Top 10 Pet Peeves about Weave and How to Fix Them

Top 10 Pet Peeves about Weave and How to Fix Them

Weave Frustration

I am not a person that is easily irritated. Okay, that isn't entirely true. I am not someone that is quickly turned off from things.

This endurance is why although weave has bothered me immensely from time to time, I stay loyal to my inches.

But that doesn't mean I have to quit complaining, here are the Top 10 Pet Peeves When Dealing with Human Hair Weave; and how to fix them!

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Pet Peeve: It's Expensive!

Purchasing high quality human hair bundles can get expensive. Especially the longer lengths, softer textures or more natural you want it to look.

A full lace wig easily ranges from 300-1,000 dollars, and that doesn't include installation.

Lace Frontals Extensions are hard to come by for less than $100 each and Lace Closures Extensions are following right behind.

Longer lengths of 18 inches and under rarely dip below $80 a bundle. So if I got four bundles and a frontal...let's just say that was the hardest and easier money I ever blew.

Before I joined the weave gang, I usually topped off at $200 for hair, and that was braids for the summer.

Now, I can easily spend $350 a hairstyle with or without installation. They said it would be beautiful; they never said it would be cheap.

Solution: Shop Smart!

Quality virgin extensions do not have to break your pockets! Learn to shop with your wants and your budgets not just IG followers and names!

Sites like Private Label have proper closures starting at 50 dollars! Including 7x7 HD Lace Closures.

Compared to others who sell closures at a less competitive price with comparable quality. Once I discovered this gem, I cut my spending by half.

Pet Peeve: Bundles have Unpredictable Quality

It can be scary churning out hundreds to receive hair that is stringy or thin. Even buying in person, it seems to be hard to guarantee that you won't get a "bad batch."

Extensions are unlike your real hair who kinks and strengths you already know; each batch can come with their challenges and strengths.

Solution: Try them all!

I know I told you not to buy based off of followers and names, and that still rings true.

Do your research and look around. Read reviews about the hair quality, search YouTube for experiences and lastly, try the hair yourself!

Shopping around is the best way to find the perfect fit for yourself. Remember it also isn't just about the hair.

Check up on how well the company treats customers, scroll through their social media or reach out. These are all things to be mindful of when ordering extensions online.

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Pet Peeve: There's Limited Scalp Access

For some people it can be a nuisance not being able to reach their scalp; the weaving techniques make it hard to oil or treat their hair.

Solution: Change the way you weave!

If the limited access to your scalp is an issue for you, try some different approaches.

Get a straight back braiding pattern instead of a beehive, this making oiling or scratching your hair more natural.

Second, use a breathable cap that allows your fingers or a comb to get through.

And lastly, opt for a wig so that you can remove your hair extensions freely to wash or scratch as you please!

While we are talking about scalps, we can't avoid these two major pet peeves experienced by almost everyone.

Pet Peeve: It's Itchy!

The lack of hair and scalp accessibility is lending itself to the issue of itchy hair.

Dirt, oil band dandruff can build while hair is protected and covered under the cap, braids, and extensions. It can be pretty hard to reach that itch.

Solution: Find a comb

In the words of Beyonce: "Pat your weave ladies," but seriously, the itching can get unbearable sometimes, and your fingers may have a hard time getting down to the root of the problem.

Try using the end of a rattail comb to scratch your scalp gently. Trust me; it works wonders!

Another hack is to get as close to your scalp as possible and lightly spray hair, while this may seem counterproductive because of what is causing the itching; often hair is itchy because it may be thirsty.

So don't skimp on hair care.

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Pet Peeve: I can barely wash my hair!

Because of the placing of the wefts as well as caps, and potential loosening of tracks or shifting of closures washing hair frequently is a no-go.

What about people whose hair gets dirty quickly or suffer from scalp conditions? Don't worry; I've got a solution.

Solution: Clean it anyway!

Cleaning your hair is not a death sentence to your installation. Using a small amount of shampoo lean your head back in the shower or sink and gently cleanse your hair rubbing in downward motions, rinse clean.

Washing can be done at least twice during the installation period without causing damage to the look of the style. Another option is to get a human hair wig instead of a sew-in for easy and frequent removal and cleansing.

Pet Peeves: It's Hard to Find a Stylist

Finding a good stylist to lay your hair can be difficult.

