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Our Favorite Wig Styles For Every Occasion!

Five Styles Guaranteed to Keep Everyone’s Eye On You

Let's face the facts. We are women. And we are busy women at that.

We powerfully rule the boardroom, playfully entertain the kids and lovingly support our partners.

There is no doubt about it that we need hairstyles to keep up with our secret plan to take over the world.

However, altering our hair can be damaging between the sewing, braiding, coloring, clipping and the like.

Not to mention the mental exhaustion of knowing that you have to get up in the morning to straighten your hair or dedicate your precious Saturday to washing and conditioning your hair.

Ladies fret no more! Put relaxation back into your weekends! Your solution is styling with a wig.

Today’s wig is not like your grandmother’s that she pulled out of a box for graduations and weddings. Wigs come in a vast variety of styles, lengths, colors, textures, and volumes. From lace fronts to closure wigs, there is something for every woman.

Whatever your preference in wig style, I guarantee that there is a wig for it. Get ready for some style and lifestyle inspiration as I share with you five wigs for five different life events.

Not only will you be prepared with wig style tips and tricks, but you can be sure that regardless of the event, you came to slay!


My Experience

I love wigs and the versatility that comes with them.

Even with as much as I like to switch up my hair color often, sometimes it is not feasible for me to dye my hair.

Usually, an event pops up, and time is not on my side, but I still want to look good. I have a wig that I wear to work or on interviews to look classy, yet show off my personality.

I also have my favorite blue ponytail that I rocked at a friend’s birthday party to match my blue hair at the time.

I also have my red curly big that is big and bold that I like to wear out with my girls.

The possibilities are endless, and the best part is that wigs come in different styles in a range of prices.

Regardless if you want the premium wig or something just for the time being, your perfect wig is out there waiting for you. Wigs give me the chance to switch up my look.

But without causing any more damage to my hair or rushing out of the house with wet hair. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Why Wigs?

As a wig novice, you may wonder why wigs would be the best and healthiest option for your hair.

Unlike sew-ins, wigs sit on top of your hair.

Depending on your preference, your hair could be braided down or put into ponytails underneath the wig.

There are no needles or sewing involved.

Although wigs can come with their issues, wearing a wig does not interfere with your natural hair and allows it time to breathe and grow.

Bonus, you get to take your wig off at night and take care of your hair underneath. You can change up your looks without adding any color chemicals or heating tools to your hair.

Granted, you want to continue washing, conditioning and moisturizing your hair underneath your wig.

Putting your hair away is not code for neglect and will have reverse effects should you focus more on the wig’s styling than your hair’s health.

If you keep this information in mind, you'll not only be able to rock each of these five wigs flawlessly, but you'll have longer and healthier hair.


Occasion #1: Date Night

Wig Style: Straight Sleek

Imagine it is Saturday Night, and your boo hits you up ready to take you out to a special dinner in twenty minutes.

You dash into your closet and pull out your favorite red bodycon dress and nude pumps.

You finish off the look with your diamond studs and matching bracelet. You look good! You look in the mirror and notice that you have not considered your hair.

You do not have time to wash and condition it, and you do not have time for a fancy updo style.

This classic scenario is why the sleek straight wig comes in handy. Simply braid or tie down your hair for the wig to lay flat.

Place your elegant bone-straight wig on and secure her in place.

Bring out your inner Pocahontas with long hair that falls over your shoulders or cascades down to the middle of your back.

A classic black shade would look fantastic, but I am always game for a little bit of edge.

Do not be afraid to try out some color like burgundy or deep plum shade.

Either a straight wig with a frontal part down the middle or bangs will complete your look just in time for your date to pull up downstairs.

The straight hair will frame your face perfectly and have your date drooling over your beauty. Don’t hurt them!


Occasion #2: Sunday Brunch

Wig Style: Beach Waves

As we soak up the last bit of summer weather before the crisp, chilly winds of Autumn blow in, brunch is a must-have last summer hoorah.

Nothing says good vibes then meeting some of your closest friends for a Sunday brunch at your favorite spot with shining sun on the patio and mimosa in everyone’s hand. Set yourself apart from the crowd with a wig styled with beautiful beach waves.

Nothing says summer like beach waves and this beach wave wig will have everyone associating you with the carefree feel of July’s passed.

Pair your beachy hair with a maxi dress, nude lipstick and bronzer galore.

I am a little extra and like to add a bit of glitz and glimmer to every inch of my skin where I am in direct competition with the sun, but a modest amount is great as well.

For a more defined look, wet your hair just before you step out and add in some mousse to lock in moisture and keep those waves looking as if you stepped out of the water.

