nighttime hair care tips for hair success

Nighttime Hair Care: Tips For Hair Success

How to Care for Your Hair at Night!

Are you struggling to figure out how to care for your hair at night? Is Haircare getting difficult?

Do you wake up in the morning with a bird's nest on top of your hair?

No matter what your hair type is, or if you are wearing hair extensions, incorporating at night time routine will save you time in the morning.

With me having naturally curly thick hair, maintaining my hair at night is very important for the health of my hair.

A couple of years ago, I would just sleep on my hair and become frustrated when my styles would not last.

Now, I know the proper steps to take to maintain my hairstyle and to protect my hair at night.

Let's discuss several ways to help care for your hair at night!

Night Time Hair Care Preparations

To make this process easy and quick, keep all your products and tools in one place so that you won't be back and forth.

Your tools may consist of bobby pins, combs, and brushes.

Grab your favorite hair products such as moisturizers, stylers, gel, and leave-in conditioners.

woman sleeping

Sew-Ins or Extensions

If your extensions are sewn in, you can set the hair with flexi rods, pin curls, or rollers, depending on your style. For a sleeker look, you can wrap your hair. Wrapping your hair takes time and patience.
  1. Start by brushing your hair all around, and down in your face when you get to the front.
  2. On either side, make a part behind your ear, and brush the hair behind your ear in the opposite direction.
  3. From here, start brushing in a ‘wrapping' motion; use bobby pins if your hair keeps falling.
  4. Once your wrap is complete, it will look like a 'doobie wrap.'

Doing this nightly will preserve the style without the excessive use of flat irons and heat.

Clip-in extensions can be worn to add length or volume to your style, but do not leave them in overnight.

Your hair can get easily tangled with the clips, which leads to breakage. Take the clip-ins out before bed, and apply them again in the morning.

They will also last longer if you take them out, as opposed to sleeping in them.

Model wearing clip-in extensions

Naturally Curly Hair

Depending on the porosity, texture, length, and overall health of your curls, there are several ways to care for your hair at night.

Most curly-haired individuals opt for the ‘pineapple' style at night (Pineapple means to gather all your curls on the top of your head with a loose hair tie).

For kinky and coily afro-textured hair, try putting the hair in 4-5 mini pineapples, as opposed to one.

If you have a style you'd like to preserve, such as a braid out or twist out, you can use the pineapple method or simply restyle the hair.

The shorter your hair, the easier it is to care for at night time.

Rocking a tapered curly style, or just a low cut? Use a satin or silk bonnet/scarf to cover your hair.

If you do not like things on your hair at night, replace your cotton pillowcase for a satin or silk one.

For wavy hair, apply a style-setter or mousse and twist hair into a top knot bun. In the morning, your waves will be more defined and longer-lasting.

Naturally curly hair

Pixie Cuts

For straight hair pixie cuts, apply some leave-in conditioner and sleep in a silk or satin scarf to lay down the sides.

In the morning, take the down scarf and fluff. Use a dry shampoo for volume and styling if you want a spiked look.

For curly pixie cuts, lightly spritz with some water and tie down the sides of your hair.

Very short curly hairstyles only need touching up in the morning with a leave-in conditioner, so you may not need to do much at night time.

Photo by @TheCutLife

Pixie cut hairstyle

Box Braids & Twists

Maintaining a protective style at night is very important for the longevity of the style.

Wearing the braids/twists in a top bun at night will help. This kind of hair care prevents unraveling.

Another way is to tie a satin or silk scarf around the perimeter and put the twist/braids into a jumbo braid.

Wearing micro braids that have human hair extensions should also be cared for at night. Put the micro braids in a large braid or two braids, and cover the top half with a scarf.

When you wake up, you will have loose waves for a sensual look!

box braids

Wigs & Half Wigs

Wigs are a wonderful way to switch up your look and protect your hair from over-manipulation and heat tools. However, you need to take care of your hair that is underneath; especially if your hair is in braids under your wig.

Remove your wig and moisturize your hair underneath and protect it with a bonnet or scarf.

Use a spray bottle filled with a diluted leave-in conditioner to apply moisture.

If you are wearing a lace wig that is secured with adhesive or sewn down, you still need to take the proper steps to maintain the hair at night.

If your wig is curly or wavy, apply one of your favorite styling products and put the hair in a braid or two braids, to keep the curls intact.

For straight wigs, you can wrap the hair and cover it with a scarf. Tie a scarf around the perimeter of your wig to help it lay flat while you sleep.

Vietnamese Weave

Your Nighttime Hair Care Routine

I hope these tips help with your nighttime routine!

If you do not have a nighttime routine for your hair, try some of the steps above, and you will see a dramatic difference.

Styling your hair in the morning will become effortless because you took the time to care for it at night.

It took me a while to figure out how to care for my thick curly hair at night; I would just sleep on it, and wake up frustrated.

Since taking extra steps at night time, it has improved the overall health of my hair.

What is Your Nighttime Hair Care Routine?

We would love to know some of your hair care tips!

Take a moment and leave them in the comments below.

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