Easy Tips for Achieving Perfect Edges with Edge Control

Easy Tips for Achieving Perfect Edges with Edge Control

Whether you have silky, straight hair or thick, kinky hair, there are days when you battle with unruly edges that seem to have a mind of their own.

On these days, all attempts at the perfect sleekness are defied.

Edge control can solve this problem, but only if you know some expert tips that can transform your hair game.

Fear not, though. In this blog post, we spill the tea—even the one your hairstylist wouldn’t share—on how to achieve those legendary laid edges that turn heads and stay on all day, every day!

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Expert Tips For Achieving Perfect Edges With Edge Control

Without further ado, let’s get right into the topic of the day by highlighting and even breaking expert tips to help you master the very needed art of achieving flawlessly laid edges that are sure to turn heads.

Preparing Your Hair

Any professional hairstylist will tell you this - prepping your hair before applying edge control is the number one step towards the perfect look. Think of it as you are about to paint a masterpiece.

You need a clean, clear canvas, right? That’s exactly how it works here. Your hair needs to be clean and ready for the task.

How do you do this?

Washing and Drying

The first step to preparing your hair is washing it with a gentle shampoo or cleaning your edges with a mild lace cleanser. After doing this, thoroughly rinse and blow dry your hair.


While it is essential to dry your hair before applying edge control, sometimes dry hair can get quite brittle, leading to breakage, especially as you manipulate your edges.

You should moisturize your hair with a quality leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, or nourishing oil like Coconut or Jojoba. This keeps your hair hydrated and makes it easy for the edge control to glide on smoothly. 

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Edge Control Application Techniques

The next tip for slaying the perfect edges involves mastering the art of applying edge control. Knowing the right tools for edge control, the amount of product to use, and how to distribute it makes a difference.

Let’s explain these a little further, shall we?

Right Tools to Use

You must understand that the tools you use when applying your edge control are as necessary as the product.

Get a high-quality edge control brush like the Private Label Edge Control Brush, a 2-in-1 tool that combs, smoothens, and swirls for optimal results.

A rat-tail comb, boar bristle brush, and even your trusty ol’ toothbrush also help you achieve defined and more precise patterns. 

The Right Amount of Product to Use

A pea-sized amount usually goes a long way as long as you use a good edge control product like the Private Label Clear Edge Control Or Black Edge Control.

You can gradually add more if you discover it is needed to get your desired look.

Overapplying your product can make your hair look greasy, sticky, and flaky.

Even Distribution

Another tip to remember when applying edge control is to perfect the art of evenly distributing the product.

For newbies, you can start by spreading the product across your baby hairs with your fingertips before grabbing your edge control brush and styling it as desired. In the long run, you achieve a uniform, less clumpy look. 

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Styling Methods for Edge Control

How you style your hair is also essential to achieving the perfect edge control.

From swoops to curls and swirls, there’s no limit to what you can do with your baby hairs.

So, how do you go about this?

Experiment With Different Styles

Thankfully, edge control offers versatility, so you can always switch up your look for the perfect edges any time, any day. 

On Monday, you can opt for the usual, classic slicked-back look and turn things up on Friday with playful wisps. After all, the goal is to get the perfect edges back to back.

Setting Your Edge

Another helpful tip for achieving flawlessly laid edges aside styling is to let your product set.

You can do this by blasting your hair with air from a hairdryer or simply setting your product by wrapping a satin scarf or Silk Bonnet around your edges after applying an edge control.

This keeps your edges intact and unmovable for an extended period. 

Maintaining Your Styling

Getting snatched a hairline doesn’t just end with following all the steps listed above; you must also pay attention to how you maintain your styled edges.

First, you need to keep your hands off your hair after styling - literally hands off!

And if you must fix your hair?

You can either carry a spray-based edge control with you for quick touch-ups. 

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Additional Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Edges

We were very generous and decided to help you get started by providing additional tips and tricks to help you slay your edges like a pro. Aside from the tips discussed above, here’s a quick rundown of what else you can do.

Combining Products

Unless you are using a product like the Private Label Clear or Black Edge Control, just one product may not be enough to give you the desired effect or look.

It hurts no one if you experiment with and combine different products to achieve the ultimate look.

You can try layering your edges first with a good gel before going over them with an edge control for a rock-solid hold.

Choosing the Right Product

Another underrated tip for achieving fabulous edges is to choose and use a product specifically suited for your hair type.

Edge controls aren’t always one-size-fits-all, as they are not often created equally.

Therefore, it is important to look for products formulated for your hair type.  With the Private Label range of edge control, you never need to worry about this as they are suitable for all hair types.

However, checking out the ingredients and instructions on whatever edge control you buy before paying for it is essential. 

Check this edge control guide to know better!

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Top-Rated Edge Control Products We Recommend

Let’s move on to our favorite part of this blog post. What edge control products do we recommend, especially if you are new to baby hairs and sleek edges? Without bias, we recommend the Private Label range of edge control products in two different types.

There’s the Private Label Clear Edge Control, which is evident in appearance. You can also opt for the Private Label Black Edge Control for a darker look with more coverage.

These products are formulated with the best ingredients to promote hair growth and firmly hold your edges and hair in place without flakiness.

The result? Edges that look healthier and shinier than before. Do you think all of this is just hype?

Our customer reviews will do the convincing:

“My customers love, love, love this edge control, and my Daughter for braiding her clients’ hair!!! If you have troubled edges, it helps them, too, trust me!!! Don’t sleep on it” - Verified Buyer. 

“The best edge control in the world!!! My customers love it ❤️ It’s the holding my natural hair up for 48hrs for me!!!” - Verified Buyer.

“The Black Edge Control is a great addition. It is great for ladies who have thinning hair. It has a slight tint to help hide any balding you may have. It “matches” black/brown hair wonderfully” - Verified Buyer. 

The Private Label team loves reading the reviews and seeing the photos of our customers.

You can join the list of people blown away by our edge control products by copping one right away!

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Will You Use Edge Control?

Why worry about having blemished edges anymore? With these expert tips, you can quickly become a pro for laying picture-perfect baby hairs!

You must ensure your hair is prepped correctly, follow the proper application techniques, and experiment with styling as often as possible. So what are you waiting for?

You can grab any of our edge control products, whether the Private Label Black or Clear Edge Control. If you’re still skeptical about using one, you can get our Mini Clear Edge Control. and witness its wonderful goodness!

Remember to visit a Private Label Hair Store for additional advice. Now go forth and slay those edges!

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These tips are so helpful! I’ve struggled with my edges for ages, and I can’t wait to try these techniques. Thanks for sharing! 🌟


The tips you’ve shared are great for mastering the art of laid edges! How long does it typically take for the edge control to set after application?


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