meet naturally tash hair guru of instagram and hair shadows

Meet Naturally Tash: Hair Guru of Instagram and Hair Shadows

Hair Instagrammers To On the Rise

NaturallyTash is one of the women on Instagram that I love to stalk! What I have learned from her page is that something, even as small as an orange afro, can make you and other's feel better. It is important to share our uniqueness with the whole and branch out into new things. Natasha's hair page makes me smile; I don't know if it's the college of colors or if it's the variety that I draw me in. Either way, @NaturallyTash is one of my guilty hair pleasures!

Meet Naturally Tash!

Known as @NaturallyTash on Instagram, Natasha in real life, she is a self-professed beauty colorist with a passion for bright and bold colors and wild spiral curls. With over 91.5K followers all tuned in to see what color pattern she will rock. Next, she has quickly become one of the top beauty and hair influencers on Instagram. Natasha became natural in 2012 and decided to put down the hair dye and flat irons that were destroying her hair.

Taking Beauty Influencer To The Next Level

Beauty is on a new level with this Hair Instagrammer! She does not do hair nor does she sell bundles, but she is the owner and creator of @Crownpaint_colors on Instagram. CrownPaint Colors focuses on selling the hair shadows that made Natasha's hair famous. She is unique because of the color mix of hues that grace her beautiful curls, and her booming businesses. She is a favorite Instagrammer owns her own hair shadow business and has over 27K YouTube subscribers. On her YouTube, she focuses on her hair coloring techniques, how to use her hair shadows, and maintaining colored hair. Natasha also has videos that review other companies hair chalks and temporary hair spray. Additionally, she uses the challenge to teach excellent and sustainable hair coloring practices. And last but not least how to achieve her thick spiral curls that contribute to her signature look.

How People Like Her Have Changed The Hair Industry

Natasha B, along with other beauty influencers, are the epitome of #Boss and #HairInspo rolled into one. She's been able to take her love of hair and eye-catching colors mixed with popping profile pictures into a stable career. Natasha is fighting the good fight to show that colorful hair does not have seen as 'ghetto' or 'unprofessional'. Hair can be an extension of oneself and still translate in a public setting as a positive thing. She has transcended the lines of what a beauty influencer and business owner looks like and what's achievable through a few well-placed strokes of color.

How She Gets Her Crazy Colors!

She hasn't been crowned the Queen of Temp for nothing! Before she switched to her line, she used Maybelline power eyeshadows, color tattoo cream, Adore hair dye and hair chalks to change her hair color. NaturallyTash now uses her hair shadows and hair chalk to obtain her mix of colors. Often she colors her hair two to three colors at a time creating a rainbow or popsicle effect. Sometimes she even splits her colors directly down the middle, her hair half purple and half pink! No color is too outside of the box or farfetched. Hair Shadows were a new concept to me. I always thought that one had to dye their hair to get a purple or red color to stand out. Her hair shadows bring vibrant colors to your mane without bleaching or permanently dying your hair strands. It is vegan and cruelty-free, meaning that it is not made nor tested on animals. @Crownpaint_Colors comes in single packs, groups of six or a large sixteen package of bright, neon, and glow in the dark temporary hair colors. These hair shadows typically last three to five days and can be allowed to fade or washed out of your hair naturally. Hair shadows give one the option of coloring their hair without the damage or permanence that dyes carry with them.

Can I Get These Curls?

Naturally, Tash's curls are uniformly thick and full. She got her natural curls to flourish by denouncing chemicals, and heat. She also deep conditions her hair twice a month and throws in a protein treatment once a month. Everyone's curls are different. However, this look can be obtained using flex rods or large perm rods. My favorite for longer hair is Curlformers. For someone with shorter and thinner curls, like me, you may want to use short perm rods to get wispy curls, or a straw curl set and allow it to drop.

Different Ways You Can Achieve The Look

I Want The Color!

If you want to get the hair colors seen on @NaturallyTash's page but do not want to dye your hair, try dying or 'shadowing' 613 Blonde Extensions. Using platinum blonde extensions will allow the hair color to pop and give you a new look without jeopardizing the strength and health of your hair. Furthermore, it would make the extensions coloring process much quicker! Another option is to purchase hair that has already been custom colored for installation. While this option is a little more expensive, it skips the DIY dying step or you waiting for hours in the salon for a coloring job. You can even purchase small clips of colored hair from the hair store if you want to try a pop of color.

I Want The Curls!

As mentioned, to obtain the curl you can use rods or curlformers on your natural hair coupled with a hair mousse or oil. To get the look using extensions one can purchase a Brazillian Deep Wave or Kinky Curly textures. They can be curled tighter or kept at their natural curl pattern.

Would you try Natasha's crazy mix of colors? Or play it safe?

I would dive right into her world of colors, getting a wig in each color if I could. I love the expression of personality that bursts through her hair, and I believe that hair should be altered as many times as you wish!
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