how to sell hair extensions online in a snap

How To Sell Hair Extensions Online in a Snap!

Learn How to Sell Hair & Start Your Hair Brand

Have you always dreamed of having your hair brand? What do you need to know to sell hair?

Today, we will cover the basics of what you need to know.

Let the Entrepreneur in you take control and let's start building your brand to sell hair extensions online.

Over the past few years, we have tweaked our system to make it very profitable to start selling online. Private Label Extensions focuses on selling wholesale hair extensions while our sister company Dropship Beauty is the best at dropshipping hair extensions along with providing hair extension websites.

With a website and our dropshipping service, you can have your brand up and running in about a week. Although we advise always having some sample hair on hand to show your clients, you don't have to inventory hair for your orders. We do all the packing and shipping for you!

Private Label Extensions is based in Atlanta, the weave capital of the world. You can stop by our showroom and touch the hair, chat about your business or snap some photos to use for marketing. We have a bunch of hair available for you to buy at wholesale and sell at retail to make big profits. The Malaysian Body Wave hair extensions sell like crazy! With bundles starting at $21.99 you can easily double your investment.


Wholesale Hair Extensions

Need inventory? No problem! We have thousands of bundles in stock and ready for same day shipping. Working with a hair supplier that is USA based is awesome. You can give us a call, orders don't get held up in customs, we do not shut down for two weeks during the new year, and the list goes on.

The great part about working with Private Label Extensions is we are always adding to our product line. Have a suggestion for a hot new product? Just let us know, and we will consider adding it to our product lineup.

We have many different types of wholesale hair extensions available. In addition to over 15 types of Sew-in Extension styles, PLE also offers closures, frontals, wigs, clip-ins, tape-ins and branding options to make you look great.

If you are looking for a wholesale hair distributor you can trust, Private Label Extensions will exceed your expectations.

Best Selling Hair Extensions

If you have a limited budget and want to inventory some hair extensions, you will initially need to focus on what is going to sell the fastest and is in high demand.

The most popular style is by far Body Wave.

Depending on your market, you will need to decide what level of quality is going to sell the best.

Here is a quick breakdown of how we would rank the body wave styles:

Remember, most woman change out their sew-ins often and don't always want to spend a lot on purchasing hair. This is why you should consider offering a few different levels of quality based on your customer's demands.

Think about it. If your client is getting a Quick Weave, they most likely will not want to purchase the Raw Indian Hair because the wefts are going to be cut and the hair will not last as long. A better choice would be the Malaysian Body Wave.

These are things to consider when working with clients.

Consider having a few styles on hand including straight and at least one curly option like a Deep Wave, Spanish Wave, or Kinky Curly.

Unless you have thousands to invest, do not try and have all the hair on hand. We can get your bundles in just a few days so don't worry!

Most Popular Lengths

The length of bundles you should have in stock will often vary by the time of year.

For now, let's focus on the averages.

Bundles with lengths 14" - 20" are by far the most popular. Of course, as soon as you say you have a length up to 24" long someone is going to ask you for a 26". It just happens.

As you are selling hair extensions you can focus on re-investing the money back into the hair to grow your stock. If someone needs longer lengths shipped to them just utilize our dropshipping services.

No matter how many styles, origins, lengths, frontals, bundles, closures, wigs, or anything else you can think of offering someone will always ask for more. Just focus on what you can deliver and be great at it!

This is how you will be successful selling hair online and in person.

What is Dropshipping

Dropshipping has become very popular with online stores over the past decade. It allows business owners to work directly with a large distributor and have them pack & ship their customer's orders.

Because Private Label Extensions already works with hundreds of stylists, salon owners, and celebrities to manage their brands, adding more is just part of our business. There is no easier or more cost-effective way to sell hair extensions online than using dropshipping. Period!

You can sell online through your website, social media, text message or about any other way you can think of. Once you have received the payment from your customer, it is time to supply their order. Once you have access to our dropshipping hair service, then you can purchase the hair at a wholesale price and have it shipped directly to your customer. We like to think of it as a Wholesale Pay as You Go type of service. There are no minimum orders once you are a member of Dropship Bundles.

I Don't Know How to Build a Website!

That is OK! The team at Private Label Extensions are experts with online websites and technology. If you want to sell hair online then a website is really a must. We specialize in building hair extension websites for our clients. There are even a few options that are specifically for stylists and salon owners. If you are a stylist or salon owner and not selling hair, then you are missing out on a second income that is easy to manage. I am a huge fan of the Modern Hair Website option. It is so straightforward and clean. The site looks just like a mobile app when viewing on your cell phone. Just beautiful!


Once you order your website, we will be in contact with you to get all your information like your logo, about info, contact info, and PayPal details. It is possible that we are managing more hair extension websites than any other company. Our websites are FAST! We use top tier hosting that allows our sites to run at blazing speeds. The websites are built on Wordpress, so once we hand them over to you, then it is easy for you to make updates, changes and add additional products. Don't want to do all that? We also offer affordable development services to help meet your design needs.

However, If you already have a website ready to go or plan to establish one through the popular ecommerce platform of Shopify, and, choose to do Dropshipping with us then we have a treat for you! To make things easier , Private Label Extensions created an App that you can integrate with you Shopify Store. Please Note - We are currently only dropshipping to addresses in the USA.

What About Hair Branding?

OH, baby, we love branding! We will not only make your hair extension website look perfect for your brand, but we can then take the hair extensions you sell to the next level as well. We can print custom made hair extension hang tags that will give your bundle a more prestigious look compared to a sticker around the top. Next, consider having the hair extensions placed in a custom printed silky hair extension bag. We can have these printed with your logo right on top! We also welcome you to send us a postcard or small care instruction card to be added to your shipment.

If you are going to sell hair extensions online, you have to look good! All the branding might not be an option financially in the beginning, and that is OK. Just keep it in the plans. We will store all the branding materials at our office and ship each order with your information. If you go on vacation for a week, you don't have to worry about teaching your mom how to pack your hair orders. Have a splendid time and manage your online business from anywhere with our dropshipping portal.

Can I Sell Edge Control?

Yes, of course! We have a few options for you. You can sell the Edge Freak brand which is owned by Private Label Extensions, or we can help you create your edge control brand. We offer a Private Label Edge Control that can be branded with your label. We have everything you need to start your edge control brand. It is great to sell hair extensions online, especially when you can also offer edge control! 

There are two available sizes and edge control types. We offer both a 2 oz and 4 oz size container with the standard clear or black edition options. The black edition edge control is unique!

Both versions hold very well and do not flake up like cheaper versions. Everyone loves our edge control. Seriously!


Can I Sell the Mink Lashes?

Yes! We offer wholesale 3d mink lashes that are just beautiful. They were just added to our dropshipping system and are setting up the first website option. We currently have ten 3D Mink Lash options to choose from. The retail price for the 3D Mink lashes is $29.99, but as a wholesale customer, you can buy them for only $13.50.


Sell Hair Extensions Online!

Private Label Extensions and our sister Dropship Bundles will set you up with more than just an excellent website. We help you with the branding to make you look great to sell hair extensions online.

If you are not successful, then we are not successful.

Let's do great business together! If you have any questions about how to sell hair just leave them in the comments below.

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