Top 10 Hairstyles to Rock with Vietnamese Hair

Top 10 Hairstyles to Rock with Vietnamese Hair

Your hair says a lot about who you are as an individual. It's one of the first things people automatically notice when they look at you.

Therefore, it's important to note that hair can be a part of your character, whether you like it or not.

So, why not have the best quality at all times?

Curly hair model sun bathing

This issue has always been a pressing one. People want quality along with durability and thickness, but they often have a hard time finding it all in one type of human hair extension, so they settle for what they value most.

I'm about to tell you, why you no longer have to do this anymore. Think about how often you decide to straighten your extensions, use color and bleach, blow-dried, or munched on some potato chips.

We don't think about the little things we do to our heads that add to the excessive damage we could be creating because it turns into a daily routine.

Saying that most women need and deserve the best quality extensions for the harsh day to day activities they to do their hair.

Vietnamese Hair Extensions

There is nothing that compares to the strength and elasticity of Vietnamese Straight Hair Bundles.

Although most vendors don't display many types of Vietnamese hair as much as other hair types such as Brazilian, it doesn't take away from the long-lasting quality that Vietnamese hair extensions like Vietnamese Straight Transparent 3.5x4 Closure. can bring.

In fact, it's lack of appearance in salons and online add to its quality and lustrous feel.

Before we get started on how you can work with this type of hair, the first thing you may be thinking is, "Why should I choose Vietnamese hair?" Well, I'd be happy to explain.

The Foundation of the Hair

First, we are going to take a look at the extension's origins, Vietnam.

As Americans, we strive every day towards using less and fewer chemicals in our bodies and our hair, but with most products containing chemicals, we sometimes find it difficult to stray from what's in front of us.

Fortunately, the women in Vietnam don't have these issues. Aside from natural sunlight, most chemicals, heat and other damaging products don't even get near their heads.

They also don't tend to tie back their hair tightly into a ponytail or use excessive blow dryers.

Their simple lives reflect the quality of their hair, which means, the hair retains a stronger kind of elasticity and strength. These qualities are perfect for any extensions you'd like in your head.

Thanks, ladies!

Curly hair model smiling white top

The Thickness and Feel

Vietnamese hair extensions are also known to be quite thick in texture, yet lightweight when installed.

This combination is the best when considering how you'd want your hair to feel. You don't want the extensions to weigh you down, but you want them to be long and full.

Vietnamese hair extensions create this beautiful contradiction! Because of its fullness, natural flow, and inherently straight texture, it's perfect for adding waves or different sized curls.

Compared to other countries, which vendors receive hair from, you can almost guarantee that any hair coming from Vietnam will have the best quality with long-lasting use up to a year.

Most human hair bundles that come in can obtain lengths up to 30" which isn't typical for other types of hair.

This common occurrence is because most Vietnamese women value long hair.

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These extensions are in high demand, and if you're familiar with any marketing terminology at all, then you'll know that demand affects price and availability as well.

There aren't too many vendors who sell this type of hair, because of it's high price and low availability. Why are they in such high demand?

The quality is amazing. The natural beauty of the hair along with its ability to be colored and fried multiple times without us damaging the hair is something we all pray for even for our hair!

You don't have to worry about split ends with this hair type. This quality affects the price significantly because now this hair is high on the market.

Salons always look to buy up this hair as soon as it comes in stock, seeing that they sell out quickly wherever they are.

Not only that, but this hair can last for a year with consistent manipulation.

What Can I do With this Hair?

Many people tend to believe you can do much with straight hair. Most straight human hair bundles have trouble achieving and holding any style at all.

With Vietnamese hair, this has never been an issue. It's one of the few hair textures that can give you thick and full straight textured hair, while also being able to achieve any look you hope to get.

Now that you have a little more background information on why Vietnamese hair extensions could be the best way to go, we can get into the different styles you can achieve with these quality extensions.

Curly hair model cheeks on hand smiling

1) Curls and Waves

The most beautiful and essential look you can always hope to achieve with these extensions is its ability to hold in a curl pattern when heat or rollers are involved.

Everyone loves the fullness that curls and waves can bring to a look, but one of the leading issues is when the coils begin to fall, you lose the full look you were striving to obtain.

With Vietnamese hair, you won't have those problems. Curls placed in these extensions can last up to a whole day without giving off that end-of-the-day hair appearance.

Try it for yourself!

2) Half up-Half down

This look gives a full and thick appearance of your hair. It's a deception tactic to make it seem as if your hair is longer than it is, which is what we want!

You can achieve this look with straight hair, or you can be a little more daring and add the curls to it.

Choose to add bangs, or you can pull all of the hair back into the ponytail to give more emphasis on the long hair flowing down your back. You can never go wrong with this!

