Tape-ins dos and don'ts

What To Do and Not To Do When Wearing Tape-ins

Tape-Ins, New Hair Industry Rave

There are many things that you can do with your tape-ins extensions, and there are many things that you cannot do with them while wearing them.

Tape-ins are the newest hair extensions in the hair industry, and just like many other types of hair extensions such as wigs, sewn-ready bundles, clip-ins, they all have their do’s and don’ts.

What Are Tape-Ins?

Before getting into the do’s and don’ts, tape-ins hair extensions are pre-cut strips of hair that have adhesive tape at the wefts.

They are popular because the application process is concise and there is little to no damage to your natural hair. Use hair industry professionals to apply your tape-ins.

With tape-in hair extensions, you can easily replace the worn-out tape and reuse the hair by reapplying the hair with replacement strips. The Replacement Tape is 100% medical grade adhesive which is excellent for all hair and scalp types.


To-Do and Not To Do

After you’ve sought to get your tape-ins in and ready to go out, here are some dos and don’t while wearing tape-ins.

4 Don’ts

1. Try Not to Brush the Tape of the Tape-Ins

You can definitely brush your hair while you are on the go, but be careful not to brush the roots where your tape-ins are.

Brush carefully. You don’t want your tape-ins to fall out, or your scalp to get irritated.

The bonds in tape-ins cause damage to your hair if not handled properly, so please be careful. Nobody likes pain!

2. Don't Let Your Hair Get Matted

While you have tape-in extensions in your hair, always remember to take care of your hair extensions and detangle them.

Carefully comb through the top area where the tape-in is installed to promote tangle-free hair.

Make sure you do this daily to prevent matting. Long-term matted hair is hard to maintain and can potentially damage your hair.

Matted hair brings health risks such as leaving unnecessary bacteria in the hair without washing it out.

So, please, carefully comb the area where your tape-ins are to prevent matting.

3. Don’t Get Your Hair Wet

When the tape of the tape-ins is continuously getting in contact with liquid products, such as shampoo, it gradually loses its bond.

Adequately protect your tape-in extensions when they may potentially be in contact with water.

Adhesive Care Shampoo can clean your hair without affecting the adhesive tape, followed by Adhesive Care Conditioner to keep things intact.

You do not want your tape-ins to fall off while you are on the go.

4. Prevent High Heat from the Tape Portion of the Tape-Ins

Heat can ruin your hair installation.

The specialty of a tape-in hair extension is the fact that you can easily apply the hair with a strip of tape.

Remember that high heat is not your friend and your tape-ins can start to loosen out.

Heat can reduce the bond to your natural hair. When styling the hair with a Curling Iron or Flat Iron, or even a heated hand blow dryer, try to move away from the tape-in area as much as you can.

Yes, you can use these hair tools, but to a minimum heat level that will not loosen the tape-ins.

Prevention from matted hair

4 Do’s

1. You Can Style Your Hair

Just like other human hair extensions, you can definitely style your hair with curling rods, Flexi-rods, curling irons, flat iron, you name it.

With a professional hairstylist, you can get a haircut with your tape-in extensions.

Tape-ins are there to help blend in with your hair, so styling the tape-ins and your hair will make your next hairstyle look as natural as possible. The possibilities are endless.

Just remember not to add too much heat to the hair bond if using an iron to style.

2. Dye Your Hair, Try an Ombre Style!

You can dye your tape-in extensions while you are wearing them.

And yes, as long as the tape-ins are 100% Human Hair, they can be colored and styled.

Many professionals try to stay away from same-day hair treatments such as the application of coloring or chemical processing.

They even recommend clients style their own hair one week before application.

If you would like to have a chemical process done to your hair while your tape-ins are in your hair, make sure your natural hair is 100% clean.

If coloring hair, I recommend an ombre style of coloring your hair. Ombre styles are fun and stylish and what’s better than one color?

As Kinky Straight Tape-Ins are 100 human hair, you can get creative with it.

Two! I recommend dying, at most, the ⅓ end part of your hair and the tape-ins extensions.

With an ombre style, it helps to prevent the tape-in hair extensions tape from losing its bond.

3. You Can Make a Ponytail

It is so easy to do hairstyles such as quick ponytails styles

The stylist can strategically part your hair a certain way for you to achieve it!

You can create little Bantu knots or large braids. Be mindful of where your tape-ins are in your hair.

You can hack this 10 styles to elevate your ponytail game.

Sometimes, you can be strategic about where your tape-ins are by placing them in your hair a certain way to achieve elaborate hairstyles.

4. Cover Your Hair at Night

With Tape-In extensions, it is essential to cover your hair when you sleep at night.

Covering your hair will help prevent breakage and split ends to not only your hair but the tape-in extensions.

Other reasons why it is essential to cover your hair is preventing tangling and frizziness, minimizing hair loss, and having style retention.

We all sleep differently, always be mindful of wearing a Silk Bonnet or night scarf at night. This will protect the hair from matting and tangling.

Wear a night scarf

Your Tape-Ins are What You Make It

Always remember that it is essential to take care of your hair extensions in your hair, as well as being strategic about how you handle them on a daily basis.

Although very easy to install, the overall maintenance of tape-in extensions is solely upon the decisions you make with them.

Come visit our Atlanta hair store and pick up a set of tape-ins or ask for advice.

Have you tried Tape-in extensions?

Check this before buying tape-ins.

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