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I often talk about the importance of offering hair that colors well. The best part of all the talk is being able to back it up with some amazing colored wigs that have gone through a color transformation that will make Nicki Minaj scream for more. These two wigs have been through a massive transformation with cutting, coloring, sewing and more. The result, breathtaking.

How the Custom Colored Wigs Were Made

We started out with a hair closure and a few Russian Blonde Body Wave Extensions for each wig. They were hand sewn into wigs. You can color the hair before sewing them in but we also had a few Paul Mitchell students helping out and they wanted to learn more about coloring hair while on a head. In this case, a mannequin head.

Colored Wigs: Cut & Color

Dallas Christopher brought in a few of his Paul Mitchell students to guide in the coloring process. We actually streamed the entire process of the blue wig on the Wig Market Facebook page.

Dallas then brought in Spero Sandouk who is the Edward Scissorhands of styling hair. Spero went in and just slayed the cut out of these wigs. Watch the video below to hear the journey behind the wigs and their creation.

Why Russian Blonde is Awesome!

We are big fans of Russian Blonde hair that will color well. A creative stylist can go crazy with color! We have seen our Russian blonde hair extensions transformed into about every color imaginable. What we like about working with Paul Mitchell educators is the dimensions of color they focus on. It is rare you will see them create something that is just 1 color. That's just too easy for these pros! When you get a closer look at the hair once it is colored you will see the dimensions and color transitions. It is really something to be seen!

russian blonde hair

The benefit of working with a well known wholesale hair distributor like Private Label Extensions is that you know the product you are going to get. If our professional stylists love it we think you will too. If you have any questions about getting your hair business of the ground just send us a message and we would be happy to help you along the way.

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