How to Properly Maintain and Care for Your Headband Wig

How to Properly Maintain and Care for Your Headband Wig

Suppose you’ve purchased a headband wig.


You probably love that it’s so easy to install whenever you want to flaunt healthy, gorgeous hair.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your wig some TLC to keep it in excellent condition so it continues making you look beautiful.  How do you do that?

Read on to learn all the tricks and hacks to keep your headband wig looking as good as the day you bought it. 

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How Long Do Headband Wigs Last?

If you take care of your headband wig, it will last you for a year or two. Regular washing and brushing while being mindful of not exposing it to damage will ensure that it lasts a long time.

The key is to purchase a headband wig made with natural human hair.

Private Label sells a range of headband wigs made with 100% human hair, which look natural and are easier to style and maintain. 

How to Clean a Headband Wig

A headband wig has to be cleaned regularly, just like any other human hair wig. Just think about how many things your headband wig is exposed to daily, like dust, sweat, and dirt. You don’t want that sitting on your head!

To clean your headband wig, you’ll need to purchase sulfate-free shampoo so you don’t expose your wig to harsh chemicals that can damage it. Pour a few drops of shampoo onto the hair and rub it between your fingers for a few minutes.

Then, rinse it with cool water to remove shampoo residue. You should also condition the hair to keep it glossy and smooth.  Remember to clean the wig headband!

It also gets exposed to dirt, such as sweat and makeup, from resting on your forehead. Rub the headband with some shampoo, concentrating on any dirty areas.

How Often Should I Wash My Wig?

It would help if you aimed to wash your wig regularly, but how often depends on how frequently you wear your wig. If you wear it daily, you should clean it every week or two.

Commit to a less regular washing plan if you don’t wear your wig that much. When in doubt about washing it, check that it’s silky in texture and smells good.

If it’s looking dull or smells funky, it’s time to give it a good wash to revive it. 

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How to Dry a Headband Wig After Cleaning It

When you’ve completed washing your headband wig, you should dry it. If your headband wig doesn’t contain natural hair, you should avoid exposing it to heat as this will damage it.

On the other hand, if it has natural hair, you can dry it with a hairdryer but do so with a low-heat setting. Only expose the wig to heat when it’s scorched to avoid damage.

Time permitting, you should air-dry your wig by placing it somewhere safe to dry. A wig stand is preferable.

Never twist or scrunch up the headband part of the wig, as this will damage its shape.

Private Label’s headband wigs contain adjustable headbands to conform to the shape of your head so you get the perfect fit. Be gentle when cleaning them so you don’t ruin their snug fit. 

Do You Brush Your Wig After Washing?

Brushing your headband wig after cleaning it is always good practice. A wide-tooth comb works well to detangle it, but you can also use a paddle brush.

When combing or brushing your wig, a good tip is to start at the ends and move your way up to the roots.

This prevents the comb or brush from getting caught in the tangles, which can pull out hair strands.

Never brush your headband wig aggressively, as this will damage its strands. Instead, separate small sections of the hair and comb them individually. You should only brush your headband wig when it’s dry.

Trying to comb or brush it when the hair is damp will cause damage because hair strands are more vulnerable when wet. And avoid all the headband wigs redlines.

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How to Store Your Headband Wig

Once you’ve washed and dried your headband wig, store it somewhere safe. Again, a wig stand is a great idea to maintain the wig’s shape and prevent knots or tangles from occurring.

If you have access to a mannequin head, this is also a good storage idea because the head will maintain the wig’s shape.

Keep your wigs somewhere dry and safe, such as inside a wardrobe. Don’t expose them to UV light, as this will damage their hair strands and make them look dull. 

Is it Okay to Sleep With Your Wig on?

Although wearing a headband wig is convenient and comfortable, you should remove it before bed.

Although you might only do this occasionally, like when it’s late and you’re too tired to be bothered to remove your wig, it’s never a good idea.

If you keep it on while you sleep, friction makes your wig tangled and frizzy.

Moving around in your sleep can also cause the headband to lose shape. 

Can You Use Essential Oils on Your Headband Wig?

Sometimes, a wig can start to look dull. This is always a sign that you must add more moisture to the hair!

A quick hack is to spray the hair with water and then spritz on an essential oil, such as rose, coconut oil or our Glow Shine Spray!

This works well to leave your wig shiny and smelling great!  Since you can use essential oils on your natural hair, it’s also safe for your wig, as long as it’s made of natural human hair.

You only require a few drops of the essential oil, though. Avoid using too much, as this will make the hair oily and limp while potentially damaging its hair strands.

You should never apply oils to the cap or roots of the wig, as this will cause product buildup

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How to Avoid Daily Damage to Your Headband Wig

Now that you know how to protect and nourish your hair, you should follow some essential daily tips to avoid damaging your wig. 

Keep Your Natural Hair Clean

If you don’t wash and condition your natural hair regularly, your wig can become damaged because it makes contact with your hair.

All the dirt and oil from your scalp and hair will get into the headband and wig.

You should hydrate your natural hair daily, which you can do with a styling mist containing healthy ingredients such as argan oil and glycerin.

This adds moisture to the hair, preventing breakage and keeping the scalp healthy. 

Stay Away From the Elements

Although you might want to wear your headband wig to the pool, beach, or during a long walk in the sun, you should avoid exposing it to harmful UV rays and chlorine or salt in the water.

All of these elements damage hair, making it look dull and brittle.

Wear a hat to cover your wig outdoors, or try to sit in the shade as much as possible. If you dip your feet in the water, tie your hair into a topknot so it doesn’t get splashed. 

Go Easy on Hairstyling Products

Private Label headband wigs can be color-treated and styled with heating tools, so you have many fun ways to wear them.

When styling your wig made of natural hair, although you can apply some hair serum or hairspray to keep it in place, you should avoid using too many products.

This makes the hair oily, which will cause it to look limp and make it more challenging to style. 

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Long-Lasting Headband Wigs

A headband wig is easy to install and helps you embrace your style with fashionable headbands, but taking care of it is essential to make it look its best and last for years.

By keeping it out of the sun, storing it correctly, and knowing how to clean it, you’ll keep your headband wig looking as stunning as the first time you wore it.

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