great hairstyles from superfly

Superfly Hair! Great Hairstyles from the New Movie!

Superfly Shows Off Super Dope Hair

Superfly debuted last week, and before the credits ever rolled people everywhere were talking about Trevor Jackson, the lead actor known as Priest, blown out hairdo. The movie had plenty of styles that had audiences raving! Hair has a way of stapling itself in time, and like any styles, they come back around later on. Nothing is new, not even hairstyles! Just like fades have made a comeback from the nineties! Fro's hail from the movie Superfly original airing time in the seventies. Here's a look at some of the new, and old styles that took on the big screen this past week:

Andrea Londo (Cynthia)

Andrea Londo stole the show with her eye-catching hairstyles! Every scene she commanded the screen with different hairdo's that left us snatched! In real life, Andrea Londo sports midlength brown hair that flows naturally across her shoulders. Her hair is usually teased in 'natural' looking beach waves. In the movie, however, Andrea spices things up and gives us a variety of looks that are easily repeatable with our Private Label Extensions hairline.

Blonde Bombshell

One of Andrea's looks started with black at the roots and sprayed out into a high blonde color. Instead of ombre, it's a "dark rooted" look that we have seen on many celebrities before. To get this look, one can purchase light brown hair in any texture or length, and have it bleached, and this will give the hair a dirty blonde look with darker roots. Another option is to get black hair extensions and have them lifted! Ombre extensions work as well, due to their preprocessed lightening effects; this option will also save the most time as the hair dyeing already completed, and easily manipulated for a quick change-up.

Blue Hairdo

Andrea adorned another 'ombre' style that started with black and ended in a mixture of beautiful turquoise and green tint. This look achieved by ordering a special order set of bundles that can be custom dyed. Additionally, there are other ombres such as Brazillian Copper Ombre, Raspberry Ombre, Dark Root Gray, and Honey Blonde extensions available. 613 Hair can be purchased and then dyed to achieve the turquoise color. There are tons of PLE articles that walk you through coloring bundles and maintaining a popping hair color all year.

Fireball Red

Andrea kicked the movie off wearing a head full of reddish hair, that drooped down her back, can we say inches? Andrea wore her red extensions long and layered, with a slight wave pattern. This look can be achieved by purchasing 613 Blonde hair and dying it red, or a mix of custom color red hair and black extensions, as well as the Raspberry Ombre option. Andrea Londo most likely wore wigs during the making of this movie; which would be a good option for those of you looking for an effortless way to switch up your style and add a pop of color without damaging your hair or continuously redying your bundles. My favorite option is getting Honey Brown Ombre Extensions. These extensions offer versatility, worn in three different colors without much changing. Initially they serve as ombre extensions, but later on, you can lighten the brown for a softer look, or dye the ombre a purple color; the possibilities are endless.

Trevor Jackson (Priest)

Trevor Jackson's hair reaches back twenty-odd years before he was born in the movie where his character Priest, rocks a "flat-ironed" shortcut. During that period, it would have more than likely achieved with a perm. But don't cringe, I'm sure Trevor just had his hair pressed out. Matter of fact, it could've been a full wig! It's incredible that this style hasn't made a comeback for African American men considering Katt Williams and Snoop Dogg's press out in the 2000's putting my kiddie perm and church girl bump to shame. Trevor wore shorter hair in the 2018 version of the film compared to the original where the first Superfly wore long hair with soft curls at the bottom. However, he pulled off the hair with the same amount of flair and confidence as his predecessor.

Lex Scott Davis (Georgia)

The seventies is not the only period that loves curls! Lex Scott Davis' rocks a curly do for most of the movie, and we aren't surprised that the curly fro has lasted the test of time. Everybody, regardless of their birthdate, loves a good wash-n-go or flexi rod set! Another way to get her gorgeous curly look is to rock a nice deep wave wig made with Brazilian Deep Wave Extensions and a matching closure. Another option is to get three bundles of Brazillian Deep Wave Extensions, Brazillian Spanish Wave into a sew-in or a Brazilian Deep Wave Lace Front Wig! You could also try Raspberry Ombre Deep Wave Extensions for a pop of color to make the style your own. Kinky curly extensions are another alternative to Deep Wave Extensions, these hair extensions have more natural looking texture and are perfect to add to your pineapple or half up, half down look! Kinky curly extensions look even more fabulous for shorter styles to get a cute bushy-curly hairstyle. To keep deep wave extensions fresh its best to braid them into four sections at night, wrap the edges with a scarf and finish it off with a long bonnet that can keep your hair from tangling or being pulled while you sleep! Be sure to detangle the hair from the tip up to the root for minimal shedding. And last but not least, if your hair is becoming frizzy or tangled get a spray bottle with a little water and leave in conditioner that you can quickly spritz onto the hair before using a "paddle brush" to get out knots. However, only use a "paddle brush" if you want your curl pattern to become looser, otherwise, stick to finger detangling and your spray bottle!

Achieving Super Cute Hairstyles and Diversity!

Whether it's 1972 or 2018, hair has a way of unifying people and coming full circle. Afros, press-outs, curls, and extensions all have their place in the hair world, and sometimes they cross over! The hair in Superfly was not only chic, but it matched well with the times. The movie allowed men to wear man buns, dreads and Trevor's hot combed short style and offered the world of hair a break from all the main female characters wearing the same long, shaggy hairstyle and having the same hair color. Kudos to Superfly for stepping away from high top fades and Blake Lively beach waves if only for a moment!
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