Ponytail extensions can help you to achieve this tremendous look. 

High bun curly hair model leather clothing

3) Sleek Ponytail

This style is another where you can either add curls or stick with the extensions' natural texture.

The sleek black ponytail adds a sense of sophistication and glamour at the same time, while still giving you a look that appears full and thick.

Because of how Vietnamese hair is, you won't have to use much if any product at all to achieve the sleek ponytail since the hair is already lustrous and silky textured. The less work we have, the better!

4) Messy Ponytail

This look is a little more fun to play around with and do. You don't have to do much, and it will still look amazing!

It would probably be best to do this with older curls on a day you're feeling too lazy to make the curls new again.

Slide those curls into a long ponytail and watch how often you'll want to do it after only one time! Nobody has to know that you didn't feel like doing your hair today.

5) Messy Bun

Messy buns have always been the trend.

There is something about your hair not being perfectly executed in a bun that turns out perfectly messy every single time.

Vietnamese hair extensions are perfect for this look because in a messy bun you want the sleek and halfway finished feel to it and with these hair extensions you'll get what you're asking.

You can achieve this style with any hair texture, but if you're going for something chic and effortless, I suggest you check out what the Vietnamese hair extensions can do for you!

6) Bun with Bangs

Lately, bangs have been making a slight come back so why not get on the wave when it can be effortless to do so?

The bun can be messy or sleek, but if you're going for something a little edgier, a sleek bun with curly bangs may be the way to go for some people.

If you want to look more sophisticated, then a smooth bun with straight bangs, could also be a movement.

But this is all up to personal preference and whatever you believe looks best on your head!

Add deep wave hair bundles to take it up to another level.

Braided hair female model sitting in the street

7) Cornrows

Whether the cornrows are just in the front and pinned behind your ear or however you prefer it, cornrows could be the way to go.

Because of the Vietnamese hair extensions' strength and elasticity, you can easily grip the hair and braid it securely without having to worry about too many fly-away hairs or the possibility of the braid becoming lose within a day.

Get creative and experiment with your extensions' braiding potential. You can also achieve twists if that is what you would want to do instead using bulk human braiding hair.

And if you don't feel like thinking of another style you can do for another day, braid your hair and take them out after a while to achieve gorgeous beach waves. Perfect for the summer!

8) Simply Straight

Don't feel like any of these are for you so far? There is nothing wrong with sticking to the basics!

The Vietnamese hair extensions are beautiful within themselves and can be worn with any extra work for you to do.

Its versatility is what makes the extensions so high on the market. Versatility can mean just about anything, so if you're satisfied with keeping your extensions precisely the way they are, then I say slay girl!

9) Two Braids down the Side

This trend is taking over Instagram. You can achieve this simple look in a variety of ways, whether the braids are in the back, on the side, or even multiple twists that are going into only two braids.

Maybe you could also wrap the braids at the bottom and create two braided buns. However you decide to do it, just know that it's okay to be creative and try new things!

After all, you can take the style down the next day, wash it and start over!

10) Halo Braid

This look gives off innocence, sophistication, and beauty without it overtaking any other features you may have in your face or in what you are wearing. It's a simple and cute style that still appears different from the general population of hair.

You can do small or large twists or braids around your head, or you can do just one large braid and call it a day.

In the process, you can either make it appear messy or sleek depending on how you want the look to represent you and your style.

High bun curly hair model with beige jacket

Have You Decided Yet?

Whatever you decide to do with your Vietnamese hair extensions is all up to personal preference.

The look and feel of these extensions add to the versatility the hair provides and therefore, you're able to achieve a lot with these bundles.

Make sure you keep in mind that although these Vietnamese hair extensions can last a long time and can withstand just about anything, that you are still taking care of them as if its the hair on your head.

Don't neglect the extensions. Even the most substantial need TLC every other day. When wanting a look that is full and thick without it weighing to hard on your head, these extensions are the way to go.

Many salon stylists choose these types of bundles as a way to fix the dilemma of having to pick one trait over the other.

Look more into Vietnamese Hair Extensions.

With Vietnamese hair extensions, you no longer have to choose between two great qualities anymore. Look and see what Private Label Extensions' inventory has!

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These tips on maintaining these extensions and exploring different styles highlight their durability and natural beauty. Perfect for anyone looking to elevate their hair game with top-notch extensions!


Such a comprehensive guide to styling Vietnamese hair extensions! The versatility and durability of these extensions truly shine through in these hairstyle ideas. Thanks for sharing, Mikey Moran!


Can you share any tips on maintaining Vietnamese hair extensions to keep them looking fabulous for as long as possible?


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