Got Lengths? Long & Short Hair Extensions We Got It

Got Lengths? Long & Short Hair Extensions We Got It!

Long Hair Don't Care!

We love long hair, short hair, and everything in-between.

Got Lengths? Yes, we do!

Private Label Extensions prides itself on offering hair extensions of all lengths and styles to meet your client's needs.

Short lengths are great for Bob hairstyles while the long lengths with multiple bundles are for a sultry look that will turn heads and raise eyebrows.

Let's compare some of the different lengths of bundles and curl patterns to give you an idea of how the lengths vary.


How to Measure Hair Lengths

Before we look at some of the different lengths, we want to make sure you know how to properly measure hair extensions of different curl patterns.

Measuring straight hair extensions is pretty simple. Take a tape measure and start at the top of the weft and measure down to the tip. There is your hair extension length.

When measuring wavy and curly options you need to pull the hair to straighten it and then measure it.

Generally, you do not measure the hair in a curly state. If a company does this they usually list two different lengths.


Curly Hair Extensions

Length: 12" Curly, 20" Straight

This helps explain to clients that the length varies depending on how it is measured.

Straight Hair Lengths

Let's start off with something easy. In the photo below we compare a few different straight hair lengths.

The 26" bundle is noticeably longer than the next bundle at 16" and the shortest we offer at 10".


Measuring straight hair is obviously easy. You would measure from the weft all the way to the tips.

There is no need to pull the hair straight like the other curl patterns.

Body Wave Lengths

Body Wave Hair Extensions has a beautiful curl pattern and is actually our popular hair extensions. Because of the S-pattern, you would have to slightly pull the hair straight to get an accurate measurement.

Here is an example of a 26", 16" and 10" so you can see the difference in lengths.


Having different lengths of body wave for your website and salon is really important because of the popularity.

Understanding how the different lengths look when compared together is crucial for knowledge and sales.

Deep Wave Lengths

Now things are getting a little more interesting with the tighter curl patterns! Let's switch it up a little and compare a 26" Straight Hair Extension with a 26" Deep Wave Hair Extension.

You can now see a noticeable difference in the two even though they are the same length when measured straight.


You can now see a noticeable difference in the lengths in the curly state vs the straight.

If you grab the top of the deep wave weft and pull the hair straight it would extend to be the same as the straight bundle.

Deep Wave Hair Extensions does hold a curl pattern very well and your clients will usually order additional bundles for a really full look.

Kinky Curly Lengths

There is a much more dramatic difference with the Kinky Curly hair. They are both 26" in length.


As the curl pattern tightens the visual appearance of the hair is shorter. Once again, if you pull the kinky curly hair straight it will be the same length as the straight hair bundle in the photo.

Got Lengths? Yup!

It is important to understand how your hair extension clients might measure hair so you can properly understand and communicate how you might measure the hair you sell.

Private Label Extensions has hair with lengths 10" - 32" for most curl patterns. If your clients ask... "Got Lengths?" then your answer is... Yes, I do!

Now, learn how to maintain your hair extensions.

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This post was really informative about hair extension lengths and how they vary depending on the curl pattern. It’s great to know how to measure them properly, especially with different textures like body wave and deep wave. Makes it easier to choose the right length for the style I want!


Love the variety in lengths and styles you offer! Understanding how different curl patterns affect length perception is super helpful for choosing the right extensions. Thanks for the detailed comparisons!!


How do these variations impact styling choices?


Could you explain more about how different curl patterns affect the overall length perception of hair extensions?


I’m curious about the maintenance routines for different curl patterns of hair extensions. Could you provide some tips on how to keep each type looking fresh and vibrant over time?


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