why you have dry hair after moisturizing

Reasons You Still Have Dry Hair Even After Moisturizing

Dry Hair Problems?

Dry hair is a mood killer. For most of my life, I’ve dealt with having a dry scalp, which would then cause my hair to be excessively dry as well. I used to hate dealing with winter, or season changes because my hair was just so dehydrated and brittle.

At first, I thought that moisturizing my hair constantly was the solution to fixing my dry hair, but that didn’t work. I was frustrated and unsure of what to do next.

I decided to visit a professional. The dermatologist that I visited was able to get down to the root of my issues. However, what I learned for myself might be different from the reasons for everyone else. There are some general reasons why your hair might be dry despite your best efforts.

Although you’re taking care of your hair, there are some steps you might be missing from your regimen. For me, there were some key parts of my regimen that I forgot to include, such as deep conditioning. After a harsh shampoo, a deep condition will save your hair!

Let’s get into all the reasons your hair is lacking moisture.

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Shampoo Too Often?

We don’t recommend using shampoo more than once a week. In fact, you should try only once a month. If your hair is consistently dry like mine has been tried lengthening the period of time between wash days. If your hair gets dirty, try using other cleansing treatments like baking soda, or apple cider vinegar.

Also, my favorite way to take care of my hair is by co-washing. Co-washing is a great way to keep your hair clean, without drying it out. If none of that works and your hair is still dry, it could be that you’re manipulating your hair too much. Excessive exposure to heat and styling tools will dry your hair out.

If you let your hair rest, you should see a difference in your hair in no time! Whenever I notice that my hair is too dry, I stop using styling products for about two weeks.

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Hair Porosity

Your hair porosity affects how much your hair can retain moisture. It also plays a big factor in how much you should moisture your hair. Check these indicators out to see what your hair porosity is!
  • Low porosity hair, has a tight cuticle layer and barely takes in moisture. To combat this, you’ll want to use heat when applying moisture. For example, try steam, or warm water. My favorite method is to use a shower cap when a deep conditioner is sitting in my hair. I typically use oils or moisturizing hair creams and let them sit in a heated condition for over 20 minutes. With low hair porosity, you’ll want to avoid protein treatments.
  • Medium porosity hair means that protein treatments are okay for your dry hair. However, if your hair feels stiff after using a protein product, give your hair more time before the next treatment. Make use of leave-in conditioners and oils, and light-weighted creams to increase your moisture.
  • Hair that is high porosity will need to seal in tons of moisture. With this porosity, use leave-ins often! Don’t be afraid to experiment with oils such as almond oil, avocado oils, or jojoba oil. This is a necessary process if you want to ensure your hair stays moisturized and strong. Use different products with protein so that your hair stays strong as well.                                                moisturize hair                                                                                                                       
Deep Condition Much?

Deep conditioning on wash day is essential to hair moisture. Deep conditioners penetrate the hair shaft in a way that other products can’t.

Many people that experience dry hair consistently might just need a deep conditioning treatment. When I deep condition my hair often, I notice that my hair isn’t as dry, and not as often. Deep conditioning is the best!

Clarify! Clarify! Clarify!


Sometimes, product piles onto our hair and causes it to look dull, and feel even duller. Washing often will help, but a regular shampoo won’t get the job done.

A clarifying shampoo will get rid of all the pollutants, dirt, and products that weigh on our hair. However, even though a clarifying shampoo will help you, it will dry out hair if overused.

Try new products

If nothing else works, then it might be time to try some new products. There are tons of new products out there for you to try. You might want to change around your wash day and see what kind of results you get.

When you try your new products, make sure you cleanse thoroughly and don’t be afraid to change the sequence of your wash day. For me, I love using deep conditioners, and leave-ins as well as oils.

New products might be the key thing to getting your hair the moisture it desperately needs!

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Remember This!

Hair isn’t always the easiest to moisturize and sometimes, it’s difficult to get the right amount of longterm moisture. If you tried everything, try looking at these tips and see if you missed anything. Sometimes, the simplest change can be the solution to your problems!

Nobody wants to walk around with dry, brittle hair. Trying out these tips may be the rejuvenation you need! All in all, constant moisture is necessary for hair. Whether you need a quick condition, a leave-in, or a deep condition, you might need it all.

For me, I love to add it to use natural ingredients especially when I make my deep conditioners. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and mix it up. It can be useful for just about anything, and an added benefit is that it’s cheap.

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    Hi I’m struggling with my hair for about two years now. My hair feels like straw when I wet it and especially after shampooing when I use conditioner it helps a little bit doesn’t really feel great. If I leave a mask on or a deep conditioner my hair feels stiff almost like plastic.
    When I dry it it just feels heavy but still dry I have no idea anymore I have tried everything under the sun. I also had my water tested and it was soft and bloodwork done and everything looked fine??


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