how going bald grows your confidence

A Woman Empowered: How Going Bald Grows Your Confidence

No Hair, Don't Care

Before I dive too deep, you should know I am a total advocate for women cutting their hair, all the way off!

When women call their friends to contemplate whether they are going to cut their hair off or leave it long; I’m the friend that doesn’t care to hear their reasons as to why they don’t want to cut it.

I’ll buy the hair scissors and clippers for you and scream out “just do it, just do it.” Shaving your hair is one of the best feelings to believe it or not. Having done it three times, I can say the feeling is always the same.

It’s almost as if your life takes a sudden left turn, for the better. You see the world differently, and once you get that feeling, it doesn’t ever leave.

Stay with me as we venture through how shaving your head bald grows your confidence!

Woman bald head

Breaking Barriers

For the longest time, women have allowed their hair to define them.

I don’t think they were purposely doing it though. I'm sure it was a mindset forced onto them. Prime example, I knew nothing about natural hair up until six years ago.

Relaxed hair was the end all be all. I was raised to know when my roots curled up, all that meant was my hair needed a touch-up. If we're fed something long enough, we can't help but make it a part of our reality.

The fundamentals of hair were as much information as most women knew. We’re taught to always take care of it, or it would be damaged. We knew that certain styles should be worn for certain events, etc.

If you combine all that forced information, we’re only left to think that hair defines who we are. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Hair does not define you. I repeat; Hair does not define you.

Amber Rose

Become Fearless

As a result of women going so many years of thinking hair defines us when the time comes, and you go against the grain, it’s a sense of fearlessness that surrounds you.

The feeling of "wow I really just cut my hair, I can do anything" takes over. I know for myself that’s exactly how I felt the first time I shaved my head. At that moment I felt I could conquer any and everything.

I wasn’t scared of the unknown anymore. I cut my hair without any guilt, shame, or explanation. Looking in the mirror, I saw the rawest image of myself. I won.

Many of us live our lives under the microscope of society.

We’re constantly concerned with what they think of us and even if they agree with us. Shaving your hair takes back that control. Your image always has and will always be about you. Being fearless means, you owe no one an explanation.

You have been stripped away and have nothing to hide behind anymore. At that point, your confidence levels go up because you become comfortable with doing things that satisfy you, for no reason.

Even if you don’t stay bald forever, that fearless mentality always remains.

When you begin to grow your hair out again or get hair extensions put in, there won’t be any sense of hesitation when wanting to try a new style. There won’t be any thinking about how it looks on you because if you like it, then that’s as far as it goes.

You will no longer be tied to hair thinking that it owes you something or vice versa.

Wakanda hair

Social Skills on 10

Having a shaved head gives hope to those who wish they could be in your spot. Shaved hairstyles for women are not always encouraged yet they are so beautiful.

I can almost bet that if you were once shy before shaving your head, you would quickly get over that. A constant statement that we women hear is, “Wow! You look great if only I had that much confidence.”

Because of how you feel, it will only be natural to spread that energy to another person and help educate them on their weakness. Too many of us take that compliment and run with it without realizing how important it is for that person to know they are beautiful they are with or without hair.

When you shave your head, you’re so overwhelmed and pumped up with joy that you almost want everyone else to go bald as well.

Your confidence allows you to help encourage another woman to know it’s a great thing to cut their hair off. You let them know all the benefits of it and that it’s a personal decision.

Beautiful bald woman

Be Confident in Her

It’s crucial to make sure that a person walks away from you a better person than they were before they met you. It always breaks my heart when I see a woman who's not 100% confident with themselves.

It's almost as if they're ashamed of their body. Sadly, that's exactly how it is with some women. Also, too many of us are against one another when we need each other to build one another up.

I haven’t met one woman who has a shaved head who was shy because that’s just not the vibe it gives off.

You become a joyful person who just wants to share that with everyone. The way you move feels like freedom and people can pick up on that a mile away. Deep down they want the same thing but they're just scared, just how we once were.

Remember they once we're exposed to that mindset, so they don’t know any other way to be. They are in the same spot you once were in. All women need to know how powerful they are and the greatness they have within them.

Whenever I get approached by someone saying they wish they had the courage to cut their hair, I don't care how busy I am; it turns into a learning experience. I have learned through my hair journey that it’s my business to help women better themselves.

