how to make colored human hair extensions last

How To Make Colored Human Hair Extensions Last

What You Need To Know

Many people think that coloring extensions are a one time job. However, if you get extensions that made from human hair, then there is maintenance that you’ll need to do to upkeep them. No matter what kind of type of hair you have, coloring can be tricky and an extremely lengthy process. Before you learn how to take care of your colored human hair extensions, it’s important to know how to color extensions correctly. Coloring human hair extensions can last a long time when done correctly. You should acquire a professional to do your coloring for you, and ask them the proper way to take care of them, but if you can’t then don’t worry about it. There are plenty of tutorials that can help you achieve the look you want. Be careful though because not everyone’s advice is good advice. I have had my fair share of poor advice that has steered me in the wrong direction. One time, I was trying to learn how to bleach my hair, and then color it. I was watching this youtube video, and luckily my friend that was learning how to do hair warned me that the information was incorrect. Even if you can’t afford a hair stylist, try to find someone that can give you a free consultation.

How To Color Your Extensions

Keep in mind that you can only color human hair. Synthetic extensions cannot be dyed because synthetic hair is processed. You must wear it as is. If you choose to get colored synthetic hair, then there is no need for any real maintenance. The most you will have to do with artificial hair is brush it, and maybe condition it to lessen the tangle of it. If you don’t want to pay for human hair extensions, then buying synthetic hair in the color you want it is the best option for you. If you are coloring your human hair extensions, then be aware that it is a process. Human hair extensions are often challenging to lighten. If you’re looking to bleach your extensions, then be advised that the process will be more difficult than regular coloring. Consult with a professional before embarking on that journey. When coloring your human hair extensions on your own, be sure about the color you’ll be choosing. Do the proper research, and look up what that color looks like when completed on human hair extensions. Sometimes, colors will look appealing in stores, only to find out that it is a total disaster.

The Process of Coloring

Hair color from the drug store won’t give you the option of choosing a developer. The developer is what assists you in the coloring process. The developer is also what helps you set the tone of the color you’ll be adding to your extensions. Make sure you get the right supplies. You will need a color bowl, and brush, hair color gloves, a wide-toothed comb, plastic wrap, tin foil, and a towel. Prepare your color by following the directions. Most color only needs to be mixed with equal parts of color and developer. The longer your extensions are, the more color you will need. You don’t have to wash before coloring, but it’s a great measure to take to ensure that your extensions are clean and ready for coloring. Be sure to comb out any tangle in the extensions as well. If you do wash your extensions, don’t color them while they are wet or damp. They must be completely dry. Apply the color to each section of your extensions. Utilize your color brush and gloves. After you have applied the color, allow the hair to process. Loosely wrap the hair in plastic wrap, lay them in a room temperature room for about 20-40 minutes. After processing, it is time to rinse your extensions. Use cold water at low pressure. It is imperative that you allow the water to flow in the direction that the hair falls. After rinsing, it is time to comb an dry. Style your extensions how you’d like after installation, and voila! You have officially colored your extensions on your own! If you are more of a visual learner, then try using a platform like youtube to see the process, step by step.

What About Maintenance?

It can be challenging to maintain a hairstyle, especially when color is involved. When dealing with colored extensions, make sure that you are aware of the maintenance that is required. Hair that is colored, and processed will require more support than others. Be mindful of the time you will need to spend taking care of your hair.

Consult With A Professional

Even if you did install your extensions yourself, you still need to get an official consult. Go to a salon, and figure out exactly how you should take care of your hair. A professional will be able to let you know what maintenance process works best for the type of extensions and installation you have. For example, a weave that has been sewed in will require different maintenance than a hairstyle that has been glued in. If you have clip-ins, the support will be different as well. When consulting with a professional, remember to get as much information as possible. Pay attention to the work that they do on your hair so that should you need to manage something and you can’t get to them; you can do what is necessary.

Washing Process

Washing extensions are much like washing your actual hair. You need to treat the color the same way. You don’t want to shampoo too much, and with extensions, you’ll want to condition more than you use shampoo. When you have hair color, don’t worry too much about shampooing often. That means you’ll need to wash your hair less often if you want to retain that vibrant hair color. Shampoos are made with agents intended to remove dirt and color. Even if you use the color-protecting kind of shampoo, overdoing it can ruin the color on your extensions. Colored extensions are prone to get matted when shampooed incorrectly. Use shampoo less often to keep from loosening the installation. Leave in conditioner, or dry shampoo can help keep your hair clean. Extensions don’t need to be washed as often as real hair, but you will need to keep an eye on it. The best option, in my opinion, is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is quick and easy, and for the most part, simple.

No Need For Many Color Enhancing Products

Dyed hair requires particular attention because so much can go wrong if you don’t take care of it but when it comes to extensions, the need is a bit different. What you use on your colored extensions will ultimately determine how your hair will look while you have this style. As mentioned before, use color-protecting shampoos and conditioner to protect your extensions from being ruined. Taking care of colored extensions can become expensive. Salon-grade products are the way to go when it comes to dyed hair but with extensions, don't be afraid to go the cheaper route. Consult with a professional about which products are best. A great product to use is a hair sheen. This product is used to complement the tone of hair color, and it will add the necessary shine for the extensions as well.

Heat Protectant Will Always Help

If you’re someone that uses heat on their hair, then it is essential to use the heat protectant. If you use blow dryers and straighteners, make sure your hair is as dry as it can be before applying heat. Whether it is extensions or real heart, you want to make sure that you take special care of the hair you are styling. Prepare your hair for the heat with a leave-in conditioner, and finish with a protective hairspray. Applying heat-protectant to your hair will not only lengthen the time between your hair appointments, but it will help your hair keep the style you want even longer than usual. Using heat on colored hair has been shown to dry out hair, and with extensions, you risk having a matted, dry kind of style. Avoid this by being proactive about protecting your extensions when you manipulate it with it. If possible, try to use the least amount of heat, and when you do use heat, put it on the lowest setting possible.

Avoid Chlorine!

This is something that most people don’t think about, but chlorine is detrimental to your extensions. If you’re planning on spending time in a swimming pool, try to avoid getting your extensions wet. If you can’t cover your hair, try avoiding putting your head under the water. The chemicals in chlorine build up and cause hair-color, especially lighter colors to change to an unattractive hue. Try to wear a swim cap to keep your hair dry. Your extensions will thank you if you protect them adequately. They will last longer, and the color won’t fade, or look brittle.

Wrap Your Hair At Night

This is probably one of the most important aspects of taking care of extensions. How you treat your hair at night when you rest is a significant factor in how long your styles will last. When you go to bed, make sure you cover your hair at night. Wrap it in the form you’d like to have in the morning so that your morning styling is simple and straightforward. The more you practice wrapping your hair, the easier it will be to get through the day without having to do too much in the morning. When it comes to extensions, the maintenance process is much different from regular hair. Be mindful of the fact that synthetic hair and human hair extensions are entirely different from each other. Synthetic hair can’t be manipulated with styling products, heating products, or color so what you purchase is what you are buying. Synthetic hair is the better option if you don’t want to pay for or deal with maintenance that much. Artificial hair color is also brighter than average, so keep that in mind when purchasing. Human hair is the best option when it comes to coloring extensions. Human hair can be styled and manipulated how to like. Keep in mind that it is more difficult to lighten extensions than it is to darken them. If you are going to color your extensions on your own, you’ll need to make sure that you have the proper tools. No matter what you decide, be aware that the maintenance is going to take up your time. Be prepared to nurture your extensions so that they last longer.
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