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Single Dad Life: My Daddy Does My Hair

From Daddy Day Care to Daddy Day Hair

I am super excited to share with you a few stories of these fantastic daddies who can also do hair. This topic is something I relate to personally since my father did and still does slay my curly tresses. Fathers are proudly defying the gender stereotypes by learning to do their daughters hair and quite effortlessly I might add. You'll see NFL players learning the art of braids or pigtails, and you might even notice a large number of men are attending cosmetology school to learn about the different ways they can do their child's hair. These practices are ensuring that these beautiful young ladies are growing good self-esteem and a bond with their father that they will never forget. So, I thought it would be best to kick off this blog post with sharing my incredible journey on how my father and I became very close with something so simple as him doing my hair.

How My Father and I Became Best Friends

Growing up my family and I took a big leap by moving from a 3rd world country and coming to the United States. With two older brothers and my mom being the sole provider, it is easy to say that my dad had a lot of roles to play. By the time I was five my father was doing my hair almost every day, from cornrows, high buns, to adding in beads. I was the envy of all my grade school classmates, not in a horrible way of course. When it came down to an essential event in my life, whether it was prom, graduation, or my birthday, I could quickly count on my father to be my hair stylist. Now I am 23 years old, and my dad does me and my mom's sew-ins, he is legit a superhero to me, because of all the things that he can do so well and effortlessly. When I tell him that he should do other people's hair he always responds with " that job is for my two leading ladies my wife and daughter." My dad is the sweetest, and even though I wear wigs all the time now, he still never hesitates to help pick some out with me or cornrow my hair before he installs my weave. Growing up I remember thinking that I was a rare kind of kid, you know a girl with a unique dad that has a unique ability. I'm getting older, and I see that daddies across the world are taking the time to learn to do their daughter's hair, how beautiful is that? I want to take the time to share another fantastic story of how this father learns to do his daughter's hair by watching YouTube videos.

Single Dad Learns To Do Daughters Hair Through

Mike is a single dad who loves practicing doing hair on his 6-year-old daughter Asia. He said in his interview for Redbook that "Fathers set the tone in a girl's life and there is no greater bond." I could not agree more with this quote my dad is like my best friend that I can talk to about anything. Mike goes on to learning complex braiding patterns, buns, and ponytails, he keeps up with any trendy look that Asia may decide to go for next, and he's always encouraging her to express herself through hairstyles and the clothes she wears. His Instagram is full of beautiful posts and videos of him and all the cute hairstyles that he tries on his daughter. The account is almost at 1 million followers and has this lovely duo going viral very quickly. Asia also has her own Instagram account where she posts some of her favorites photos with her dad. Mike and Asia, we want to say that we are entirely in love with you two, the love between any parent and child is unique and beautiful, the memories you two share is something that they will tell their kids someday when they're older. Asia is one lucky girl to have an excellent role model in her life as well as personal stylist.

Single Dad Starts a Class to Help Fathers Do Their Daughters Hair

Now, this last story that I will be sharing is about a single dad who teaches himself how to do his daughters hair and then starts a class to help other fathers to do the same. Phil Morgese has full custody of his daughter, Emma, since she was one year old, he says that he had no clue on how to go about fixing her hair. While Emma was growing so was her mane. He says the moment he found out about hair gel that it was a huge victory, his words exactly were "Wow. Now I can do anything." Gradually Phil went on to learning about ponytails, French braids, and many other styles, his job is online sales. So he thought to himself that these tips would be beneficial to many other dads out there. In October, 3 years ago, he gave his skills a platform. Phil created a program in 2015 by the name of "Daddy Daughter Hair Factory" which is a free bi-weekly class that takes place at International Academy in South Daytona. This is where dads and daughters no matter the age group learn how to detangle, comb, and style curly tresses. These classes became an instant hit and are teaching hundreds of single or married fathers on how to do their daughters hair. Every lesson that goes on you can bet that Emma is right there patiently sitting as her dad demonstrates the proper way to your child's mane. Phil says the relationship between him and his daughter could not be any better and that he is thankful to share any moment with her that he can.

Thank you for Being Role Models Daddies

It's a new day where it's no problem for a single dad to step up and become a positive role model for their daughter(s), and we love every moment. It is 2018 and social, and gender norms are slowly going out the window, men are cooking and becoming a stay at home dads, while some women are the breadwinners, or working on mechanics or technology. I love the generation we are in and what we are growing to become. I must stress that it is not all about hair, and it's about building that bond that will last a lifetime. So, I hope this blog encourages a single dad to get up and create a strong, healthy, and confident relationship between you and your child. If you have your own story as a single dad or any at all of the other daddies out there doing hair, please feel free to share with us in the comments down below.
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