It’s an educational moment that should be taken full advantage of.

Sanaa Lathan Bald Head

Creativity Leaks Out

I mean, you must be a creative person to go and shave all your hair off.

As I mentioned earlier, being bald gives you a fearless mindset. You began to think differently and also become more creative. Being fearless is the root of all happiness.

So many creative juices have just been sitting inside you waiting for the door to open. So many bald women have the greatest hairstyles. They aren’t scared to experiment with different colors, parts, and designs. They just don’t worry about how the world will view them.

A lot of people express themselves through different types of artwork. Some people use their hair to express that art as well.

You’re able to be more in tune with yourself while having a shaved head; it’s like having a blank canvas. They typically invest in a good barber too; convey a vision to them, and the barber gets to work.

It’s the same logic for people who have tattoos on their bodies. That’s an extension of them, and each tattoo has a different story behind it.

Although with hair, it grows back, however, each design had a purpose as well.

Bald Hair

Insecurities are Defeated

So many women go looking externally for beauty, happiness, and femininity when all those things are internal.

When women shave their heads, they instantly see themselves in a new light. They no longer hide behind curls or straight hair. Wondering will their face be enough while realizing it has always been enough.

Your beauty is already there, and hair doesn’t add or take away from that. You begin to fall in love with yourself. It’s like meeting a person you’ve been waiting for, and you’re excited to get to know them.

Your self-worth begins to heighten, and you realize that if you believe you’re worthy of great things, then the world can only accept that as well.

You’ll never feel less than beautiful again because you decided to step away from comfort. You begin looking in the mirror to now see how you can make your baldness stand out, even more!

I found myself wanting to wear scarfs more, big earrings, and off the shoulder tops. You begin to even become proud of yourself for betting on yourself.

Sanaa Lathan Bald Hair

Exposing Facial Features

When becoming bald a lot of women are faced with expressing their facial features.

They enter a new confidence level of being comfortable with themselves. They begin to notice each part of the face and are no longer ashamed to embrace it.

I spoke with one girl who said she couldn’t stand her plump lips and big eyes. Wearing lipstick and bangs allowed her to hide from them. But after shaving her hair bald, she couldn’t hide anymore.

Yes, she could still wear lipstick, but she has fallen in love with her lips and eyes; admiring how beautiful she truly is.

The vibes of the baldness allow you to be comfortable in your body. Even when you get a pimple, most times women freak out and feel so embarrassed trying to throw makeup on it or cover up with their hair. But with shaved hair, you don’t care, primarily because you can’t.

We can hide behind anything since our faces are on full display at all times. We’re just content with what happens and roll with the punches.

Woman Bald

Become Liberated

I remember when I decided I was going to cut my hair the first time and I thought about how I needed to find a woman barber.

I didn’t want to ever walk into a barbershop that was predominantly male. There was a fear that they would be staring and asking questions. Honestly, I just didn’t feel comfortable with that, so I just found a woman barber.

But a few years later when I went bald again, I had a different outlook on it. I wanted to go inside a male barbershop without any worries. So that’s what I had set out to do.

I made an appointment and walked straight in, past about five barbers before getting to the one I needed. At that moment, I felt beyond liberated. I felt like I owned the joint honestly.

I am 100% confident in my skin and truly don’t care what anyone thinks. When people stare at me, I just act like I don’t even see them.

My bald head is who I am, and I’m happy with it.

Sometimes, shaving your hair is a lot deeper than that though.

There are women who are in bad relationships, have addictions, or something worse, and they hide behind their hair. Always getting pretty to cover up what they feel inside.

But when that day comes for them to free themselves from a bad situation, they find themselves shaving their heads because for them; hair was what they ran too.

Shaving their heads bald meant destroying bondage, feeling trapped, and hatred. They then feel alive again, like they get a second chance. Shaved heads now represent a kind of beauty they once thought they would never know.

Fenella Like Whoa Bald

Being Bald in Hollywood

Actress, Aisha Hinds, interviewed with Essence May 2017 where she discussed how her hair journey affected being in Hollywood.

She talked about seeing women on television with straight hair and thought that’s what she needed to have to be in Hollywood. Later on, she moved to Los Angeles where she quickly realized she wasn’t able to continue getting her hair pressed because it was too expensive and she couldn’t afford it.

