hair extension packaging to impress your hair customers

Hair Extension Packaging. Your Customers First Impression!

The Importance of Hair Packaging

If you own your own hair extension brand then you should really take a moment and think about your hair extension packaging. It SHOULD BE the first thing your customer sees when they open their latest order. If you just throw some bundles in a USPS envelope you should stop reading this and get your custom hair extension packaging now. We all know the importance of a first impression. The last thing you want is to turn your customers off with crappy or no packaging for the hair extensions. We all know that hair extensions are not a cheap purchase and if you are selling them then you should focus on the entire experience. When your customer grabs the silky bag out of the shipping envelope they will be instantly impressed with the soft to touch bags. It is soft and silky just as their hair extensions should be. Do not disappoint your customers with some crinkly plastic wrapped hair.

Why Silky Hair Extension Bags?

Simple. They are soft, light and beautiful. This is a winning combination for your customer and also when shipping your orders. The last thing you want is some bulky box for the hair that is heavy and difficult to ship. This will drive up your costs as well as the retail cost of your products. Yes, there are many people in the hair extension business and many more getting in daily. You have to think about what is going to set you apart from the crowd.

Custom or Plain

Here at Private Label Extension we offer both custom hair extension packaging as well as plain silky hair bags without any prints. Just glorious colors! The decision is really yours. Some might start with the plain bags while their logo is being designed. You might like the bags without print because of it clean look and simplicity. Whichever one you choose we would suggest having your hair properly packaged. Give your customers the first impression they deserve.
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