20 things to know before buying tape-in hair extensions

20 Questions To Ask Before Getting Tape-In Hair Extensions

Try Something New

Before trying anything new, it is always best to research before jumping into anything for the first time.

Tape in hair extensions are new to the hair industry. Well, kinda.

This method adds to your hair’s length and volume.

It is super harmless and quick and easy to install.

Instead of wearing clip ins, which consists of clipping in your extensions day in and day out, why not wake up with tape in hair extensions already installed without taking extra time in your morning routine?

Some people are curious about how tape ins work. How do you install them? How long do they last?

What is the maintenance like?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some questions you should ask before getting tape in extensions!

Brown curly hair female model

#1 What are tape in hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are thin pieces of tape wefts attached to hair that install in between your natural hair.

So yes, you are sticking water-soluble, adhesive tape in your hair.

They are usually 1-inch or 2-inches wide and easily disguisable when correctly installed.

Which favor the tape-ins in the clip-ins vs. tape-ins battle.

#2 Can I curl, straighten, dye, or blow dry my tape in hair extensions?

Yes, as long as the tape ins are 100% human hair.

Private Label Extensions are human hair, and they can be colored and styled any way you desire.

#3 Are tape ins permanently in your hair?

Yes and no.

Once tape ins are installed, the tape bonds on the hair which is difficult to remove.

But, when the tape touches water, or any other hair liquid product such as shampoo, or conditioner for an extended period, gradually the tape loses its bond and begins to wear off.

But, it is possible to wash your tape in hair extensions, and it will still have a strong bond to your hair. If you use Adhesive Shampoos and Conditioners for Tape-Ins.

Look below for 'Can I wash my tape in hair extensions?'

#4 What's the difference between the fusion installations and tape ins?

Fusion hair installations involve heating tiny and thin individual keratin-tipped strands to your natural hair.

This process is very time consuming, and it also takes a while for the hair to remove.

Tape ins take up a shorter time process installed and removed.

#5 How long will tape ins last?

Tape ins usually last for about six to eight weeks.

Some could probably go on for about three months depending on the maintenance of the tape ins.

For example, some people’s hair could grow faster than others, and some people wash and shampoo their hair more frequently than others.

But you can always use Replacement Tapes to revive your tape-in.

Black braided hair model

#6 How are tape ins installed?

It is effortless installing tape ins.

Take a clean horizontal section of your hair using a fine-toothed comb.

Put the tape in on top of the sectioned off hair, and then lay the hair above the tape in on top of the sectioned off hair.

Because of the very flat shape of the tape in, the tape ins will look very natural and blend in.

If you are able to use Private Label's tape-in applicator it will make the job so much easier as well.

#7 What pre-steps should I take before installing tape ins in my hair?

It’s essential to make sure your hair is 99.99% clean and dry. It is challenging for tape ins to bond to oily or damp hair.

Also, remember that tape ins are effective the most when installing horizontally, and not tilted to an angle.

#8 Can I wash my tape in hair extensions?

Yes, you can wash your hair extensions. Most likely when you clean your tape in hair extensions, they will be installed--meaning that you’ll be shampooing and conditioning your natural hair too.

But, make sure you are very careful. Shampoo and conditioner are okay, but after washing, use a blow dryer to dry out the areas with the tape ins, and make sure that area is 100% dry.

Water or liquid that that sits in your hair extensions can loosen the bond on the tape ins. It is a little tricky to wash your hair because you have to take your time.

Try not to work the shampoo or conditioner where the tapes are.

Dry shampoo can also work too.

Spray the shampoo and then blow dry.

But remember that dry shampoo can build up. So try to find time to wash your hair properly.

#9 How frequently should I wash my tape in hair extensions?

It is ideal to wash it once a week and not too often. Washing the hair too often, especially when installed in your head can loosen the bond of the tape.

Try not to wash your hair too frequently.

#10 Is the tape bond safe?

