Don't do that with tape-ins

Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing With Your Tape-in Extensions

Enjoy your Extensions But Know their Limits

I know we all heard the word “ limit” but with anything along comes limits and cautions. Tape-in extensions provide flexibility in between styles and versatility, but there are things you shouldn't do while wearing them.

Tape-in extensions are not the traditional extension method and because of this, check out some cautions you should take while wearing.

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What are Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in extensions are unlike any other extension technique. These type of extensions are bonded onto hair using adhesive tape or solution.

They are also known as pre-bonded extensions because of the extensions themselves being bonded together before being placed onto your hair.

These extensions are for those people who want to add some volume but do not want the strain of the sewing process.

Although there are some cons to this extension technique because of the adhesive, these extensions do not need much upkeep.

Tape-in extensions require a specific level of maintenance, but there are things one should stay away from while you wear these extensions.

Tape-in extensions are incredibly delicate and need to be taken care of. Because of how sensitive the adhesive is, any oily products can dissolve the adhesive.

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Product Usage Can Be a Bad Thing

One of the things you shouldn't be doing with your tape-in extensions is using too many products on your hair.

When you have any extensions installed into your hair, using too many products; especially oily products it can lessen the quality of the extensions.

Though the tape-in installation is quite east but the maintenance requires good care.

With tape-in extensions, oily products will cause the extensions to slip from your scalp and then your money has gone down the drain.

The extensions have adhered to your hair, and too much product usage could be the demise of your tape-ins extensions.

Hair dye & Hydrating Products

Speaking of too much product use, hair dye and certain shampoos contain many oily ingredients.

That in case you're not using a special shampoo for tape-ins.

It is best to have your extensions or your hair dye before the installation of the tape in extensions.

There is a loophole to dying your hair and extensions: place the color below the base of the extensions, same with conditioner or shampoo.

Doing this will ensure that you can get what you want and still perceive your extensions. Here are some other things you might want to stay away while having in your tape-in extensions.

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Stay Away from Doing These Things

Who would have ever thought there would be rules to wearing hair extensions? To make sure you are keeping your tape-in extensions in their best shape and not wasting your money there are a few rules you need to follow.

No one wants to spend their money they work so hard for, just for it to go to waste. While some of these things can be exceptions, they still need to be considered.

Tip 1.

Do not shower too much within the first two days after your tape-ins I know how this sounds but trust me it's for the best.

You want to make sure that when your extensions are first put in that they do not become loose and taking those steamy hot showers we love will loosen them up.

Tip 2.

Do not sweat excessively or do any strenuous activities within the first few days.

Similar to #1, just like steam; sweat can cause the adhesive to dissolve and then there goes your money down the drain.

You can learn about how working out affects weaves.

Tip 3.

Do not wash your hair too much while having in tape-in extensions.

This step is self-explanatory, water plus a dissolvable solution will cause the extensions to slip out. When you do wash your hair and extensions, do not sleep with your hair wet.

Even use an Adhesive Care Conditioner after you wash.

Tip 4.

Do not try and install your tape-in extensions.

This type of technique isn’t a DIY style I would recommend, always seek a professional to install and remove tape-in extensions.

And ensure you're using a Safe Tape-In Remover.

Yes, you can attempt to do these at home, but I would not recommend it and if not correctly applied and removed, will lead to hair loss and damage.

Tip 5.

Do not color the tape-in extensions while they are in your hair.

If you want your extensions to be dyed, have the stylist do so before installing them into your hair.

There are other things you should not do while wearing tape in extensions but above are the top things that you need to know.

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Do Not Pull on your Extensions, Be Gentle

I know this is a, but you won't believe how many people tug on their extensions. Just like with your hair, you always want to be gentle not to cause strain on your scalp.

Creating tension on your scalp leads to breakage and eventually hair loss. With tape-in extensions, you do not want to pull on your hair because of the adhesive.

The adhesive is created to bond with your hair and make for a seamless install.

So that is to say, that once the extensions on your hair, it can do a lot of damage if pulled off.

The less strain placed on your extensions, the less stress put onto your hair and the higher chance that you won't have any damage done to your hair.

Tape-in Extensions are Fun, But High Maintenance

I know there is a lot of information that has been given, but it is all helpful. Tape-ins are one of the best techniques to achieve a seamless, yet they can be very high maintenance.

Imagine how you will look with this Afro Kinky Coily Tape-In!

Unlike micro-links, there is not any hardware place in your hair that can be easily damaged.

The adhesive and its preservation are what makes this hairstyle very delicate.

Paying attention to your extensions with great detail will ensure they last. You can still enjoy tape-in extensions but take this article as a guidebook to make the most of your extensions.

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