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Hot Oil Treatments Benefits: How to do Hot Oil Treatments (Simple and Easy To Do)

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How A Hot Oil Treatment Can Help Your Hair

Hot oil treatments are a new phenomenon for me. All this time, I’ve been using regular deep conditioners, not knowing that my hair could be benefiting from a hot oil treatment.

Recently, I’ve stopped putting my hair through so much, and have decided to minimize the number of products I put into it. It’s essential that the health of my hair comes first, so I usually keep my hair clean and in a protective style during extreme weather times. Hair experiences a lot throughout our lives.

It’s essential that we’re doing what we can to maintain it and keep it healthy. That being said, a hot oil treatment is something you should take time to research. Hot oil treatments are used for many things, and they are typically inexpensive.

Many people have the misconception that hot oil treatments are only meant for winter seasons, but they aren’t! Hot oil treatments have been around for a while, and the secret is finally out.

They are a great way to moisturize and rejuvenate your hair. Let’s get into all the benefits of hot oil treatments.

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Benefits Of Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments are spectacular for your hair. They are great for any hair type and help strengthen, and prevent dry hair. Hot oil treatments also help prevent split ends. These treatments help increase blood flow, which increases hair growth.

They can assist with common hair issues such as dandruff, dry scalp, lack of moisture, and frizziness. They reduce breakage, excessive shedding and provide longterm moisture. Natural hair is prone to becoming dry, especially as the seasons change. If you’re someone that doesn’t make use of protective styles, then you’ll need to be more adamant about how you keep your hair moisturized.

Also, since so many people deal with dry scalps and dandruff, hot oil treatments before washing can prevent this. This treatment can also soothe an itchy scalp. It’s best to do a hot oil treatment every Different oils are beneficial for a hot oil treatment, but my favorite is almond oil.

Almond oil is known to carry a protein that helps bind each hair strand to seal and lock in moisture. Adding hot oil treatment to your regimen will help you maintain healthy hair.

Let’s get into when to use a hot oil treatment and how!


When To Use A Hot Oil Treatment

Different people use hot oil treatment at varying periods in their wash routine. Some people like to use it before their shampoo. Other people want to use it after they’ve already rinsed out their conditioner. Hot oil treatment can replace deep conditioners.

The point is to obtain the full penetration of the oils that you choose. Whichever process you decide, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting deep into your scalp. For the best results, I do a bottle of shampoo, then my hot oil treatment, then a deep conditioner.

This process leaves my hair feeling so moisturized that I won’t need another treatment like it for about a month. The shampoo will cleanse your hair to prepare it for the hot oil treatment. The hot oil treatment will moisturize your hair just before the deep conditioner.

The deep conditioner will deepen the amount of moisture your hair just received to add the finishing touches. This entire treatment from start to finish will rejuvenate your hair and bring your tresses back to life.

Don’t be afraid to find a method that works for you, and make sure that you do your research before.

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Make And Apply Your Hot Oil Treatment

Everyone talks about the greatness of hot oil treatments, but you’re probably wondering exactly how to make one, buy one and apply it to your hair. The great part is that it’s simple and easy to do. You can use any oil that you like, but as I said before, almond oil is my favorite.

All you need to do is grab an adequate amount of oil and heat it up. The heating process is probably the only dangerous aspect you’ll find with this treatment. Heated oil is boiling and can severely burn the skin, and it can especially burn the scalp since it’s more sensitive.

You’ll need to make sure you’re correctly gauging how much oil you’re using, and how cool it is before you apply it to your scalp. To heat the oil, place it in an applicator bottle or a bowl that is safe for heating. Heat the oil until it’s hot but not boiling. Let it cool before applying to hair.

When applying it to hair, make sure you use it all over your scalp. Let it sit for about 20 minutes while you wear a shower cap and then rinse it out.

Also, feel free to sit under a dry for an added moisturizing effect. Your hair will be looking fabulous after!

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Research Your Oils

The oils are an essential portion of all of this. There are plenty of different oils out there that will help you moisturize hair. However, some oils target specific things. You can blend oils to get the most out of your hot oil treatment experience.

