawless look. Thanks for breaking it down so well!


These step-by-step guides are super helpful for installing a 7×7 HD lace closure! Thanks for breaking down both the glue and sew-in methods. Which method of installing a 7×7 HD lace closure do you find more comfortable and secure: glue or sewing?


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