Expert Tips for First-Time Users of Headband Wigs

Expert Tips for First-Time Users of Headband Wigs

If you’re looking for a grab-and-go wig you can wear when your natural hair isn’t up to scratch, you’ll want to try a headband wig.

If you’ve never worn a wig before, a headband wig might seem complicated because it has a headband, straps, and combs.

Don’t be intimidated! It’s straightforward to install.

However, some important information about headband wigs is needed to ensure they look fantastic, accentuate natural hair, and feel comfortable without moving around. Ready? Let’s go! 

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How Do You Put a Headband Wig on?

Beginners, rejoice! Putting a headband wig on is super-easy because it doesn’t have lace glue or adhesives that you have to worry about.

These wigs come with Velcro straps and combs that secure your wig and ensure it won’t budge.  Follow these expert tips to get the best fit:

1. Place the headband wig about an inch past your natural hairline.

This most natural look will give the impression that the hair is growing out of your hairline. It also ensures that your wig will sit securely.

If you place it too far forward on your forehead, it will slide around and make it look smaller.

2. When your headband wig is in place, its velcro straps hang on either side of your head. Flip your head over to make it easier to attach them around the back of your head. Tighten the straps behind your head for a snug, but not too tight, fit.

3. Shake your head from side to side to test that the wig is securely in place. If it’s loose, re-tighten the Velcro straps.

4. Although the headband wig comes with combs to secure it to your hair, you don’t have to use all of them. Sometimes, using the one in the front of the wig is enough to keep it in place, but try them all out to see how they feel.

5. Leave the headband with the wig visible or cover it with a different headband to flaunt your style and match your outfit. You could also use a scarf—don’t be afraid to get creative! You’ll have to tuck it behind the headband so it’s securely in place.

6. If you’re not happy with the style or cut of your wig, you should consider bringing it to a professional hairstylist.

They’ll be able to trim or cut it so it’s shaped better to frame your face. Avoid the temptation of doing it yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing! 

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Should I Braid My Hair Before Putting on a Wig?

Braiding your natural hair to lie flat underneath a wig is always good practice. It would help if you did this before installing a headband wig because it keeps your hair sleek and flat so it won’t get in the way or creep underneath the headband.

Tying your hair into a bun or using a wig cap can also work if you have short hair.

  Another vital hair prep is to mold your edges.

Comb them back and apply some mousse to keep them under control and prevent flyaways.

You don’t want them to move around and look untidy. If your hair is stubborn, you should also apply some hair gel to make it lie flat. 

Tricks and Hacks for Wearing Headband Wigs

Once your headband wig is in place, you’re good to go! But there are some extra hacks that you can try to create a more beautiful look.

If you’re wondering, “How do I make my headband wig look more natural?” here are some suggestions. 

Fold the Headband in Half

When you’ve installed your headband wig, you might want to roll the headband back and fold it in half.

This covers up your hairline without being so thick that it looks unnatural.

If you want to wear the original headband that came with the wig, this hack makes it look less noticeable.

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Show Off Your Natural Hair Around Your Hairline

Instead of hiding your hairline, you can blend it with the wig by pulling out small sections of hair around your face with a rat tail comb.

If you have more extended pieces of natural hair showing, style them the same way you style your wig so it all looks the same. To help you find a wig that matches the color and texture of your natural hair, you should check out Private Label’s headband wigs.

They come in deep waves, body waves, and straight styles. They’re in a classic black shade that can be color-treated. There’s also a beautiful Blonde Body Wave Headband Wig for trying something different with your hair without chemicals or hair dyes. 

Prevent Scalp Tension if You Have Thinning Hair

If your hair is thinning or in bad shape, you don’t want to damage it further by wearing a wig.

The good thing about a headband wig is that it’s much kinder to your hair and scalp than traditional wigs because it doesn’t involve glue.

However, if your hair is thinning, avoiding using all the combs attached to the wig is helpful so you don’t tug on your hair unnecessarily.

Use just what’s required to keep your wig snug and comfortable. 

How Do You Maintain a Human Hair Wig?

Like any wigs, those containing human hair look more realistic and natural.

Private Label headband wigs are made with 100% human hair, so a bit of TLC goes a long way to maintaining the quality of their hair strands.

Luckily, you don’t have to feel like a headband wig is high-maintenance because you must follow some easy headband wig care tips

Use Sulfate-Free Hair Care Products

This is non-negotiable, everyone! These products are free of harsh chemicals that damage and weaken hair.

If you’ve had your headband wig dyed, look for products formulated to keep your color-treated hair vibrant for longer and avoid that dreaded color fade. 

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Wash the Headband When You Wash the Wig

If dirt is caked on your wig, you must wash it every few weeks or sooner. When you do this, make sure you also clean the headband, which is exposed to sweat and dust during wear.

Wash it with a few drops of shampoo, then leave the headband wig to air dry. 

Store the Wig Correctly

If you don’t have a wig head, use a wig stand to store your wig correctly. This keeps the wig and headband in good condition.

Never fold or compress the headband of the wig because it will ruin its shape. 

What is an excellent way to store headbands?

Remember, you must look after these, too, so you always have headbands to wear with your gorgeous wig!

They should be hung on hooks or a jewelry stand so they don’t become loose or tangled over time, especially if you don’t wear them often.

How to Choose the Right Headband Wig for Your Face Shape

The fun thing about headband wigs is that you can wear different headbands to flaunt your style.

A good wig hack ensures your headband style matches your face shape. Here’s a rundown of different face shapes and how to choose the best headband for each one. 

Heart-Shaped Face

If you have a heart-shaped face, you have fuller cheeks and a pointy chin. Having a side part in your wig works well to balance out your features while accentuating your cheekbones.

In addition, thick and padded headbands add more volume to the top of your head.

Square-Shaped Face

If you have a square face, a thicker and wider headband will balance out your angular features.

Headbands with gentle colors and designs can also be beneficial for their face-softening properties.

Round-Shaped Face

For round faces, choose a headband for your wig with a knot or other accent on the top, as this helps to draw attention upward and adds a bit of definition to your features.

A wide headband also works well to lengthen your face, but place it close to your hairline to achieve this. 

Oval-Shaped Face

Oval faces are longer than wide so that they can handle most headband types, even those with vibrant colors and patterns.

Go wild with embellishments such as sequins, crystals, and rhinestones! 

Diamond-Shaped Face

If you have what’s known as a diamond-shaped face, you have a narrow chin and forehead.

You want to widen your face, which you can do with a headband containing a significant accent on the side, such as a bow or knot. This will accentuate your cheekbones. 

Private Label model showing off straight blue headband wigs length

A Headband Wigs Expert!

If you’re new to wearing wigs, a headband wig is a solid choice. You can’t go wrong with it, as it’s easy to install and versatile. It also offers many customization options to make its chic headband work with your style.
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Wow, these tips really simplify the process of wearing headband wigs! I lovvvvve the instructions on how to put them on securely and style them naturally. Also the advice on maintenance and choosing the right headband for your face shape is super helpful. I’m for sure feeling more confident about trying out a headband wig now!


This was super helpful! I have a question: How often should I wash a headband wig to keep it in good condition?


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