The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Extensions This Summer

The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Hair Extensions This Summer

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out...So What About My Hair

Now that summer has arrived, there are a plethora of activities that can be done to get you into the swing of the summer heat.

From garden parties to dinner dates, to day trips and of course hitting the pool and beach! But, what are you going to do about that hair?

During the summer, it is easy to become frustrated or just plain annoyed with the sweltering heat that really makes you think twice about not getting that protective style.

So, in light of the summer sun, fresh water, and unpredictable weather there are probably some things that you want to avoid when maintaining human hair weave this summer.

Overall, the worst things that you can do to your hair this summer is a lengthy list, so explore and take notes with us as we run down the list of a few things that you could possibly be doing to sabotage your hair.

Whether it is knowingly or unknowingly you are most likely guilty of at least one thing, right? No one is perfect sis.

Hairstylist  dying a client's hair

Bleach Blonde Gone Wrong

Okay, I get it you want to go blonde for the summer but are you going to achieve this color the right way?

When it comes down to your extensions, you have to treat them as if the hair was growing out of your scalp!

So that means not going too heavy on the hair lightener. Over bleaching, your extensions not only makes them dry but can cause them to break off, thin out and give your hair an unsightly look that you were not going for.

To avoid hair drama by way of bleaching, there are a few tips to give your hair a new look and to save all of the money you spent when you invested.

Tip #1: Lift Slowly

Depending on what type of look you are going for, you want to lift as slow as possible especially when you have dark hair.

The darker or “browner” your hair is, the longer the process will be.

You do not want orange hair right? I mean, if that’s your thing then more power to you sis! But if you are looking to lift to a honey blonde or even bleach blonde, take the process slow! Or buy Blonde Hair Extensions instead.

Tip #2: Consult with a professional

While being a student enrolled at YouTube University is excellent, there have been a lot of mishaps from even the best of scholars.

Your extensions are delicate threads of hair that need love too! Looking for a leave out style that will require you to bleach your natural hair to match the consistency of the extensions?

Then you want to book an appointment with someone who knows hair and is licensed to break down the specifics.

Tip #3: Know the hair texture

It is all but crucial to be mindful that textures of extensions are different and you may have Mongolian, kinky, Brazilian or a different varying type.

Each one of these textures may go through a different process to reach a particular level of blonde which tells us that the makeup of each strand needs specific attention.

If you have a more kinky curly extension, then you want to be careful to not over process.

Over bleaching, or chemically burning not only loosens your curls but makes it so much harder to get that texture back.

So be careful ladies!

Tip #4: Give it some life!

So after you have bleached to your highest desire, give that hair some life back and add some moisture.

Any type of light oil like argan or castor will do! You do not want to oversaturate as that will make your hair greasy with too much slip, but you want to add enough so that there is some shine and minimal shedding.

Blondes Have More Fun

The topic of bleaching is one that is for the risk takers and for those who just need a little change during the summer.

But these changes require a little bit of preparation as it is mentioned above. Don’t be the girl with the box dye if you have never colored your hair before!

Save your extensions and your pockets some grief and seek out someone who can tell you what is suitable for your extensions and what you should hang up on the shelf.

Braided and curly hair friends walking down the street

Playing Poolside and Seaside

There are so many things that are on the list of the worst things that you can do to your extensions this summer, with chlorine and salt water being one of the highest on the list.

Pool Talk

The pool is probably the most sought out location whenever the clock strikes 12 on a hot summer day.

It is so easy to want a refreshing and submerging dip before realizing we are potentially harming our hair extensions.

Well, before you take that dive, there are a few things you need to know before going to that pool party.

Tip #1: Tie your hair up

The main thing to understand about chlorine bleach is that it slowly dries out whatever it comes into contact, so yes that means your extensions too.

To the actual follicles, the weft and the binding adhesive (thread, lace glue, tape), things will slowly begin to dismantle itself over time.

However, if you want to combat the water try to make sure that you are tying your hair up and out of the way.

To go the extra mile, try tying a scarf around the perimeter of your hair for extra security.

Tip #2: Don’t dive in if you can help it

Resist the urge girl!

Do not jump into water if you are not ready to pay the consequences in the form of hair extensions.

Water submerging may be fun at first, but that can mean shedding and dry hair later on down the road.

If you just have to break the rules make sure to wash your extensions as soon as you can or even use a swim cap!

Tip #3: Stay out of the direct sun if you can

I know this sounds crazy but if you can help it try not to be directly in the sun. While the sun is fantastic for our skin, it can create severe damage in our extensions.

Whether you are at the beach or poolside with your favorite people, try to find some shade.

Staying directly in the sun can cause dryness which leads to breakage and of course unwanted discoloration.

Tip #4: Be wary of sand

Who all loves playing in the sand and the ocean when going to the beach? I’m pretty sure that is all of us!

However, when at the beach, sand has a strange way of appearing everywhere, including our extensions.

How? The world may never know, but if I do know anything, it is that it can be a real pest to get rid of.

To protect your hair from the sand try using the same method mentioned above which is to use a swim cap and even then if sand finds its way to your hair, you want to make sure that you wash it thoroughly with a good cleansing shampoo and restoring conditioner.

