Top 5 frontal repair hacks

Frontals Gone Wrong: Top 5 Frontal Repair Hacks

New Innovative Hacks

Alright, listen up ladies, first things first; grab your notebook and pens because I’m about to take you to school in a minute.

Society has notified me that they are tired of the appearance that your frontal hair extensions is in, and well, it’s time for you to be educated on it so you can look right!

I’ll tell you one thing, at the rate the hair industry is moving, I’m so proud of us for being so innovative.

If a company comes out with a hair product or tool, and if the world loves it, but there are some flaws in it, folks sure know how to be creative to correct it.

That’s the case with these frontals! When they came out, people loved them but quickly made some adjustments for themselves.

Frontals are such an amazing addition to when you’re rocking hair extensions.

The only issue is that the really good ones can cost a pretty penny and too many of us are tossing them out when something goes wrong.

But I’m here to inform you of five hacks and tips that will help you keep your lace frontal intact! Continue reading below as I go through them.

Black frontal hair extension

Matted Old Wig with Frontal

I get it, last year you had your homegirl create a lace front wig with a frontal for your birthday last year, and you wore it until it got matted and tossed it in your closet.

Well, I’m glad it’s not thrown away because I’m about to sell you some hope. Your old wig is about to get a new life! When it comes to these frontals, the most part that should be kept clean is the part!

Of course right?

The lace should be good too, but it’s the part that is typically on Front Street. All you’re going to need is a Curling Iron and some concealer makeup! Crazy right?

I know but stay with me.

Now, if you have a frontal with a sew-in style, you can still try this but just be extra careful since you can’t just take that off.

Once your curling iron is hot, just rub it across the frontal in a back and forth motion.

This technique is flattening the frontal, so it lays correctly.

This method is also opening up the part area since the hair was matted.

Once the frontal piece is flat, take your concealer and apply a super thin line down the middle of the part and a little on the edge of the part.

Now, this is making your part look official, so it’s important not to have a shaky hand!

Once you have put the concealer on, take a rattail comb and comb the hair down. The middle section will dry on its own. Then style the remainder of the hair, and you’re good to go!

Loose Frontal

Have you ever had a loose frontal?

Is your natural part showing along with the frontal part? Well, I have a quick for you!

Lace Paste Xtra Hold Glue is the answer!

This stuff is amazing. It has a great hold and can even stand the test on a windy day! The hack here is how you apply this gel, so your edges are protected. That’s one of the few issues people run into with frontals.

The frontal is doing more harm than good. If your edges are getting damaged, then you should stop using a frontal and think about other options. If your frontal is loose, see if you can lift up the entire perimeter.

That's where lace edge control products might come in handy.

Take your lace paste glue and lightly dab it in scattered spots right after your edges. The trick here is not to spread it across, but only about four scattered dots along your hairline.

Then, lightly press your frontal back in place.

Hair styling tools in floral arrangement

Be very careful that you don’t place it right on your edges, but just passed them.

Remember, your goal is always to protect your edges.

Take a blow dryer and allow the heat to dry the gel and now your loose frontal is no longer loose!

Ripped/Holes Frontal

Has your frontal ever had a bald spot? Well, if it has you’re in luck for a special tip that will help it.

But getting a rip or hole in your frontal is common. If you think about it, the frontal piece is lace, which is very thin material so it can tare easily.

When fixing this issue, there’s going to be two methods you can try (check out this article on: how to fix frontal).

One method is by using needle and thread, and the other is the ventilating method. Both options are great, but one requires just a little more detail than the other.

Needle and Thread

A needle and thread can fix just about anything, especially your ripped frontal. What you will need is a curved needle, nylon thread and a piece of lace that is bigger than the hole or rip.

When it comes to the color of the thread, try your best to have it match the color of your extensions.

So if your extensions are brown, buy brown thread. You don’t want anyone to notice that you have patchwork going on.

Line the extra piece of lace with the hole and begin to sew it around the perimeter until it’s secured.

Depending on where the hole is and what style the wig is, you may not be able to tell there’s a hole from the top portion.

Therefore the hole would only be underneath the wig so you would be good.

Ginger curly hair model smiling

Ventilating method

The ventilating method is just a little different from the needle and thread method. This method will look as if you’re making a custom frontal.

You will need to get a ventilating needle and some bulk human hair. The hair fibers are just pieces of hair taken from a weft or loose hair.

When you’re getting your needle, it will come with a special hook that has different sizes.

