Five Frontal Mistakes You Are Making & How to Fix Them

Five Frontal Mistakes You Are Making & How to Fix Them!


Thanks to celebrity hair stylists and YouTube University, it is easier than ever to find information on how to apply and maintain a lace frontal.

Unfortunately, not all the information is true, and the public misunderstands a lot of the information.

Frontals can upgrade your look, but you need to be very careful with them to ensure you do not damage your natural hair, as well as making sure that your frontal looks flawless.

Practice makes perfect, but hopefully you DIY Queens can get to flawless, frontal status a little quicker with this list of mistakes you're making with your frontal.

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1. Using the Wrong Adhesive or Applying Improperly

If you look at the average “How To Apply A Lace Frontal” video on YouTube, you will notice that nearly everyone uses Got2B Glued hair gel as an adhesive.

Many women and some stylist like this method because it is easy to apply and remove using water, and it can deliver a flawless finish if applied correctly.

However, if you make a slight mistake, you will be walking around with a white and flaking hairline!

Yikes! Here’s where many women are making a mistake: they are applying WAY too much!

Listen, ladies; when it comes to frontal adhesive, less is ALWAYS more! You want to start with a little bit of gel and warm it on your hand.

Warming the gel on your hand changes the texture and makes it more transparent. Then, apply a thin layer of gel in front of your hairline avoiding your natural hair as much as possible.

Let the first layer dry until it is tacky then apply a second layer. Once the second layer us tacky, you are ready to apply your frontal.

The adhesive should be clear when you apply the frontal; it will not dry clear if it does not go on clear.

Also, never use your fingers to apply your frontal. The oil you’re your hands throw off the formulation of the gel and causes it to dry white. Instead, use the back of a comb to place the frontal down.

Don’t be fooled; just because this is a hair gel, it can still severely damage your precious hairline. This hair gel is very strong, so you must saturate your frontal with water to remove it without damage.

If you are using a real lace glue adhesive like Ghost Bond or Bold Hold, you must always use the Ghost Bond or Bold Hold remover for the appropriate adhesive. Do not rip the frontal off of your head, because you will damage your hairline severely.

If you are in a jam and you don’t have the manufactured remover, use 91% alcohol to remove the frontal. Allow the remover/alcohol to break down the adhesive and slowly remove the lace frontal.

Check our Safe Lace Paste Remover for a clean removal.

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2. Using an Adhesive That Is Not Water-Proof

If you work-out often (check these post-gym hairstyles), or even if you sweat a lot, you need to wear a water-resistant adhesive.

Using Got2B Glued or any other make-shift lace adhesive is a temporary fix that will only hold your lace down for 2-3 days. If you sweat often, It won’t even last that long.

Your sweat will cause the lace to lift off your head, revealing your secrets! Always use a water-resistant adhesive for long-lasting flawless results that won’t lift no matter how much you sweat!

A water-resistant adhesive will also allow you to slay a frontal in the pool or at the beach.

3. You Don’t Clean Your Frontal Often Enough

No matter how well you apply your frontal, they will expire! Frontals don’t look the same after a week or so.

This is no reflection on your talent; lace adhesive attracts dirt and makeup over time and causes the color to change.

The darker color will highlight the line of demarcation and cause your frontal to look very unnatural. I wash my frontal once a week to prevent excess build-up and to have a fresh application for the next week.

To get all the build-up off, you can use the adhesive remover to pull the adhesive off of the lace. Use shampoo to remove makeup and dirt from your frontal. A clean frontal is a flawless frontal!

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4. You Wear Frontals Too Often

If you know me, then you know I wear nothing but frontals. I don’t like the way closures look on me because of how big my forehead is! Luckily, I don’t have sensitive skin, so I don’t have any issues with wearing them so often. Unfortunately for a lot of women that isn’t the case.

If you have sensitive skin, there is a chance that the constant application and removal of lace frontals can irritate your skin.

This irritation can cause your skin to appear red, light tan, or in some cases white. Irritation can also cause your skin to become very itchy.

If you experience any of these symptoms, please visit your local dermatologist as they can worsen over time without proper medication.

You can avoid these irritations by taking breaks between frontal installs and wearing glueless wigs.

Remember, frontals aren’t for everybody. If you notice that every time you wear a frontal, your skin becomes very uncomfortable, then it may be time for you to try something else!

5. You Don’t Bleach The Knots

Bleaching the knots on your frontal is required to ensure a flawless, natural install.

All frontals come with dark knots where the hair ventilator's tied the hair to the lace. It is up to you or your stylist to bleach these knots with hair lightener to give a scalp-like finish.

Do not under bleach or over bleach the knots! Under bleaching, the knots will leave you with the same nasty black knots that you started with, and over bleaching, the knots will cause the hair to fall out.

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Let's Get Slaying!

Now that you have a list of the top 5 mistakes that rookie frontal wearers make be sure to avoid them!

Practice makes perfect, so take the time to try to get a flawless finish. If you don’t get it quite right the first time, don’t be discouraged!

Check our Afro Kinky Frontals now.

Throw on a cute hat and try again tomorrow! If you have any additional tips, comment below and let our readers know so everyone can slay!

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Great tips on avoiding common lace frontal mistakes! Clear and practical advice for achieving a flawless look. Definitely taking notes for my next installation!!!!


Great tips! I’ve been struggling with adhesive issues, so the advice on using less and warming it up is super helpful. Any recommendations for a good water-resistant adhesive?


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