To make sure that everything is truly clean wash gently in between the foundation of your hair if it is sewn down.

Ensure that the water runs clear by the time that you feel as though everything is clean.

Afro hairstyle model holding up hair care products

How Do I Cleanse My Hair?

Now that we have tackled the basics of the water issue, there is a bit more ground to cover such as what type of shampoo you should use or how you should be combing your hair after you have dealt with the water.

The answer to that is relatively easy, and since many extensions are different, they will require different products.

For cleansing your extensions, you may want to try a clarifying shampoo or sulfate free shampoo.

Both of these products you can find at your local beauty supply store or grocery store, no need to spend the big bucks where you do not have to!

Bun Life Could Be Costing You

If you are anything like me, then you know that a quick bun is all that you need to make life go around.

But, if you wear extensions during the summer this also one of the worst things you can do.

The constant rustle and tussle of tying your hair up and then taking it down and putting it back up and taking it down again.

Of course, this is something that can jeopardize your hair year round, but this is exclusive to summer because once again, that heat is no joke.

Having your hair up is beneficial to keep the strands off of your neck but it can also loosen your foundation as time passes on, mix this with seat many of us get in our scalp and you will find yourself visiting your beautician more often than recommended.

The constant pulling on your extensions is similar to what happens when you have braids in your hair.

The hair braided or secured to the base with eventually begin to slip from its foundation over time and quite frankly, it can be uncomfortable! Seriously, imagine finally letting your hair down, and you feel the weight of the extensions tugging on your edges.

Can we say painful?

To lessen those effects and to get some cooling relief while having extensions try a short shoulder length bob style using your extensions.

There are different textures and styles to experiment with like curly, kinky, wavy or straight. Trust us; you will beat the heat and preserve your style.

Makeup In The Summer

Beat faces are always a priority when heading out for a night of Snapchat filters, and Instagram slays, but there is still a con that goes by the name of product buildup.

We have heard of this with hair products but if you are the one who cannot go without her contour and setting powder, listen up.

Product buildup is just as it sounds and when it comes to makeup which means that the solution is not that complex.

Product buildup is one of the worst things that you can do to your extensions this summer because honestly, heat and face products do not mix.

If you are wearing a closure or frontal, take a look at your hairline, is it normal or do you see remnants of left behind power and foundation?

If you can answer yes to that question, then there are a few solutions to this problem. What about the ladies who have clip ins or wears sew in extensions?

Many times products sift back into the braids or clips of your extensions and leave the wefts clunky and caked up.

This much product left behind in the hair can cause an itchy scalp and of course the roots of your extensions to be the color of your foundation.

Aside from the unintended color job, your extensions can begin to smell over time and the longer that the makeup resides there, the tighter it is to get out.

Stretched hair being sprayed by a female model

So, How Do You Cleanse Away The Makeup?

Pick up that same clarifying shampoo and conditioner from earlier and prepare for a few hours of extra tedious cleaning.

If you are early on and noticing that your foundation is starting to reach pieces of your extensions, then you are in luck!

Step #1

To easily cleanse your hair, take a washcloth, a bowl of warm water, shampoo and a t-shirt.

Step #2

Clip back your hair around the perimeter and dip the washcloth in the bowl of warm water.

Step #3

Try not to oversaturate as you do not want to ruin your hair base, however, ensure that you get the edges clean enough so that you see the original weft of hair again.

Step #4

Be sure that you are a taking dime-sized amount and applying the shampoo with your fingers.

Rotate gently in a circular motion and rinse with the warm washcloth. Repeat each step until you feel as though you have cleaned your scalp to the best of your abilities.

Follow up by sitting under a hooded dryer and finally moisturizing your extensions with a little bit of oil.

Having a quick wash is such an easy way to take your hair from disaster to hair master!

Just think about it, all of that sweat and makeup eventually builds up, and you will need some way to get it out of your hair without doing a full wash day routine.

It is indeed the little tips that go the furthest, especially in compromising weather. I know, it is so hard to give up that slay when you want to hit the night with your friends.

But the smaller alternatives are what will keep your extensions lively and prospering.

Hair products and brushes lying on a surface

Here’s The Tea on Protecting Your Extensions During The Summer

When it comes down to preventing doing the worst possible things to your extensions, remember that you can only do so much during the summer.

But if your want a slaying style on the go, you can resort with the glueless wigs that secure your hair with a killing look.

Between the extreme heat, rainy days, slayed makeup and hopping in the pool you are bound to cause some damage to your hair.

It is ultimately inevitable to not ruin your hairstyle at least once during the summer because thinking about the small things only magnifies the issue, right?

However, that’s why we have small tips are tricks to get you through the long summer days! What I am trying to say is put a little less effort into being perfect and a little more push into knowing what backup works for you.

In all, take your time with your hair and try not to get too frustrated with how the summer sun treats your hair.

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Thanks for the helpful tips on summer hair care! Avoiding chlorine and product buildup is key for maintaining extensions during the sunny season. Can’t wait to implement these tips for healthier hair this summer!


Thanks for the advice! What’s your go-to method for keeping your hair extensions fresh and protected during poolside or beach outings?


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