For example, one type of hook would be “1/2” which would mean you will be able to grab one or two pieces of hair with that hook.

The smaller the hook size, the less hair grabbed and thinner the section will be.

The bigger the hook size, the more hair you will have in that section.

Once you’re all set, you will begin ventilating.

The hook needs to go through the lace, then hook on some hair fibers, then pull them halfway through and knot them before pulling all the way through. You’re pretty much-attaching closing up the hole.

So you must hook on to the ripped section as well as fill in spaces. When you’re going in and out of the lace, be careful not to rip another hole.

This method is very time consuming and very detailed but comes out flawless if done correctly. You won’t have to throw away your wigs or frontals anymore!

Itchy Frontal?

Because when we see woman patting their heads throughout the day, we know it’s not just because their hair is dry.

Frontals can be very irritating to the scalp!

Irritation can lead to many issues as well, so it’s important to correct the issue fast; especially since your edges are right underneath of the frontal.

This mistake is why so many peoples edges are damaged when they remove their frontal. Wearing extensions does not mean that you can forget about your real hair.

It’s just as important to maintain hair underneath extensions as you would with your extensions.

But have no worries, there are a couple of hacks to fix this issue!

The first one is to get a stocking cap. It can either be from an old pair of stockings or an actual cap that you buy from the store.

Take some needle and thread and simply sew the stocking cap to the bottom of the frontal.

Different hair styling tools; combs, scissors, and sprayer

This technique will give your scalp protection against the lace material. Also, you want to remember to always use the same color thread as the scalp or hair so everything blends.

Another option is for you to sew an elastic band onto your lace frontal.

Besides the fact it clears up irritation, it also allows your frontal to lay even flatter, so it gives a more natural look.

You can either sew it just on the bottom or all around, to where the band is on the back of your head.

This option also makes sure your extension is secured as well. Go with whatever option is most comfortable for you.

Know more stocking cap methods.

Pluck Your Frontal

Now, we know people were not born with a perfect hairline, which means your frontal shouldn’t be perfect either! When wearing a frontal, it should look very natural.

It should look so good that people wonder if it’s yours or not! Have no worries though; there’s a quick solution for this.

Get you some Plucking Tweezers, and all you’re going to do is pluck until it looks as natural as it can.

But there’s a slight technique that you must do; while you’re plucking, you must continue to put your wig on to see how it’s looking. Follow this flow: Pluck, check, pluck, check, and pluck, check.

This process is a very dramatic and can take up to two hours because you should want to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

If you’re a little nervous about doing this or don’t trust yourself, then you can always have a professional do it for you.

Before starting with a more expensive frontal, like an HD 13x6, you might want to test plucking on a more cost-effective tester.

Along with plucking, you also want to make sure you pull out some fake baby hairs; if that’s the look, you’re going for of course. Otherwise, pluck away until you’re satisfied!

Curly hair female model in her pajamas


Make your lace frontal last!

Now, we know a frontal does not last forever, but who said you couldn’t try? I mentioned earlier that you should apply the Lace Frontal Glue on certain parts across your hairline instead of spreading it all across.

Another benefit of this method is to stretch out the life of your frontal.

For example, if you plan on keeping your hair straight down, then you can get away with only applying the gel to the top of your frontal and leaving the sides as they are.

But again, as long as you plan on not putting your hair up then, you will be fine.

Be Versatile

A good frontal can be on the pricey side, so you want to make sure you’re getting good use out of it.

A lot of times, the best go-to style is the middle part with the hair straight down, every day of the week.

But remember, a frontal was made to be very versatile. Therefore, it’s important to switch your style up, often.

Make sure you’re throwing some corn rolls in there, high bun, and changing your parts.

But if you aren’t looking to wear your extensions in different styles, then you need to save your coins and get a closure piece and not a frontal.

Infamous Frontal Hacker

Did you know about all those different hacks for repairing your frontal?

You probably didn’t therefore hopefully you learned a couple of things.

Frontals are a great addition when wearing extensions. We are thankful for the HD Lace Frontals but they can have just as many cons and issues as benefits.

But the one major thing to remember is how fragile they are. Lace is sensitive material, and you have to be careful when using it especially when you’re repairing it.

Since it’s already damaged, you don’t want to damage it even more. A great thing about these five hacks is how simple they are!

You don’t need any special training to repair your frontal.

These are easy steps and tools that you can now use when you need to bring your frontal back to life. Has your frontal ever been damage before?

If so, tell me below in the comment section what you did to repair it!

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