Pulling your hair to one side will enhance your chill look and accentuate your features.

Here’s to you!


Occasion #3: The Office

Wig Style: The Bob

The work week is on, and you are ready for board meetings, deadlines, executive lunches and more.

Make sure that you have a wig style that is as fierce as you are. I am recommending the bob for that weekday slay at the office. The bob offers that sexiness of the sleek straight wig, but the bonus of a shorter cut to keep your hair out of your way of making money moves.

Whether you like to rock your bob to your shoulders or short to your ears, you are sure to keep eyes on you, especially during that big presentation.

Pair your girl boss bob with a midi pencil skirt and button top.

Of course, do not forget the power heels. Nothing says, “I got this!” than a fabulous short style.

Because you will have your bob wig on, your hair will be one less thing you are thinking about during the week; leaving you with plenty of time to close that big deal or meet that important deadline.

You can start with a blonde bob wig and color it to get fancy or stick to a natural black bob wig for a classic look.

For corporate, I would stick with a classic black or a soft dark brown.

However, if you are in a line of work with a bit more fashion freedom, then go for the auburn color or switch it up with a navy.

The world is yours!


Occasion #4: Friday Happy Hour

Wig Style: The Pixie

You are invited to happy hour with your boss and coworkers on Friday. Let the bob rest as you take on her weekend starting cousin the pixie.

The pixie wig is classy enough to wear to work yet sassy enough to take out for cocktails.

For Friday, go bold with brighter colored business casual or fun patterns. This is when you can let your personality shine through. The short style is low maintenance and does not get in your face.

Contrary to popular belief, pixie wigs come in a variety of lengths and styles that will suit your face shape best.

For round faces, place up your natural contours by getting a style that parts to the side and creates an angle.

For square face shapes, style your pixie wig with pieces that show off your strong jawline.

Heart shaped faces will find longer bangs more flattering.

And round face shapes have the flexibility to try out any style since it will almost always look great. Keep its styling from the office to the drinks with a pixie wig that stays out of your face.

You may even be able to get a look at the cutie from the third floor.


Occasion #5: Ladies Night

Wig Style: Big, curly Afro

Well, it is Ladies Night, and it is time to feel more than alright. You are ready to paint the town and look stunning while doing it.

Your girlfriends hit you up to check out the new lounge that just opened up downtown.

You all are on the VIP list!

Of course, this is no ordinary night, but an extraordinary. It is time to put the extra in extraordinary when you pull out your voluminous curly afro wig.

Diana Ross’s hair will look like a TWA compared to the volume and glamour you are showing off!

Pair your afro wig with gold hoops and a sequined romper. Slip into your comfortable pumps because the dance floor is calling your name. All eyes will be on you as you enter that lounge and become the life of the party with hair that is larger than life.

Be sure to secure your afro wig because once your song comes on you are not making any promises to chill.

You and your girls will be the ultimate #SquadGoals and show everyone how to have a great time.

Since companies are diversifying in regards to texture, you can easily find an afro style that resembles your natural hair texture.

Go for classic 70’s round curly afros like Amara La Negra or bring your style to the millennia with big textured hair parted down the middle like Solange.

Hair this big requires a bold, beautiful and confident woman to rock it.

I don’t see anyone else not worthy of the title. Let’s dance!


Styling and Profiling!

Wigs can be a wonderful asset to your hair care arsenal.

Many come pre-styled or able to be manipulated with styling tools you already have on hand. Wigs give you the freedom to express yourself in any situation and for every event, while you give your hair a chance to rest and grow.

Remember that wearing a wig as a protective style does not give way for neglect to the hair underneath.

Make sure that you continue to shampoo, condition, deep condition, moisturize and seal your hair at least once a week.

By taking care of your hair underneath, you give your hair a chance to grow, while you experiment with different styles and textures.

Whether you are working hard at your nine to five job or stepping out to fine dining with your significant other, you have the tools to stay ready to slay all day...and all night.

A wig style give you limitless flexibility and effortless style. Granted our lives seem to get busier and busier by the second.

But we do not have to sacrifice a wig style in order to stay on top of everything. We can truly have it all.

If Beyonce can switch up her hair five times during a show, then you can switch up your look during the week from fun in the sun to girl’s night worthy shenanigans.

Which of the wig styles are you ready to rock this week? Is there an occasion we missed pairing a look? Let us know in the comment section below!

Don't forget to stop by our Atlanta Hair Store for the best selection of human hair wigs.

We would love to keep the conversation going and sharing amazing wig styles with others.

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