My favorites to combine are jojoba oil and coconut oil. Jojoba oil is the best choice for people with oily hair. This oil is light and won’t leave your hair feeling heavy. Coconut oil is great for anyone dealing with dandruff or flaking.

It’s great for all hair types with that added effect. So many different oils can give you a great and luxurious look.

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Get Your Treatment On!

Overall, hot oil treatments are incredibly beneficial to your hair. They can be done with any kind of moisturizing oil possible. The process is easy and straightforward. Heat up your oil, let it cool, apply and you’ll be on your way to healthy moisturized hair.

Make sure that you research which oils you want to use. By doing this, you’ll be able to target a specific area of need. You should make a habit of adding hot oil treatments into your hair routine. Try to do a treatment at least once a month. Do it more than once a month if you have dry hair or scalp issues.

You don’t have to only use it during winter months. It can and should be used year round! Don’t be afraid to try this out, especially if you’ve never tried it.

It’ll benefit your hair in unimaginable ways!

About Simi Muhumuza

Simi is an undergraduate student at GSU. She is studying psychology, and is an avid black mental health advocate. She is also a poet, and is working on a book that will be released next year. She DJ’s on her spare time, and can be reached on all social outlets as @simimoonlight.

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8 thoughts on “Hot Oil Treatments Benefits: How to do Hot Oil Treatments (Simple and Easy To Do)

  1. Erika Davies says:

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    Great article!! I never knew how important and effective a hot oil treatment could be. I often hear how beneficial but I’ve never actually taken the steps to do it. This article makes me curious enough to try it, as at the moment my hair does feel dry and a little brittle. I’ve struggled with finding a product to help strengthen my hair and to lessen shedding and breakage. This might be the solution!! This article has made me excited to try a hot oil treatment!!

  2. Alexandria Riley says:

    0/50 ratings

    I love doing hot oil treatments on my hair! I always 7se EVOO and Jojoba oil being that my boyfriend 8d allergic to all things Coconut🙄 But these treatments really DO help bring your hair back to life! Especially if you’re like me with 4c afro that just won’t do right. lol

    I also do a “hot oil treatment” on my extensions too! I just hand wash, let them air dry overnight and then I use OGX redefining oil. This brings the hair back to its original state, but only softer with a little smell good.👌🏾

  3. SHAYNNA WASH says:

    0/50 ratings

    I’m actually inspired to do this today! I’m going to start by taking your advice and researching what kind of oils my hair needs. I have dry hair issues with a flaky scalp. I’m confident my hair will benefit from these treatments. I know almond oil smells sooooo good! I use to use it to add shine to my puff when I was natural. I’ve been distracted so long with my three children, I haven’t been taking proper care of my hair. Now is as good a time as any!

  4. tamekabow says:

    0/50 ratings

    Nice article, I appreciate the information! I am super excited about trying new oils to my hot oil treatments. Also, thanks for the tip on the heating process. I was wondering has anyone ever heard anything about adding honey to it?

  5. Antoinette O’Bee says:

    0/50 ratings

    Yesss!!! Definitely going to be doing hot oil treatments on a regular from now on, my hair is extremely curly and gets dry very easily. Honestly when I was a kid the women in my family lived by these treatments year round, but I have been confining them to winter months only. Silly me, honey! It’s on now, and so many oils to choose from! Thank you for this article!

  6. Tiffany Halll says:

    0/50 ratings

    I personally love hot oil treatments, I recently did one and I just love how it brings my hair to life and just revives it, it’s always a most when you do all the things that cause damage to your hair. It’s like the damage never occurred lol.

  7. Crystal Medina says:

    0/50 ratings

    This is a great article!
    I’ve just recently started back using hot oil treatments for my hair and it’s doing wonders.
    I do a hot oil treatment once or twice a month followed by a protein or ayurvedic treatment.
    Hot oil treatments help to bring back the shine and bounce to your hair.

  8. Joy Obiselu says:

    0/50 ratings

    I love Doing hot oil treatments on my hair when I have time to do a proper wash day. My favorite oil to use is the hot six oil and then I sit under my dryer for about 15 minutes so the oil can penetrate.

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