10 Ways Hair Extensions Are Helping You Save Money

10 Ways Hair Extensions Are Helping You Save Money

Budgeting Like A Boss

Getting your hair done may hurt, but it shouldn't have to beat your pockets up as well. Wanting to look good does not always come at a low price.

With the cost of hair steadily on the rise, we must be smarter about the time and money we spend on ourselves, including the hairstyles that we choose.

Although some people think spending money on anything beauty related is frivolous studies prove that when we look and feel good our self-confidence increases.

Trust me there are so many ways to look great and keep your budget looking marvelous as well. So, here are ten ways buying human hair extensions can help you save money.

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Dying and Coloring Your Hair Extensions Yourself!

Although hair extensions come in mainly jet black hair style and platinum blonde hair shades, they can end up being real lifesavers when it comes down to when you want to save money.

Imagine continually paying for a hair salon to color your hair. Now you have the option to color your extensions yourself before you install them. The color can be inexpensive when you purchase online or in store.

Studies show that about 75 percent of women dye their hair and 50 percent of these women go to a salon to get daily touch-ups and coloring done. Imagine how much money you could save by doing this task yourself.

Another way coloring your extensions help save you money, is that if your hair is already a set color then once you color your extensions there will be no need to re-color them again. It is a one and done hairstyle that will last you a very long time.

So, if you are thinking about vamping up your extensions by dying them, then be sure to check out the cheapest or most cost-effective ways to do so.

You Can Learn to Do It Yourself

Okay don't be alarmed but buying human hair bundles will give you a chance to do your hair yourself.

Think about this buying weave will already come up at a pricey cost, now why spend even more money paying a hairdresser to install it for you?

Learning how to sew in your extensions are not only cost effective but can be very fun. There are tons of YouTube videos that will take you step-by-step on how to braid your hair and how to sew.

If you are more of a hands-on kind of person, then ask a friend who is good at sew-ins if you can watch. Some Comitology or Beauty Schools offer free classes on how to install hair extensions, and this can be very beneficial to you.

This method is a significant cost saver because the sooner you learn how to do your hair the more money you will save on going to a hairdresser.

Think like this; no one knows your mane better than you do, so there will be no more of having your part on the wrong side, or continually reminding your stylist that you're tender headed.

You will be in total control and saving coins at the same time; it can't get any better than that.

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You Can Shop and Save Online

Hair extensions are a trend I don't see dying out anytime soon. The market for buying hair is significant because these suppliers have multiple ways to highlight their latest products.

Thus, online sales of weave are at an all-time high. These low prices are the best opportunity for you to stock up on all the best Indian, Malaysian, or Brazilian hair.

Since beauty supply stores buy their hair products wholesale they want to make a little more money, so they will charge extra taxes on their products that you buy in a store.

Buying hair extensions online from the actual company is cheaper since it is coming directly from the warehouse.

Keep in mind many online vendors will have big sales on their weaves on certain holidays and such as; Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and even back to school season.

Be sure to check if online sites will give a discount or percentage off if you are a student or in the military.

Now that you know shopping online for extensions can save you endless money in the future, be sure to check out Private Labels excellent hair bundle deals on virgin hair extensions.

Better Quality Will Last Longer

If you purchase extensions that are 100 percent raw human hair, then it will last you a very long time. What is excellent about better quality hair is that they will not tangle or matte after a few washes.

The main reason cheaper quality extensions don't last as long is that manufacturers use chemicals on them. Once that chemical rinses off then the hair will become tangled and a real mess.

Also, if you purchase excellent quality hair, then there will be no need for a lot of bundles. Some cheap quality extensions have fewer ounces of hair which causes consumers to have to buy more just to have the appearance of a fuller and thicker look.

With grade A quality only a few extensions are needed to complete a full head of hearing, and this will save you plenty of money overall. Remember, you should think of weave as an investment.

Make sure you are getting the most out of what you pay for, if you do that then you will have no problem with saving money on your purchases in the future.

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Saves Money on Treating Your Natural Hair

Extensions not only help protect your natural hair, but it also keeps you from spending money on hair products that help your lovely locks.

Extensions are great for giving you a natural look if your hair is chemically damaged and may need extra time to regrow.

Thankfully, when you wear weave you usually must braid your hair up underneath, with the extensions protecting your natural hair from heat, chemicals, and any other harmful products.

This is making a safe and cost-effective way to keep your tresses healthy and growing. It is a solution where everyone benefits, you save money, and your hair will thank you for it later.

Now, you may be thinking why not get a protective hairstyle like braids or twists? Well, although those hairstyles are also helpful for protecting your precious locks, they can be costly to obtain, and on top of that very time-consuming.

Not to mention some individual braids or twist can put a strain on your edges.

If a hairstylist does the style too tight, then it will end up causing more damage than good to your hair.