Especially finding a stylist that does well at protecting and treating your natural hair and having your weave look like it's growing from your scalp.

Use Your Resources

Use social media to your advantage. Hashtag your city or the service you want and spend sometimes going through the profiles and the pictures.

Comments, videos, and price lists are great ways to figure out what stylist is for you. Additionally, try using things like StyleSeat to locate a suitable stylist or add a beauty directory page.

Pet Peeves: It May Cause Breakage

Alright, this one is an incredibly vast and delicate issue within the weaving world. Many people are experiencing thinning throughout hair or nonexistent edges, after taking down an installation.


However, keep in mind that you should be taking down your weave after no more than six weeks and if you have trouble booking an appointment with a professional.

Any style has the potential for breakage if not done correctly, don't blame the weave!

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Pet Peeves: The "Weave Smell"

I cannot count how many times I have received hair from a seller or vendor, and it has a crisp smell. The hair may smell like the packaging or have a weird aroma. This smell may occur because of where the hair originated, the shipping or the packaging of the bundles.

Treat Bundles Before Installation

Brush and deep condition hair before installing to reduce the chances of a nasty smell.

Pet Peeves: Extensions are Sensitive

Many people purchase hair extensions like the Jerry Curl Hair Extension because they think of it like a super hair that can be bleached, dyed and curled twenty times over without damage, which is accurate.

However, some hair types like deep wave need to be braided or wrapped up nightly, or you may experience a high volume of tangling; even before installation if stored improperly these bundles can tangle.

Silky Straight Extensions and Deep Wave Hair Textures need to be wrapped around at night or covered, or you may experience a high rate of weave shedding, tangling or thinning.

Follow the Directions

You can't avoid this one. The short answer is to use the right products. Extensions, store-bought or virgin ones, need to have proper extensions maintenance to have an extended life.

Be sure to heed instructions and get sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. Also, get a light serum to apply to dry extensions; be careful not to overdo it.

Finding the right products is comfortable and only takes a quick peek at the website you're purchasing from, for instance, Private Label Extensions has plenty of articles about hair care and useful products for extensions.

You can also use google. Additionally, take care of your extensions while in use or while stored away.

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Pet Peeve: Addictive

Buying, installing and wearing weave can get extremely addictive. You promise yourself that you will give your hair a break and before you know it, there is an overnight package of fresh bundles on your doorstep.

It can be hard to fight the urge to install the inches. We find ourselves beating our self up over overspending or over wearing weave.

Solution: Will Power

Addiction is a personal battle! The sweet and terrible thing about weave is that once you get it, it's hard to go back! The easy switching of length and color can be too tempting to resist.

While weave is excellent, your natural hair is fantastic also! Whether it's long or short, relaxed, natural or straightened by a Keratin treatment, it's all yours!

Once in a while fight the weave demon that hops on your back and let your natural hair out for a spin.

Catastrophe Turned Comfort

A weave is a beautiful invention that can change your look and change your attitude, though it can be annoying or overwhelming at times.

The thing to remember is that you are in control of your hair and your look. Sew-in extensions should be fun and enhance your style; if wearing them are putting a stress on your pockets or your emotional state you have a few options.

You may want to give it a break for awhile and go back natural or try a different hair company, practice new habits or even switch stylists.

Find out what works best for you.

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This article hits home with so many common weave frustrations! Regarding the solution for the “weave smell” issue, do you have any specific deep conditioning treatments or home remedies that work particularly well to eliminate odors from hair extensions?


These tips are super useful! Do you have any advice on how to keep deep wave extensions from tangling while sleeping?


Hey there Selin! Well you are in the right place as Private Label offers the best quality extensions for half the cost! You want to make sure you are getting products that state they are sulfate free on the bottle. Keep your extensions detangled, conditioned well and tied up at night with a silk scarf or bonnet to make them last longer! Treat them with love and affection!

Private Label

Hey Bela! You definitely want to make sure you are washing your hair more frequently in the summer as we tend to sweat more and this causes more buildup which brings on the itching. We offer a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that you can use or your extensions at Private Label or you can try Mielle products they work wonders too!

Private Label

I’ve struggled with finding quality extensions and dealing with itching, so these tips are a lifesaver. Any advice on finding the best sulfate free products for maintaining extensions?


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