The bond on the tape in is safe. It does not cause damage. But it is preferred to purchase tape ins hair extensions from a trusted provider.

Private Label Extensions are 100% trusted with their tape ins.

Brown tape-in extensions

#11 Could tape ins wear out your hair?

Based on maintenance. It is possible for your hair to wear out if there is no proper care for your tape ins.

Make sure your hair extensions are in for about 6-8 weeks. Maximum 3 months.

Make sure that the tape ins are evenly distributed around the hair, not just on one location of the head.

Also, when removing the tape ins, remember to wash your hair to remove all remaining residue.

#12 Could tape ins cause damage to hair?

It would be a total stretch to call tape ins damaging. Tape ins versus clip ins are safe, and they do not cause damage to hair.

There are rare instances of damage, but only when not installed correctly and treated carefully.

Tape ins rarely do not cause damage to your scalp or natural hair. Remember to purchase tape in hair extensions from a trusted provider such as Private Label Extensions.

#13 What hairstyles can I achieve with tape ins?

A professional hairstylist has a method of installing tape ins, and they can probably achieve versatile hairstyles.

If you are installing tape ins on your own, it is best to wear the hair down or in a low ponytail.

This is only depending on your comfortability in installing tape ins.

And you can choose from Kinky Straight Tape-In Styles to Kinky Curly Tape-Ins.

#14 Is there a particular method of placing tape ins around my head?

Usually, the tape ins are installed in a trickle-down effect, making sure that the installation looks as natural and real as possible.

Attachment methods for tape-ins

#15 How many tape-in hair extensions would I need for an install?

It depends on your desired look.

To get a natural look, you probably would want to get 50 grams of Private Label Extensions tape in hair extensions which are up to 20 tape ins.

If you want a more voluminous look, 100 grams packs of tape ins which is about up to 40 tape-ins should do it.

An example of that is this beautiful Afro Kinky Coily Tape-Ins.

Private Label Extensions also offers 60 tape ins which is the 150-gram pack.

#16 Should I cut and style my tape in hair extensions while they're installed in my hair?


Just remember that if you want to keep up with the same hairstyle and reapply your tape ins, remember to place the tape-ins in the correct place to keep with your desired hairstyle.

#17 If I brush too hard, could my tape ins fall out?

Not necessarily.

The bond on the tape is firm, and it would be tough for you to pull your tape ins if you were to brush your hair too hard.

#18 What styles and color do Private Label Extensions tape ins carry?

Tape-ins come in several different colors and textures. Private Label Extensions carries the colors Chocolate Brown, Chestnut, Dirty Blonde, and Raw Blonde Tape-Ins which is 100% human hair.

All straight styles and even kinky curly tape ins. They can blend with your hair, or used as highlights and lowlights.

Also remember that these tape ins can be curled, flat-ironed, and dyed.

#19 How can I remove my tape ins?

You can always take them off easily using Alcohol Extract or Citrus Oil Extract Remover.

Another alternative is putting organic coconut oil and letting it sit in the tape-in area on the scalp until the tape ins are ready to slide out the hair.

Be careful when you remove your tape ins.

They take a while to remove.

Gradually slide them out as the solution or product penetrates the hair and tape.

Try not to pull them out your hair.

Blonde tape-in hair extension

#20 Are tape ins reusable?

Yes, tape ins are reusable. After removing your tape ins, reuse and reattach using tape refills.

They can be reused 3 to 5 times depending on the maintenance of the hair. You can store your tape ins and reinstall them anytime you want for your next hairstyle.

You can grab the hair extensions double-sided replacement tape at Private Label. If you want an easy way to install hair extensions in less than 2 hours, more hair length, and less damage, tape ins are for you! 

Go With Tape In Extensions

There you have it.

These are 20 questions that you should ask before installing tape-in hair extensions.

You can check the tape-in ultimate guide too.

I hope this helps. Are you thinking about getting tape in hair extensions?

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