It was at that moment when she realized her only option was to shave her head bald. She saw herself in a new light that she never saw before.

When she went on to casting calls, she said all she could give them was her true self since she didn’t have hair anymore.

She was forced to be her true self, and she believes that changed the way the directors viewed her for certain characters. They felt her shaved head was different and something they had never seen before, so they took a chance on her. She’s been bald ever since.

Aisha Hinds bald

Bald Head Beauty

You see, hair is just hair. It doesn’t define you in any way. It doesn’t make you work harder, look, or feel better.

Remember it’s the only society that tells us hair does that. It's society that tells us shaving our head means that we must be depressed or confused about our sexual orientation.

But that’s nothing but fake news! True beauty can only grow from the inside out. When you have love and respect for yourself, that will always show on the outside. When you're bald, you walk with your head a little higher than before. Knowing that you’re strong and nothing can ever shake you.

I once heard a woman say that she feels all women should shave their heads at least once in their life to experience the vibes it gives. And I actually couldn’t agree more.

Have you ever shaved your head before? Tell me in the comment section how it made you feel, I would love to hear from you!

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I have had traction alopecia and female pattern baldness since 2007 due to tight braids and hairstyles. I gradually lost my hair in the top, and my edges. I cut my hair off in 2018, but didnt come out in public. I went bald about 2 months ago. I am not completely confident yet, but public. My husband loves it. We even did a photoshoot for our 40th Wedding Anniversary. I am going to keep pushing. Thank you all for your encouraging words.

Annette W.

I lost my hair due to Alopecia. After chemo I tried to save my hair but it didn’t work. My Alopecia kicked back in.Im trying my best to get use to my bald head. I mean I’m hairless from head to toe. I’m so use to my natural curls and thick eyebrows. Now I’m trying to build my confidence. No matter how many of my friends tell me I’m beautiful or it fits me, I don’t feel that way. I thank God for beating Breast Cancer but I lost my hair. I see all these beautiful women rocking their bald head. Walking with their head held high. I’m still not there yet..I still haven’t found myself. I went from having Confidence times 10 to 0. Thank you for this article. I gave me a sense of hope. Praying one day ill be able to wear my bald head with pride….


thank you for these amazing words. i shaved my head smooth bald three days ago after being super upset and insecure about my hair extensions. i have been diagnosed with alopecia for six years now, and have always felt like my hair defined the person i am, my worth and beauty. that is not the case for anyone! your hair is just hair and anyone who says differently has a narrow perception and a closed mind. as a beginner baldie i have been feeling mixed emotions about my bald head. i am still not used to it and need to gain more confidence in my skin, which i am sure will grow quickly now that i don’t have to hide anymore. the ultimate, instant feeling i had after shaving my head was insane relief. if you are contemplating doing it – do it. now.


Since I was a little girl, my hair was pressed and didn’t need it the grade of my hair was soft like my father’s as a teenager start perming my hair until I turned 42, stayed natural until I decided to lock my hair it was a spiritual experience,kept my locks for seven years then I said to myself Enough start cutting hair in a low cut for about eight years, I am 71 years old and wear it bald! cuts it myself with clippers especially when my barber went to twenty five dollars to cut a little hair. Love the feeling and the maintenance
, it will stay this way! loving me.

Rosalind Madison

I’m bald by choice and I love it! Initially I was going to have my hair cut very short and I’m talking about crew cut short but I knew in my heart of hearts I wanted ALL my hair off so I had my head shaved completely bald and super smooth and have kept it that way ever since and I’ve been bald for over a decade now because it’s very comfortable and now that I’m older I just feel better without hair. I especially love the way I look and yes I have very big ears that stick out from my head but it feels great to have those ears fully exposed and I often wear earrings to make them stand out even more and it’s the look I’ve always wanted and it’s never going to change and I’ll always be bald because it’s how I like it and don’t care what anybody else thinks. When I’m out in public I get a few stares but most people are surprisingly accepting. I’m a retired hairstylist and I’ve shaved many heads and always looked forward to the day when I’d be the one sitting in the chair having that done to me and when that day arrived it was one of the happiest days of my life. I love my bald head. If a man can do it I can do it.


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