Customizing Your 6x6 Lace Closure: Coloring, Cutting, and Styling

Customizing Your 6x6 Lace Closure: Coloring, Cutting, and Styling

Styling our hair is how we express ourselves and our personalities. It’s no secret that great hair boosts confidence and allows us to own any room.

Private Label offers 6x6 lace closures to help you achieve your dream hair…but wait! There’s more.

You can even color, cut, and style them to customize them to your taste and preferences! Let’s dive in.

6x6 HD lace closures different style lace side

Coloring Your Lace Closure

Since the 6x6 lace closures are made of 100% human hair, you can color them just like your natural hair.

Remember that virgin hair colors up to a honey blonde, while raw hair can go full bleach blonde.

Ladies, feel free to contact a professional hair stylist if you are not the best at coloring hair.

To color your 6x6 lace closures, you’ll need:

  • Gloves
  • Hair Clips
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Dye Pins
  • Dye Brush

Step 1: Pin Down the Lace Closure

To ensure the dye doesn’t penetrate the lace closure, get a cork mannequin and tie a plastic bag around it. Secure the 6x6 lace closure to the mannequin using a push pin.

Step 2: Add Conditioner

Use a generous amount of Conditioner on the lace closure, starting from the top and applying it to the entire lace without getting it on the hair.

Step 3: Dye

Turn the closure over and pin it down again. Please wear your gloves and begin parting the hair and holding it down with clips.

Using the dye brush, start putting the dye on the hair, from the roots to the ends. Be careful not to get the dye on the lace.

Step 4: Comb

Once the color is applied, comb through the dye to ensure it coats every strand of hair.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 and 4

Continue dyeing and combing.

Step 6: Process Color for 1 Hour

Leave the hair dye on for one hour or what the color manufacturer recommends.

Step 7: Rinse

Rinse the dye off at a cool temperature and rinse it well until the water runs clear and no dye remains. Ta-da! You have now successfully colored your 6x6 lace closure!

Body wave kinky curly 6 by 6 closures wide shot hair side

Cutting Your Closure Hair

Tools you’ll need to cut your 6x6 lace closure:

Step 1:

Prep and detangle your lace closure. Carefully detangle your lace closure, smooth the hair out, and ensure that you do not pull and tug too hard. Work from the ends to the roots to minimize snagging or stress on the hair fibers.

Step 2:

Position the lace closure. Pin the lace closure down on a mannequin head to mimic the shape of the head or on your head. This helps you achieve a symmetrical cut with proper alignment and minimizes the risk of an uneven haircut.

Step 3:

Pluck before you cut. Plucking the hairline of the lace closure can help you achieve a more natural and seamless look. Carefully remove some of the hair around the hairline using your tweezer to mimic the hair density of a natural hairline.

Step 4:

Draw cutting lines. Draw precise lines on places you want to trim using a light-colored makeup pencil. This will serve as a guide and visual representation for your cutting and help you achieve a natural hairline.

Step 5:

Start cutting. If you want to trim the hair extension on your lace closure or add a few layers, you can use any familiar haircut technique.

Step 6:

Cut the lace.

Once you have achieved your customized look, it is time to cut the excess lace off. Start by making minor cuts using your scissors and holding the lace taut. Make sure to cut below your cutting lines.

Avoid cutting straight lines along the hair and go for a more wavy and uneven pattern, which helps you achieve a more natural and seamless hairline.

6x6 Closures Styling Techniques are versatile and most hairstyles begin with how it is parted.

There are many parting options, such as The middle, side, and free parts, where the part can be created anywhere on the lace.

Since the 6x6 lace closures by Private Label Extensions are made of 100% human hair, you have the luxury of using heat tools to style them. Just make sure to always use a heat protectant before using them!

Straight 6 by 6 HD lace closure hair side

Hairstyle Options for 6x6 Lace Closures

Let’s take your closure styling to the next level. Here are some of our favorite styling options.

Bob Hairstyles

A bob style or a lob will always be chic. Ladies, we know when that bob is bob’n so let’s get the look! Whether you want to style a bob with a middle or side part, a 6x6 lace closure can quickly help you get the look

Add Curls

You can add waves, curls, or crimp your 100% human hair 6x6 lace closure using heat styling methods like curling irons, hot rollers, or straighteners like your natural hair. Make sure to use a heat protectant spray before you use heat tools.

Protective Styles

Overall, lace closures protect natural hair from environmental stressors, daily wear and tear, and heat styling. The 6x6 lace closures can help you achieve protective hairstyles quickly and effectively.

6x6 HD closures body wave style end

Additional Tip on Styling

A significant part of styling your hair is using the right products so that any curls you put in stay throughout the day and don’t fall out or get frizzy.

Use the right products, such as a detangling spray, heat protectant spray, mousse, gel, hair spray, and hair texturizing spray, to get the customized style you want with your 6x6 lace closure.

The 6x6 lace closures are endlessly customizable in coloring, cutting, and styling due to their versatility and easy-to-use and maintenance nature.

The key to customizing your lace closures is knowing your style, having a vision in mind, and using the right products and techniques.

Suppose you still find it daunting and overwhelming to DIY your customization journey. In that case, you can always visit a professional hairstylist who is familiar with styling hair extensions, closures wigs, and lace closures.

So, are you ready to customize your 6x6 100% human hair lace closure? Check this ultimate 6x6 closures guide and tell us what style are you going for to rock your glam hair?

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Absolutely loving the versatility and customization options with these 6×6 lace closures! From coloring to cutting to styling, the possibilities are endless. 💁‍♀️💕


What are some key differences between coloring a 6×6 lace closure and coloring natural hair, especially in terms of technique or products used to ensure a seamless finish?


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