So, in all don't waste time or money trying to find the perfect products to treat your hair. In the end, the right solution may just be purchasing some fantastic extensions.

You Can Make A Wig

The wig game has forever changed my life. Being able to make your extensions into a wig will be an excellent money saver.

Once you have this style, you will probably never get another sew-in a day in your life. We all know getting someone to install your hair can eat up a lot of cash in your pockets, but glueless wigs are great because they give you plenty of versatility and allow you to do so much.

If you have different types of extensions like; curly, straight, wavy, then you can create multiple types of wigs for long-term use.

This method also allows you to get to your natural hair a whole lot easier. You will be able to wash and deep condition your real tresses.

If you want, you can have someone make the wig for you, or you can make it yourself. With the internet at our fingertips and YouTube only a search engine away, you can learn how to do almost anything and save your money while you are doing it.

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You Can Save Money on Haircuts

Extensions are great to save money on getting a decent haircut. The hair on our heads can grow fast, and if you want to get a trim or cut every two weeks, this can add up.

What's great about getting extensions is that you can probably cut your hair yourself with the right equipment at home. Learn how to trim your extensions.

If you want to try different lengths then, by all means, go for it, you have the convenience of wearing your tresses long or short which is what makes extensions amazing.

Also, if you're someone who wants to grow out a hairstyle adding extra hair can hide the new growth that you are trying to accomplish. So, save money on haircuts by getting some stunning extensions.

Create Clip-ins

Creating clip-ins is probably the best and most time efficient way to use extensions. If you're not big on having to wait to get your hair done every few weeks, then clip-ins extensions are for you.

You can get the extended and fuller hair look in a matter of seconds. Once you place them in your hair, you can wash condition and style them as much as you would like while they are in your head.

If if you get the right texture weave, it will blend effortlessly with your natural hair.

Clip-ins give you a lot of versatility. You can use various sizes to add lengths to your hair. If you want to spice your look up, then adding highlights or colored extensions to your hair can make you look very edgy.

Sometimes sew-ins can be tight, and you want to take them out the moment you get them put in your head, but clip-ins are light-weight giving you the option to sleep in them. The overall benefits of this style will save you time and money.

Reuse Your Hair

It's crazy to think that some people will not reuse their hair because they believe it isn't the cleanliest. But saving your extensions is easily the best way to keep money in those pockets.

When you take the time to research and buy the best quality hair, there is a guarantee that it will last a lot longer. If extensions are taken care of properly, they should last up to a year.

Imagine not having to spend money on weave for an entire year! Talk about a significant saving. If you buy your hair and use it again throughout the months, the only thing left to do is picking a method on how you would like to install it on your head.

What is also sweet about reusing your hair is that it gives you the option to try different styles and colors on the extensions. Just be sure that you are taking good care of that hair, the better you treat it, the longer you will have it.

So, before you think about throwing away that weave, try to save it for a future hairstyle. Ever boiled hair extensions? Try it for to give them a fresh start.

What is even better is that clip-ins are only temporary, so if you want to try a different style, you can quickly take them out. Since you will just need a few extensions to create clip-ins, you will be saving a lot of money down the road.

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Endless Looks You Can Accomplish

The last and most crucial reason hair extensions save you so much money is due to all the styles you can do with them. If you want long luxurious locks, then purchase 18 to 22-inch extensions.

If you wish to do a bob or short look, you can trim or cut your hair weave to your liking.

Since bundles last for so long, you can do whatever you want with them for the time being. Speaking as a woman who loves changing their hair every few months can cut into your pockets.

But taking advantage of the many ways to style your hair by just using extensions has been a real stress reliever.

Remember that you can color your extensions whatever shade you want and depend on the quality of the weave you can dye it more than once for an infinite number of hairstyles.

From space buns to invisible ponytails, even French braids you can save so much money by just investing in hair extensions and testing out multiple hairstyles.

Are You Ready to Save Money?

I hope that this list has been helpful and is shedding light on the multiple ways you can save money by buying hair extensions.

You can even explore to another options like tape-ins extensions and ponytail extensions with the same price range.

No one wants to keep breaking the bank just to change up your hairstyles occasionally.

Purchasing weave allows us to protect and retain our hair that is growing underneath. With life's more important duties, like bills, groceries, and more bills you need to save money in any way you can.

So, take advantage of these many techniques, and let us know how buying hair extensions have helped you save money in the comments down below.

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Wow, these tips are eye-opening! I never realized hair extensions could save so much money in so many ways. From DIY coloring to creating clip-ins and even reducing the need for frequent salon visits, these ideas are brilliant. It’s definitely making me reconsider how I approach my hair styling expenses. Thanks for the insights!


Extensions not only give you versatility in styles but also help maintain the health of your natural hair. Win-win! Thanks for sharing these budget-friendly ideas!!


Wow nice post!!! What are some tips for maintaining hair extensions to ensure they last as long as possible?


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