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Maintain Your Extensions With These Hair Tips!

Hair extensions just like diamonds are a girl's best friend. But what good are hair extensions if you don't know how to maintain your extensions? Just like any best friend they're dependable, supportive, cover you when you're a mess, and always make sure you never leave the house with your hair undone. See, what are best friends for! Hair extensions can serve as a protective hairstyle so that your natural hair is protected from thinning, heat damage, and chemical damage. Whether virgin human hair or not, all hair extensions need to be cared for properly to extend the life of them. The effort put towards the care of your hair extensions is vital when it comes to versatility and durability. Here at Private Label Extensions, we are sure to provide you with various hair care tips to maintain the luscious life of your extensions. If you think about it, hair extensions are like an investment. How you invest and care for your investment will determine the outcome or return.
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Tips for Maintaining

The best ways to maintain your extensions so that they last for more than one install is to treat them like your natural hair because they still need attention and maintenance. - Treat your extensions how you would your regular hair regularly wash, condition, and detangle - Dry your hair completely Make sure your hair is dried completely to prevent fungal issues - Do not leave them in for an extremely long time It is good to only keep in your braided sew-in for up to eight weeks so that you can wash and deep condition your hair -Shampoo matters Make sure you use a non-conditioning shampoo for your extensions -Colored hair extensions please allow a hair stylist to color your hair if you're not experienced with color -Removing your hair extensions please let the stylist who put them in take them out If you keep up the maintenance of your hair extensions, then they will last you for a very long time. We must treat our extensions like we would our natural hair, or better yet, our best friend! ;-)
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